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Racist Brown Berets Deny Free Speech, Civil Rights By Assaulting Neo-Nazis [Video, Media Bias]

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The Brown Berets showed up at a rally held by 20-25 Neo-Nazis in Riverside, California on October 24, 2009. Within minutes of the start of the rally, Brown Berets and their supporters broke through the barrier made by police between the two groups and began assaulting the Neo-Nazis. Estimates of the size showing up with the racist Brown Berets totaled 600 people.

Obviously Riverside has some problems with that many people showing up to support a group that is just as racist as the Neo-Nazis. The Brown Beret stands for "Brown Power", the same thing they say they decry when the Neo-Nazis shout "White Power".

The media still hasn't decided to tell the truth though and in the Media Bias segment I put together below you can see the clear media bias when they portray the Brown Berets as the "non hate group" and don't seem to care that they violated the civil rights and free speech rights of the Neo-Nazis.

I'm not defending the Neo-Nazis racist stance, but in this country all legal citizens have a right to free speech and civil rights. Civil Rights are those rights bestowed by a country on its citizens. Immigrants, both legal and illegal, by definition have no civil rights. I'm guessing that just a few on the brown racist's side were immigrants, and therefore we now have foreign immigrants denying citizens their own rights in their own country. The prominence of Mexican flags throughout the crowd reveals where these criminals came from.

The most amazing part of the clip, other than the clear media bias trying to put this all on the Neo-Nazis, is the one woman saying "It's the racists" and then a few seconds later charging towards the Neo-Nazis shouting "Chicanos!!!". The mind simply boggles at her ignorance - and those around her. Though clearly it is not just ignorance, this is a concerted effort by the groups to play the race card and the media is giving them a pass on their own racist hate speech and their calls for "Brown Power" and their own nationalism within our borders.

ABC titled its "news" story "Neo-Nazis Involved In Violent Scuffle" it should have been: "Racist Brown Berets Deny Free Speech And Civil Rights Through Violence". I read through the comments at the story after I put my video together and one commenter, acuna_r, had this to say: "I LOVE the way ABC is reporting it: 'Neo-Nazis involved in violent scuffle'. Like, JFK was involved in a shooting in Dealey Plaza There is no limit to the political correctness in the media today."

The Neo-Nazis have not actually shown to be a violent group despite all the rhetoric thrown around to the contrary. Time and time again though, these race based groups - supported and given the behind the scenes nod by groups like La Raza, MALDEF, pro-illegal politicians and other race based groups - have assaulted, threatened and violently attacked those who are calling for an end to illegal immigration. This intimidation needs to start being prosecuted, and those behind the scenes who are actively encouraging it need to be arrested and charged.

Either that, or we can wait around a little bit until they get what they want, full blown race wars in communities throughout this country. They want this so that they can grab a little more power. We the American people need to demand an end to it.

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Posted by Digger on October 26, 2009 01:23 AM (Permalink)

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"We're going to change America."

- Doris Meisner(Jew), 1993, former INS Secretary, Clinton Aministration

Posted by: Euro Pride on October 27, 2009 03:14 PM

Thanks for defending the free speech rights of white people, even "neo-nazis." I think that term is losing its sting. Non-white racial supremacists have always screamed "racism" to silence dissent and, unfortunately, it's worked. Whites should have the same free speech rights as any other group. Thanks for supporting this principle.

Posted by: Donn on November 3, 2009 04:15 PM

While I agree with the writer that Chicano racism is just as wrong as Anglo racism,they made an idiotic statement that "immigrants, both legal and illegal, have no civil rights." Now that is not only outrageous, but flies in the face of US law.

What Digger should have said is that non-citizens have no voting rights, cannot take certain government
jobs, and cannot run for office. Anybody, once on US soil, is free to speak their mind. the Supreme Court
in 1980 upheld the right of Iranian students to protest on our campus even though the hostage crisis was going on.

That really shows that America is the greatest country in the world! Where else would they let a foreigner come in and speak against them. I suspect Digger is describing US law as he would like it to be, not as it actually is.

Posted by: Vivek Golikeri on September 2, 2010 09:31 PM

I see no difference between the Neo Nazis and the Brown Berets, they are both dual threats to American National Soveirgnty. Because after all, the Brown Berets are the Latino Version of the KKK. Americans come in all races and we need to protect our national soveirgnty and support LEGAL immigration, period. Both Neo Nazis and Brown Berets are evil.

Posted by: Sean Yilmaz on November 27, 2011 12:18 AM

ABC is garbage. They'll bend over backwards defending the brown berets whatever they do. As for the Neo nazis --obviously they are racists too but they didn
t star the scuffle or break police lines--the racist brown berets did.

Stop watching TV. Stop taking ABC,NBC etc seriously. They are just empty suits making money by wasting YOUR TIME. Just like those losers in hollywood.
Don't feed the media trolls.

Posted by: TheShadowKnows on March 16, 2012 12:40 AM

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