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Hate And Slander For Profit - Part 7

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Analysis of "Terror From The Right"

Mark Potok Hate And Slander For Profit
This section in the SPLC report is subtitled: 75 plots, conspiracies and racist rampages since Oklahoma City.

In this section there is a list of small column style reports on terrorist acts in the country that have occurred since April 19, 1995, the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.

As you peruse them you will notice that the large majority of these so-called plots were broken up. Also a large majority of them are individuals or individuals and their significant others. The implication that there is widespread militia action in this report that the SPLC has produced fails to materialize when looking at the actual incidents in the same report.

There have not been any orchestrated, group-wide activities in decades in this country. Unless of course you include the riots that inner city people seem to throw every time their team wins a championship or some criminal puts people's lives at risk and police get a little rough with that criminal while apprehending them.

What is most telling of their bias is the Shawna Forde story. They have that listed as one of the 75 incidents. Shawna Forde was a lunatic. Her associations with any groups were irrelevant to what she did. She was apparently looking for attention, the cause didn't matter.

This report as a whole is pure fear-mongering with no basis of proof of any potential group violence in the near future. Almost all of the groups mentioned throughout this whole report are looking for public discourse and attention to their cause through verbal means, not physical.

People who have armed themselves for defense are doing the appropriate thing. They are being prepared. It's not necessarily for an anti-government reason or a militia reason, but for a self-defense reason.

A simple and actual examination of the contents of this report show that it is full of fabricated conspiracies by a few dim bulbs in Alabama that go by the names of Potock, Keller and Holthouse. It is chock full of the most unimaginative conspiracy theories - theories that find there is some kind of underground society exchanging ideas to overthrow the government when, in actuality, the only evidence they have is of lone wackos acting independently.

The report could have been written and put together by any idiot with 10 hours of time, a full bias against another group's stances on issues and - most importantly - the willingness to lie for money.

For the SPLC to have the right to call people racists with no proof or backing is idiotic.

For the mainstream media to broadcast it just because they have the same biases as the SPLC is criminal.

For government agencies to use any data from the SPLC is traitorous!

[ Distribute this report far and wide. Send a PDF of Full Report to your friends, family and other people you know (or don't know!). The truth must be spread! ]

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Hate And Slander For Profit:
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