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William Gheen And ALIPAC - The Phoenix Shall Rise - Trumped

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This is where I will proudly step into the picture front and center. You see William Gheen thinks I am a lowlife lackey with no intelligence. He has even insulted my intelligence during this whole fiasco by mentioning I need to "bring up my IQ" because I thought his "evidence" was lame. The reason he thinks I’m an idiot though is because over the last 8 years I have devoted my life to fighting against illegal immigration and doing tons of pro-bono work for many groups – including his own - as well as running my website at DiggersRealm.com.

You see to people like Gheen, I believe, those who do stuff for free are idiots because there is simply no money to be made in it. I have worked with Gheen on a number of occasions over the years promoting his releases and actions.

How much have I pushed ALIPAC? Well as I was removing links from my site to ALIPAC I counted 200+ links since 2006, mainly to stories that he had simply copy and pasted to his website - in full - from news websites with no commentary. Yes, just a straight copy and paste by him. It was rare when he was actually "doing anything" that was worth writing a story or commentary on. In addition to the 200 links and stories, I also had about 4000 links to ALIPAC as it appeared on every page of my website in the sidebar. There are still a few stories on Digger’s Realm, mainly TV appearances, but when this is published they will all be redirected to this report. Including a glowing piece I did of ALIPAC in 2007.

You see I was fooled into believing that ALIPAC and Gheen were a patriotic and good organization, so I attended Hold Their Feet to the Fire 2007 as their "guest". An event which I might add was sponsored by FAIR and ALIPAC kind of butted into to provide some Bloggers for a "Blogger's Row". I actually looked at that as a good thing at the time. I thought Gheen was sticking up for the "new media" to get us included in large events like that where we had previously been ignored. I think ALIPAC might have thrown me $100 or so for the 4 days I went there – driving from upstate New York to Washington DC - the rest I raised myself (I shared a king sized bed with another blogger for the last two days because I couldn’t afford the full 4 day hotel fees).

I also represented ALIPAC in NJ on a congressional panel. He passed my name to someone because he couldn’t make it or didn’t feel like making the trip. I agreed to go and represent ALIPAC and Digger’s Realm. No offer was ever made to cover my expenses. I made the trip and spent the time editing video and writing the reports. So Gheen has really done nothing for me over the years but use me because I am dedicated to the cause.

So I have worked with Gheen for a while. That is why he thinks I am a complete moron, because I care about this issue enough to go the extra mile for free.

But sometimes the moron is not who you think they are. Sometimes the moron is you. Remember this line in the press release above where he basically calls Tancredo incompetent?

"Tancredo even claimed that ALIPAC's concerns about Dan Smeriglio were false, when he had not reviewed the video and screen shots which we find to be fairly conclusive."

Well it turns out that techies like me are just a little better at finding information than people just trying to pull money from people’s pockets. While I was talking to Gheen about his "evidence" and he was trying to explain it to me, I had found all of the "evidence", reviewed all of it, made copies, screenshots and had the help of my favorite girl Ruth to spend hours tracking back through the source of the information, through their 501(c)(3) filings all the way to a Marxist-leftist organization that is heavily funded by those who oppose everything we stand for.

The group that provided the "evidence" to William Gheen actually claims that they talked to Gheen on the phone back in November 2009. They are tied to the Brecht Forum. You may remember the Brecht Forum name if you’ve ever watched Glenn Beck. The Brecht Forum has hosted such luminaries as "The Bald Communist" and Francis Fox Piven of Cloward/Piven fame. Now I don’t know about you, but if I got a call from a group tied to such an organization - whose only goal is to destroy our organizations and movement - I would not be taking the call. But if their claim above is true, what the hell is William Gheen doing talking to them?

Jed Brandt - The Bald Communist and The Brecht Forum

Back to the issue at hand though, which is accusations that Gheen accepted as truth and decided he wanted to go public with.

There was no proof to any of the accusations that could not be easily explained away by Smeriglio’s incompetence on the computer. He is notorious for being a total incompetent at the computer. I know, I once tried to set him up with a website about a year and a half ago. Particularly with Facebook, he has a ridiculous habit of adding "Facebook Friends" and group suggestions without fully checking them out 100% (he had over 2,300 friends and had joined 450 groups at the time of these claims by Gheen).

The other bit of "evidence" was a failed rally that White Nationalists showed up at on a public street (as they always do it seems) and started blaring their message. Smeriglio is seen standing with a small group of people quite a distance from the White Nationalist. Smeriglio was expecting more people and they didn’t show. The kicker to all of this is that, if I am not mistaken, it was actually an ALIPAC sponsored event. Part of ALIPAC’s "Tea Party Amnesty".

I took this information, compiled it and sent it off to all leaders that I knew Gheen was going to contact next. He’d been trumped. So well trumped, that upon releasing that press release above he tried to make it appear that Tom Tancredo was a complete liar and imbecile, while in reality Tancredo had all the data he needed to make an analysis for himself. Tancredo was on the ball. Gheen was the one without a clue.

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The Phoenix Shall Rise - The True Story Of William Gheen, ALIPAC and the Phoenix Rising Rally
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