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KPHO Rips Off Border Invasion Pics Video And Portrays It As Their Own [Video]

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The CBS affiliate in Phoenix, KPHO, has been caught stealing. The video below was put together by the Media Research Center. In the video you will see how KPHO cropped and edited video caught by our good friends over at Border Invasion Pics. If you haven't visited their website do so now. They have been setting up hidden, motion activated cameras for a few years now and catch amazing video of drug smugglers and illegal aliens crossing our borders by the thousands. Video which outrages Americans, but is being ignored by many of our politicians.

KPHO is completely dishonest in their portrayal of the whole story you see below. Not only did they rip off the video without attribution, they turned the story they produced into one counter to that of Border Invasion Pics; they pushed an agenda for amnesty and one of sob stories of illegal aliens coming here to work.

Absolutely disgusting behavior on their part and certainly not fair use at all, as they deliberately gave no attribution and passed it off as their own.

I'm sure the guys and gals at Border Invasion Pics are none too pleased and I hope that KPHO is made to pay in some form or other.

Border Invasion Pics has their commentary here

You can contact Ed Munson, VP and General Manager of KPHO at ed.munson@kpho.com

KPHO Rips Off Border Invasion Pics

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Posted by Digger on May 16, 2010 09:59 AM (Permalink)

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Why those dirty SOB's

Posted by: REWHBLCAIN on May 16, 2010 11:01 AM

Hey digger - GREAT work as always. THANKS so much for ALL your efforts.

you REALLY should know about Kris Kobach. He is a professor of CONSTITUTIONAL law at the U of Mo in Kansas City. He's currently running for Sec. of State in Kansas to try to get legit votes counted for a change. He helped co-write this bill 1070. He had Sen. Pearce on his Sunday night radio program.

HEY EVERYBODY! - You can't find a better man!
Every Sun. 6-8 pm central right here:


(top right and "listen live")

Prof. Kobach's podcasts are here:


Sen. Pearce is on the first hour: May 2, 2010 Hour#1

(go to headphones, click on round blue play arrow next to it, a plyer shows up at the bottom, wait for it to load (2-3min) up to 100% then it should play automatically - volume doesn't seem adjustable, I didn't design it, just walking y'all through it.)

You can find out alot more about him AND HELP him here:


IGNORE THE SCUMBAGS on lame blogs who are already trying to SMEAR him.

Posted by: betterman on May 16, 2010 11:17 AM

Unbelievable!! This liberal sicknes makes them lie, cheat and steal....anything to create their fantasy world view skewed to support illegals. The world is turned upside down. What should be right is wrong and visa versa.

I was watching C-SPAN the other day when the former head of ICE talked about the poor illegals who were all good, hard working people who just came here to work (and do the jobs Americans won't do). What a lot of hog wash. She went on with her sob story about seperating families.....you know the usual rhetoric and how we need to be humane. WHAT ABOUT US??? We can't get jobs because illegals have them! We can't get welfare and free medical care but illegals can..and WE pay for it all!! This woman also said that we should pass immigration reform and let illegals pay a fine, etc.... PAY FOR CITIZENSHIP? I say that if someone sneaks in once then they should NEVER be eligible for citizenship just a jail cell. In Mexico its a two year prison sentence for being illegal the first time then 10 years the second time. We need our laws enforced! It goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway) that if everyone else (who works for US) at ICE is of the same opinion as this woman who was the former head of ICE, then we are in real trouble. They're on the side of the illegals and WE pay their salaries.

Keep up the really good work Digger!!

Posted by: beverly sydlosky` on May 17, 2010 11:31 PM

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