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William Gheen And ALIPAC - The Phoenix Shall Rise - High And Dry

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High And Dry

May 18, 2010

ALIPAC Press Release:

ALIPAC Withdraws From AZ Rallies Over Nazi Groups & Tom Tancredo

"We are sad to announce that ALIPAC is withdrawing support for any rallies in Arizona in June to support SB 1070 due to the discovery of racist group involvement and the actions of former Congressman Tom Tancredo."

Gheen then mentions some lack of permit fiasco, something he had been claiming as a tactic to get Smeriglio out of the rally. Some people kept saying they were hearing that Phoenix Rising didn’t have a permit for June 5th. The fact is that Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce holds the permit for the Wesley Bolin Park Plaza for June 5th. By May 18, this was well known by Gheen.

The other question you should ask yourself is, why would ALIPAC be worried about their June 12th rally being tainted, since the one they were falsely accusing of being a Nazi was never involved with the June 12th rally? Smeriglio was only ever involved with the 5th. ALIPAC made quite clear that they owned the June 12th rally in their press releases. The 12th rally wasn’t connected to Smeriglio in any way. That is why this press release’s reasoning for the pulling out of ALIPAC is bogus.

On top of this, in the previous release they claimed to have Representative Steve King speaking. Would they really just dump Steve King like that? Finally, in the previous release they stated that they had 11,000 people signed up to attend the June 12th rally. What kind of organization would have that many patriotic Americans signed up for an event and then just dump them, all over so-called "evidence" that was even shunned as false by a former US Congressman and many other groups?

The release continues on.

"A few weeks ago, we got behind a rally in Phoenix on June 5 being planned by Dan Smeriglio of Voice of The People USA and retired Congressman Tom Tancredo."

"Unfortunately, our plans to get the skinheads out and away from the Phoenix effort was thwarted, when retired Congressman Tom Tancredo, who had self titled himself as the 'key note speaker' at the June 5 event started telling leaders and candidates to come back to the June 5 rally. Tancredo even claimed that ALIPAC's concerns about Dan Smeriglio were false, when he had not reviewed the video and screen shots which we find to be fairly conclusive."

Tancredo was invited to be key note speaker.

Remember that last line though, it will come in handy in the next section.

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The Phoenix Shall Rise - The True Story Of William Gheen, ALIPAC and the Phoenix Rising Rally
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