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Shot Fired At Lou Dobbs' House, Fueled By Hate From Racist Hispanic Groups [Video, Audio]

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A shot was fired at Lou Dobbs' House a few weeks ago and nobody has been reporting it. Why? The shot was fired following a massive numbers of hate filled calls that Dobbs has been receiving for quite awhile. His wife was standing by their car not 15 feet away when the shot was fired. In the broadcast below Dobbs recounts what has been occurring to him and the vitriol he is facing from pro-illegal alien groups and people like Geraldo Rivera.

Janet Murguia Alma Awards
NCLR President Janet Murguia at the 2009 ALMA Awards. The awards were created in 1995 by NCLR to be given to Latinos or those who promote Latino power. Pepsi and ABC sponsored this year's show. Racist and hate-filled non-profit groups are profitable, if you are the right color.

Murguia fancies herself a celebrity now.

There has been a mass movement of hate coming from the racist groups of National Council of La Raza, The Southern Poverty Law Center, MALDEF and the like, to remove Lou Dobbs from the airwaves. They claim he is racist simply because he wants our immigration laws enforced.

Think about that for just a minute. A United States Citizen makes a statement on an issue, that the laws already on the books should be enforced, and for this he is dubbed a racist. Hate against him is drummed up so high that someone would go to his house and shoot at it. This is what we have allowed to breed in this country.

I'll leave it up to you to try and guess what kind of a person would take a shot at Lou Dobbs' house. I think you're smart enough to figure it out.

To put my own spin on a famous quote, while evil flourishes, not enough good people are doing anything about it.

The evil of race-based groups like La Raza has spread far and wide. They must be stopped, ended, outed, destroyed and called on their hate filled mantra that illegal aliens should be allowed to run rampant throughout this country regardless of criminal background or who they are. They should be called on their claims that anyone who calls for immigration laws to be enforced is a racist against Latinos. They use this tactic to castrate any opposition to their goals of corruption in this country that will allow their groups to gain more power and money.

We continue to hear that there are "right wing extremists" in this country, but the left is simply far more violent than the right. Time and time again people are being assaulted in the streets by left-wing thugs. Just days ago violent illegal aliens and the racist "Brown Power" Brown Berets attacked Neo-Nazis who were standing still and nonviolently using their free speech rights under the Constitution. Houses are burned by the left-wing ELF. Another day another anarchist and left-wing physical attack and violent act.

I can almost guarantee you that left-wing thugs, illegal aliens and their supporters are behind these recent events. If not directly, they have stoked the level of hatred against one man so high that now they threaten his life.

These groups try to claim that by calling for immigration enforcement Dobbs is stoking hate in the US against immigrants, but the reality is that their claim is a total fabrication with no data to back it up. There are no mass numbers of white people roaming the street stringing Hispanics up from trees as they want you to believe. Meanwhile these groups target him directly as the most hate-filled man on Earth and someone makes an attempt on his life. Backwards logic abounds when it comes to who is the racist and who are the violent ones.

It's time to stop the hate! End La Raza, the SPLC, MALDEF and all other race-based groups and caucuses in our government.

Lou Dobbs Tells About His House Being Shot At

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Posted by Digger on October 28, 2009 10:59 PM (Permalink)

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A klansman who yells "white power" is condemed by the left while the left calls one who yells "latino" or "black" power is one who is proud of his race. The same goes for affirmative action, which is straight up race discrimination. I took your poll about how "prejudiced" America is and noticed that while the poll listed blacks, asians and latinos, it did not include whites.

Posted by: Kenneth E. Pope on October 29, 2009 04:38 PM

Quote: "This is what we have allowed to breed in this country."

Yes, the "LIBERALS" who dont care if this country dies a slow dealth from their inadequacy of reality and their hatred for AMERICAN CITIZENS, we can just hand it all over to some falsehood of HOPE in the name of political correctness...
What has history taught us? We cannot get promised protection - ACTIVATED- on our own boarders and SO ILLEGALS roam about, form groups of private crime syndicates, rape our cities, jobs, cultural art and heritage, beliefs - TORN TO SHREDS.
FOR those of us that are natives of a FREE nation find that we allow another cause to protest and raise their flag next to ours? oh wait, our FLAG can be burned in public, because if we arrest the perps they will just be let go to do it again. ALl in the name of freedom and a safe country to HIDE in OUR OWN HOMES about.. now we can thank them for threats on our lives...thanks you LIB scum!

Posted by: JB on October 30, 2009 03:58 PM

Richmond, CA. "15 year old girl raped at high school dance."

Notice how the "Jewdia" (Jewish Media) covered the racial identities of the the victim and rapists. The girl is white, another victim of Jew-inspired multi-culturalism and the rapists are Mexican, but the Jews tell us Goyim that we must be "tolerant of a diverse society."

Hope Admanjihad, or whatever his goofy Muslim name is, wipes Isreal off the fuckin' map, and let's see how "tolerant" The Jews are then!

Posted by: Paul on October 31, 2009 04:10 PM

Read the idiot Nazi post above and you quickly see how dangerous the ultra right wing fascists have become. Hitler blamed the Jews too, just like the nazi who reads these stupid articles and believes them. Wacko Dobbs house was hit by a hunters bullet and bounced harmlessly off the roof. Small calibre hunting rifles shoot for over one mile distance and it is hunting season where Dobbs has his country estate. Also why would La Raza harm Dobbs wife who is Mexican herself although Dobbs seems to hide her and few people know about her ethinicity. It would be an interesting psychology discussion about Dobbs conspiracy paranoia and the fact that he obviously hates Mexicans yet married one.

Posted by: Mike on November 1, 2009 06:04 PM

Its getting the way the left wants it! Completely stupid and absolute chaos. The White man is hated and his country is the grand prize

Posted by: Bill Bordeaux on November 8, 2009 04:35 PM

You guys are such idiots and hypocrites. This is fueled by hate from Racist Hispanic Groups, but when a Latino is brutally murdered, you anti-Mexican losers have nothing to do with it.
You constantly post idiotic posts that make you look stupid when more light is shown on them. Too bad it was a spent shell that hit the roof of his house. And too bad the police said it was more likely than not a spent shell from a hunter in the distance . Christ you sheeple are stupid.

Posted by: yo on November 12, 2009 12:49 AM

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