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Statement by Tom Tancredo - Regarding June 5 Rally In Phoenix In Support Of SB1070

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Tom Tancredo
"I am proud to be participating in the June 5 rally at the Arizona state capitol in support of Arizona’s new law aimed at illegal immigration, SB1070. The allegations against one of the rally’s organizers, Daniel Smeriglio, have been examined and are not only without merit, they are the worst kind of character assassination that no decent person in politics, left, right or center, should condone.

“One can only speculate about the motives behind this transparent smear campaign. But I do know that good citizens of Arizona and across the nation will not be deterred from expressing their support for Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce and the citizens of Arizona who have taken this bold step to control illegal immigration. The June 5 rally is going forward and information is available at www.phoenixrally.com."

Lakewood, Colorado

Statement also found at the Phoenix Rising Rally Website

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Posted by Digger on May 18, 2010 07:49 PM (Permalink)

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I received a letter from Mr.Green of ALIPAC stating they are withdrawing their support of the June 5 Rally because Mr. Tancredo and Mr. Smeriglio are involved with the KKK, Neo-Nazi's and Skin Heads. I was very upset and removed my name from his page as a member/supporter. Thought you should know he is spreading this stuff all over Facebook and God knows where else on the internet!

Posted by: Phylis Ledesma on May 18, 2010 08:11 PM

I am sorry, that would be Mr.Gheen.

Posted by: Phylis Ledesma on May 18, 2010 08:12 PM

I got an email from ALIPAC earlier today saying that Tom and Daniel Smeriglio were hanging out with skinheads. This is not the first time I have seen ALIPAC try to divide the anti illegal immigration movement. Before I did not understand their actions - now I do. They are instruments of the NeoCons and the CFR. Pretty simple really. That is how they work. They weasel their way into leadership positions and then cause trouble. "by their fruits ye shall know them" Divide and conquer.

Posted by: Emery on May 18, 2010 08:15 PM

Dan should sue him for defamation. This 'leader' of that group is talking alot of crap about him in more ways than one. For the longest time I've suspected him to be an insecure, egomaniac. IMO, this is about (above), and also out of jealousy on who the spotlight will be on. This has gone too far this time.

Posted by: j. g. on May 19, 2010 10:09 AM

I kinda wondered why Alipac teamed up with resistnet when he has a longstanding beef with Steve Elliot. Then there's the longstanding beef with Glenn Spencer who Alipac pretty much accused him of helping Shawna Ford commit her crimes! Glenn Spencer is also going to be there with his plane on display. Then all of a sudden Alipac pulls out. Hmmm... Now resistnet has also pulled out of this rally because Alipac did. I'm not saying one way or the other on Alipac's reasons, but something tells me that he didn't want to be so close to people he has defamed in a very bad way and searched for an excuse to bail. I don't know, but I have read everything there is on this new "crisis" and none of it passes the smell test.

Look people, no matter who you are or what you do, these illegal aliens and thier supporters are going to lable you racist anyway, so all the people who were going to go and decided not to because of this are only caving in to the tools that these people use to silence you. GO TO THE RALLY! You don't have to say what organization you represent, YOU represent America and her laws. Leave the he said, she said garbage in the can where it belongs and let these groups fight amoungnst themselves for the King Of The Anti-Illegal Immigration crown. AZ needs this support, so why hurt them because of all this in-fighting? If you're standing beside someone who is a racist, walk away! They are at every rally all the time, so what's so different about this one...other than the accusations thrown at the promoter? and Mr. Tancredo?

Posted by: Ex alipacer on May 20, 2010 10:41 PM

The more I sit here and think about this, the more I realize Mr. Gheen could (Should) have taken the adult route. Meaning he could have just said he was pulling out because of concerns about Daniel Smeriglio and Tom Tancredo, and let his members do their due diligence and come to their own conclusions AND decisions on how to proceed.

Instead of taking the high road, he made a huge issue out of it and is still doing so. He is gloating about the number of new members signed up because of this, yet fails to realize many of them did so in order to support those he's dragging through the mud. Not to mention the illegal alien supporters whom most likely signed up to give praise knowing it will decrease attendence numbers at this rally. They have deleted some of those posts in support and claims he doesn't care if he loses members over his accusations. Member number totals is all he seems to care about because once you are banned, that number doesn't change, does it.

He opted to take the low road and continues to claim he is 100% correct in his views over this. How can he be so sure of something he has no control over (Dan's facebook page)? He has a new thread titled "Tancredo is making a huge mistake!" [Sic] I accept Dan Smeriglio's statement that he didn't know those on his page were what they were. Are we now to expect that anyone with a facebook page or website do total background checks on anyone who either becomes a friend or member?

What about this issue of the band? Did you know there are 2 bands with the exact same name? Maybe Dan thought it was the other and paid no attention? Do any of us have the time? It would be a good thing, but not a feasible thing I'm sure. I never knew they existed either until this came up. I mean really, how many American's know of a particular nationalist band from Switzerland?

What has happened here is quite sad, and quite sad that he keeps carping. Let it go and move on Mr. Gheen as you have severely damaged everyone’s credibility including your own! How is that going to do any good for those of us who had nothing to do with this? How does this help Arizona when they need us the most?

What a shame that the moment we get somewhat of an upper hand, things like this happen.

Everything I have written can be found on Alipac, except for my opinions using what little free speech I have left.

The End

Posted by: Ex Alipacer on May 21, 2010 02:47 AM

Gheen is a bozo, but the media will use low turnout numbers to "prove" he was correct. The venue is lousy and it's too hot.

Posted by: skep on June 3, 2010 06:10 AM

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