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ICE Tip Line Being Flooded With Reports From Outraged Americans

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While ICE claims that the increase in reports to their tip line regarding illegal aliens is due to their "public service announcements" and the ICE website, I simply find that hard to believe. I have not once seen a public service announcement about reporting illegal aliens, employers or criminals. Nor do I think the ICE website is as popular as they believe it to be. I don't know too many people passing around things like "check out this awesome site..."

ICE Tip Line: 866-DHS-2-ICE

ICE however maintains that they will not be responding to people reporting illegal aliens simply because they are illegal, as is quite obvious by the emails I have received from people who have called the tip line and seen no action. ICE says they just want the "bad" illegal aliens, as if illegal aliens wear some sort of mark that lets you tell them apart between those here to rape your daughter or sell drugs and those here to work.

The real reason the tip hotline has been flooded is because people are outraged at the invasion of our country. They are outraged at their neighborhoods declining. They are outraged at the 10 trucks parked in front of the house on their street and seeing people coming and going at all hours. They are angry at the inconsiderate behavior of illegal aliens who have no idea how to live in a community and in a culture foreign to them. They are furious with seeing their neighbor laid-off because an illegal who gets paid under the table will do it for cheaper.

That is the real reason. As Ira Mehlman of FAIR points out in the article below, ICE should be picking up illegal aliens at day labor sites and other obvious places they congregate "These are the sorts of obvious places that there should be law enforcement." It is certainly a large job and that is why we need programs like 287(g) and laws like that in Arizona.

These programs and laws allow local law enforcement to be a "force multiplier" to assist the federal government. ICE complains they are understaffed and would need to hire thousands upon thousands simply to crack down on the illegal aliens who are found to be illegally here when stopped for other offenses. With these programs and laws though that can be avoided since local law enforcement is already in contact on a daily basis with illegal aliens. They just need to be given the "go ahead".

This all makes complete and perfect sense, but of course there are forces at work in government and business - at all levels - that do not want that to happen.

SB Sun

Fueled in part by citizens fed up with illegal immigration, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials received nearly 100,000 calls to the tip line from Oct. 1 through the end of April.

At this point in the previous fiscal year, the number was less than 64,000, said David Palmatier, chief of ICE's law enforcement support center in Williston, Vt.

... people calling to report low-level immigration violations, like a neighbor who might be an illegal immigrant, likely are not getting the responses they hope for.

"We focus on criminal activity," Palmatier said. "We're not really set up to respond to administrative violations. We have to prioritize. ICE has taken the position of going after the worst of the worst. That means criminal aliens."

The worst of the worst of course doesn't include "white collar" type crimes that destroy people's lives without physically assaulting them. Things like ID theft that can simply ruin a law abiding citizen's life. Theft of Social Security numbers, where you are contacted by the IRS to pay taxes on money you didn't earn because an illegal alien used your number to get a job illegally.

But [Palmatier] did say many of the calls are complaints about people working in the country illegally and the employers who hire them.

Other common tips involve allegations of people using fraudulent documents generated from fake Social Security numbers. Benefit fraud is another frequent complaint. An example is someone getting another person into the country through a false marriage.

Palmatier said ICE investigators do their best to respond to all tips, but they focus their resources on cases of criminal activity, public safety and national security.

Obviously ICE has been hamstrung. There are nearly 700,000 criminal fugitive illegal aliens running around in this country, yet the word ICE is getting is to only focus on picking up the "criminals". Well they are all criminals. If you start picking them all up you are likely to catch the serious bad guys in the process. Of course to do that local law enforcement must be ordered to cooperate with the federal government through laws like SB1070 in Arizona.

Tipped by: Reader Barb

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1000 new ICE agents per state.
Pay them $1000 per week per agent.
That's $1,000,000 per week per state or $4,000,000 per month

Times 50 States= $200,000,000 per month
Lets say to get the job done, 6 months, even though I believe
it could be done sooner.
6 months x $200,000,000= $1,200,000,000 (1-billion two hundred million)

If each agent apprehends just one illegal per day
on a 20 day work week per month.
That's 20 x 1000 agents = 20,000 Illegals per month per state
Times 50 states That's 1,000,000 a month.
Over a six month period = 6,000,000 Illegals.
If it takes a year, so what! we'll get 12,000,000!!
It's a drop in the bucket compared to what it's costing us now and will save us billion in the future.
The rest will leave as soon as their support system breaks down. Don't tell me we can't do it!! BULLSHIT!!

On any given day of the week in South West Florida I could find a dozen at the
Home DePot or at a labor pool center or find them riding their bikes to the 7-11.
The point is we can do it! and employ a lot of out of work AMERICAN CITIZENS in the process.
Now, add another billion for deportation, transportation and miscellaneous expenses
and we'll have most of our Country back not counting all the fake so called citizens that
sneaked into your country and took an oath to our constitution but, would prefer to
burn it and cut your head off. We can take care of them later as well.
When we muster the strength and if we can bring the brain dead populous back from the Obamazone.
which I doubt...
America needs a leader that won't tip toe through the tulips. One that will call it like it is.
America is waiting for that person and ready for their marching orders.

Posted by: midiman on May 18, 2010 11:35 PM

I know a Mexican citizen involved with an extortion ring targeting American citizens. They applied for a United States VISA. They must have lied on the application. I have proof. I called the ICE hotline and they were so concerned that my complaint might be a fake they threatened me with prosecution for filling a false report. I have a statement I submitted to the FBI. They did not care. Some help they are. The FBI will not pursue the case because they are outside this country, ICE will not even follow up and check the application and information I would provide. We are in trouble in this country if people like this can enter.

Posted by: Jim Hill on August 4, 2011 05:05 PM

With the focus on "illegals", the government is failing to address those who have somehow managed to get green cards but violate the conditions on them without end.

For instance, one LPR has had all of her activities reported not only to ICE but every other government agency involved. This person has obtained 5 theft charges (shoplifting), lied on a FAFSA to get a Pell Grant - even though she already has a bachelor's AND a Master's, has not reported her change of address for at least three moves and now has left the country for a month long "visit" with a son she has joint custody of but no permission from the father. This will result in three additional charges of contempt of court but no doubt ICE will just say she isn't a "threat" so she can keep committing certifiable deportable offenses with no consequences.

ICE, USCIS, Social Security Administration (oh yeah, she also has not paid into this for the year she has had her own business), Homeland Security and a number of congressmen, senators and other public officials have all been contacted but again, I suppose it is not a threat to them. Forget the fact that their own laws, our laws, make this case more than eligible for deportation.

It wouldn't even take investigation at this point. She could just be stopped at the border and refused re-entry. But again theft charges just help the government in the fines they collect and the need to register seems to be another of those "if you want to follow it go ahead, otherwise its not important.

As a citizen, if I committed violation of any comparable law, they would be pounding at my door with a host of squad cars. But when the aliens do it the answer is "well, don't do it again" - or do cuz it won't matter to us anyway.

Posted by: James on July 9, 2012 07:51 PM

I am leaving a beautiful home where I rent a room because a chinese bigot who is not a citizen, who doesn't work or pay taxes has moved in and threatened me. I have reported it, but I doubt anyone will care. He came to this country over 20 years ago, claims to have business and law degree but is not practicing. He has a fictitious address for his law office that does not exist. I would bet it is a relative or he is simply lying about the whole thing. There is a number for the office, yet it is out of service and there isn't a new number. He has spouted anti-American and anti-White epithets, he has criticized how I live and how I spend my money. He has demanded that I live like an "Asian." I am a law-abiding working, tax paying citizen of this country. My ancestors had nothing to do with the disparagement/persecution of others of this land. They were too busy being persecuted in Europe. I was very respectful and pleasant to this individual, yet he has become more hostile towards me as time passes. He is a snake, a fake, a spoiled brat and a bigot. He doesn't seem to be very smart for someone who claims to have a law degree. His MO is to gain the confidence of elderly and wealthy Americans in order to secure a place to live. Someone is supporting this leech because he doesn't work. He also comes and goes as he pleases and lives under the grid. He says he wants to be a criminal defense lawyer, yet he is not practicing law with a 23 year old degree. He doesn't care about victims of crimes. I think, perhaps, he is a sociopath. In my experience, those who live such a lifestyle are either hiding from something or running from something. What the hell is he doing in this country if he has nothing nice to say about it? Scary!

Posted by: V on April 17, 2013 09:29 PM

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