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A Special Message From Daniel Smeriglio of Voice Of The People USA

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A message from Dan Smeriglio of Voice of the People USA regarding the Phoenix Rising Rally on June 5, 2010 in Arizona.

First, a little preface from myself.

It appears that a group or person who felt they should have been in charge of the rally - instead of sharing the credit with the other groups involved that have worked hard as well - are attempting to sabotage it. If you receive any message or hear any bad word on Dan Smeriglio, I urge you to immediately boycott that organization, remove your membership from that group and spread the word on its vile smear tactics and for others to follow your lead.

You all know me to be an honest and honorable person. I have helped out everyone in this movement for years for free and will continue to do so. The only ones I have ever had trouble with were those who were simply in it for themselves (and up until this point that has only been Gilchrist and his lackeys).

So if you receive a message or hear anything about Mr. Smeriglio - of whom I have worked with for years at rallies here in Pennsylvania against illegal immigration - realize that it is not true (as if it won't be extremely obvious anyway) and do as I ask and remove yourself from that group.

- Digger

Dan Smeriglio's Statement in full.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please forgive me for having to waste a moment of your time, but sometimes it is necessary to respond when your character, integrity or honor are under attack.

In regards to false statements being made about our rally, June 5, 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona, let me state a few things.

I have always worked on a grassroots level with honor, integrity and passion for always putting the people first and foremost with everything that I do. I do not beg for money, nor am I sponsored by any national organization. No organization funds my efforts to combat unfair and unjust taxation, political corruption on all levels, and of course holding rallies opposed to illegal immigration and amnesty.

My organization operates on a shoestring budget that is self-funded. We believe that our freedoms are guaranteed to us by the bravery and ultimate sacrifices made by our men and women of the armed forces. Our Bill of Rights does not have a price tag attached to it. We do this out of love for our country and a willingness to always put the people first above money and special interest groups. We believe that We the People have the power!

Along the way you hit road blocks and hardships, but it's how you rise above the lies and jealousy that speaks to the character of not only yourself, but of the people that believe in you. I have always held truth to be of the utmost value.

Let me address some toxic lies that are being hurled by those who claim to represent the same beliefs about national security that I do.

First, it was brought to my attention over the last week that some people were concerned about allegations made against me with regards to Facebook friends and a band that appeared on my Facebook profile. Out of the 2,200 friends on my Facebook page, two apparently had or have some association with groups that do NOT represent my beliefs, particularly regarding illegal immigration.

When this was brought to my attention I immediately removed and blocked the two individuals in question, because I stand against illegal immigration with no hatred in my heart for any person, race or religion. I support LEGAL immigration and always pay homage to the millions of hardworking immigrants that have made our nation the beautiful place that it is today. I believe that "illegal" has no race and has no social standing. I am opposed to lawbreakers that damage the good and noble name of all those whom migrate to this country legally every year.

When I learned that these two individuals were connected to my Facebook account I was outraged, disgusted and angry. I am a person from a culturally diverse family and I am extremely proud of that.

Secondly, apparently there was a band that has some form of hatred in their lyrics on my Facebook profile. I assure you that I had never heard the lyrics of this band - which I shall not name because I refuse to advertise for them. I do not have the ability to do a background check on every person or band out of thousands that I come into contact with on Facebook. To link me with this band is absurd and was done with malicious intent. I will have no part of it.

I will never subscribe to a person or group that chooses to hate others for any reason. I find it insulting to be accused of such beliefs. These allegations are unfounded and their claims are baseless.

All that I do comes from a caring and concern for the people of this nation. I have witnessed first hand what happens when national security isn't a primary concern in our nation. My family and many other families all suffered incredible losses on 9/11. I fight because I believe that we are a nation of laws and that the law should apply to everyone equally without exception.

Lies and misinformation will not derail me from my mission. I will pray for those who have spread these lies, that they some day see the error of their ways.
I am determined to put on the largest rally in support of Arizona and the rule of law that our nation has ever seen. It brings me great honor to have you continue to believe in me - and stand with me - as this is all about our survival as a nation. The integrity of this important and patriotic event shall not be infringed upon or sabotaged.

A month ago I made a promise to hold a rally in support of Arizona and I will keep my promise to all of you no matter what is thrown into our path. When the truth is guiding you, you can never be wrong. I am grateful to have so many national leaders and elected officials standing with us. There is no greater honor for me than to make this rally a tremendous success for all of you brave patriots in Arizona and every patriot across this great nation.

I will never resort to the tactic of spreading hateful allegations. I would rather funnel that passion and desire into standing up and doing the right thing, not only for my country, but also for all of you out there who believe in this noble and just cause.

Thank you very much and may God bless you all,

Daniel Smeriglio
The Voice Of The People USA, PAC

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