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Jon Corzine Tells Univision Will Create Jobs, Schools, Housing... For Illegal Aliens

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Jon Corzine Courts Illegal Aliens

It never fails to amaze me the lengths politicians will go to in order to ensure that Americans in this country get the short end of the stick. In an interview with Univision, Jon Corzine made several promises to the illegal alien community of New Jersey. Just days away from the gubernatorial election in New Jersey, Corzine thinks that promising illegal aliens more jobs, schools, housing and free college educations through the DREAM Act will win him the election.

Hopefully most of the actual voters out there - of which illegal aliens and immigrants do not comprise - will actually look at the failed record of John Corzine as governor of New Jersey. His outright preference for illegal aliens to a Spanish language media outlet, over American Citizens, should be the nail in his coffin if most voters have already forgotten living through the hell of his administration. Corzine is only saying this to a Spanish language channel because most Americans do not watch such channels and will not find out about his treachery.

Corzine did not come out on the side of unemployed Americans, those whose houses are in foreclosure and those who cannot afford college. Instead Corzine focuses on illegal aliens who are coming to the state to take jobs, housing and college seats away from the most vulnerable citizens of the state: the poor. Corzine actually sounds like he wants even more illegal aliens to come and supplant American Citizens in every area of life. And he probably does. More, more more... damn those who have to pay for it all!

All that these looter politicians continue to do is promise to give things to people as payment for their vote without mentioning how the promises will be paid for or where the money will come from. President Obama even flew into town to proclaim the bang up job that Corzine has done with the state. He failed to mention the outright failure of the Corzine administration though and the only conclusion that can be made from his endorsement is that he wants someone in power in New Jersey who owes him some favors down the line. Endorsing a failure is just another in a continuing line of decisions that show Obama has a serious lack of integrity. Trying to trick the people of New Jersey into electing failure is unconscionable.

Here is what Carmen Morales of You Don't Speak For Me had to say about the interview Corzine gave to Univision. (if I find a transcript I will post it).

Corzine was interviewed by Univision tonight and as I listened I got sick to my stomach.

He promised more jobs mostly for the undocumented, he also said that he had built 62 schools throughout the State to help the newcomers and of course we all know who he is talking about.


He promised to the illegal alien community more jobs and schools, homes and the much wanted "dream act", he said he was all for it. ... He and Menendez are the ones that have caused all the problems of illegal immigration in our State.

... let's get rid of Corzine in 2009!!

Carmen Morales

If you have people you know in New Jersey, please let them know of this betrayal of their children's future, their pocketbooks and the sovereignty of the state of New Jersey. Time is short.

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Posted by: Eric Pearson on November 2, 2009 10:58 AM

Being here illegal is one thing, but having this show catered to them here in our country is something worth pointing out.

Sadly, RACISM is alive and well on our shores en Espanol. We could not believe our eyes/ears watching this on Spanish TV, so got it taped and translate/subtitled for ‘Mainstream USA’ to notice what slides by on our own ‘foreign-language’ media. WARNING: The jokes are offensive to most all races, except perhaps whatever you call Mexicans.

On YouTube, search for TELMEXUVISION, or click http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ci1Q0T7kUY

Posted by: ricardo sanchez on November 3, 2009 11:47 AM

And they wonder why this idiot was beaten? Makes one wonder if these people all went to Harvard and played chess all day. What do they teach at that university anyway?

Posted by: sue eighmy on November 7, 2009 10:02 AM

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