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Hate And Slander For Profit - Part 4

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Shots, Plots and "Sovereigns"

Mark Potok Hate And Slander For Profit
In this section Keller addresses recent lone wacko incidents and tries to tie them into some sort of militia cabal.

By now though, you should realize that this Larry Keller is a real whack job himself and sees a conspiracy behind every bush. According to him there is no possibility that these people arrived at their own decisions to commit these atrocious acts.

Not surprisingly all of the acts mentioned in the section of the report were committed by white people.

There is no mention in this report on the Black Muslim man who shot up a recruiting station killing one soldier and wounding another. There is no mention of the DC snipers, both who were black and influenced by information they had. No mention of the Black Panthers intimidating voters in Philadelphia in 2008. Those acts are no less tragic than the ones they do mention.

Nope, just good old fashioned "bash the white guy" style tactics. Oh yeah and most of these were "at least partially prompted by Obama's election" according to Keller.

Keller states: "In recent months, men with anti-government, racist, anti-Semitic or pro-militia views have allegedly committed a series of high-profile murders - including the killings of six law enforcement officers since April."

He notes several individual actions that he hopes will legitimize his positions.

  • Several individuals who planned to assassinate President Obama.

  • A guy someone claims was interested in joining a militia getting in a fight with cops and killing two in Florida.

  • The whack job in Pittsburgh that shot cops thinking they'd take his guns (he had a long prior rap sheet).

  • James Von Brunn, who shot at the holocaust museum in DC killing one guard.

  • Some white, racist guy in Boston who shot two African immigrants.

  • The killer of George Tiller, the abortion doctor in Kansas.

  • Some lone white supremacist in Maine who tried to build a "dirty bomb" because they claimed he was upset with the election.

Yes, and everyone who read "The Catcher in the Rye" went to shoot Reagan like Mark David Chapman.

Keller tries to tie all these whack jobs into one movement called the "Sovereign Citizens" movement. Anyone can see that these are isolated wackos doing what wackos do. Of course not to Keller and the SPLC, there must be some tie!

"... evidence suggest that sovereign citizens - who, along with tax protesters and militia members, form the larger Patriot movement" Keller says.

By "larger Patriot movement" Keller means right wing extremists.

Yes, these groups all hang out together. James Von Brunn sits right next to Mary Stayathome Mom - who is opposed to high taxes, who sits right next to a guy who likes to be prepared by training his gun skills in the woods and likes his rights under the Constitution. To the SPLC they are all one and the same and a danger to society as a whole.

Why The Return?

Yes, Keller continues. In this section he continues his conspiracy theories and little fantasy of a large right wing militia just out there waiting to get him (and you too if you don't watch out)!

He tries to tell us why "militias and the larger Patriot movement" are making a comeback.

He goes over Ruby Ridge, Waco, the New World Order conspiracies and the Oklahoma City Bombing as reasons the militias had some sort of actual impact on the 90's. While memorable events, to most people these things did not show a huge militia waiting out there in the darkness. And indeed there wasn't, but don't tell Keller that. For he must stoke the fear!

More people died from lightning strikes in the 90's ... than from "militia" influenced events.
Actually, more people died from lightning strikes in the 90's than from what Keller deems "militia" influenced events like Oklahoma City.

Keller says that militia activity died off at the end of the 90's, the last gasp being when Y2K predicted a national breakdown of the system and it didn't happen. All of this sounds awfully familiar in this "new" report. Oh yeah, that's because it was all put into the MIAC "The Modern Militia Movement" report I mentioned above put out in February 2009 in Missouri. There is nothing new in this section of the report.

Are you ready for the reason of the rise? Here it comes...

"In the largest sense, it is again a response to real societal stresses and strains, from the seemingly inevitable rise of multiculturalism to the faltering economy to another liberal administration, this one headed by a black man." says Keller.

... race card baby!

Everyone hates the black president so they join a militia!

I take exception to his statement that multiculturalism is inevitable though. There are enough people in this country who are proud of western culture and don't want the multiculturalism of introducing African female circumcision or Sharia beheadings or South America's penchant for coup d'etat into our system as an accepted practice. It has nothing to do with being a radical and everything to do with our Constitution and law and order. We are indeed our own country.

Keller plays the referencing trick again for the third time - this time referencing a previous SPLC report.

"factors have driven the number of race-based hate groups, as distinct from Patriot groups, from 602 in 2000 to 926 in 2008, according to research by the Southern Poverty Law Center." states Keller.

I contend that the SPLC just found that it needed to point more fingers at people and call them racists and "Hate Groups" over the years in order to show a growing trend to support their own beliefs. That way in future reports they could point to their own previous reports as proof of what they are saying.

Keller goes on to say that the "anti-immigrant" movement (yes, being for immigration enforcement is being portrayed as anti-immigrant, big surprise) is taking on forms of a militia. Especially the Minutemen whom Keller says are "adopting core militia ideas and fears". He just touches on immigration here as there's a whole section on immigration enforcement next.

"... they have contributed their own conspiracy theories - about the secret Mexican 'Plan de Aztlan' to reconquer the American Southwest, and another involving the secretly arranged merger of the United States, Mexico and Canada into a 'North American Union'" says Keller.

Keller goes on to bash the sneeringly dubbed "Birthers" who question Obama's citizenship.

On these he says "These spurious claims first gained traction when prominent extremists like writer Jerome Corsi, politician Alan Keyes and Watergate felon and radio show host G. Gordon Liddy questioned the validity of the president's birth certificate."

You gotta love how Keller slipped those little jabs in there. He's such the sneaky, unbiased bastard isn't he?

For good measure Keller also throws the "truthers" - who believe 9/11 was an inside job - into the militia mix.

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Hate And Slander For Profit:
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