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Napolitano, Reyes, Bersin Won't Watch Illegal Border Crossing Video [Video]

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A news crew attended the Border Security Conference held in El Paso, Texas at the UTEP’s Undergraduate Learning Center on August 11, 2009. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano spoke and acted like she was tough on border security, something that flies in the face of her actions as Governor of Arizona where she was a friend to illegal aliens.

After the event the news crew approached Napolitano, Border Affairs representative Alan Bersin and Congressman Silvestre Reyes to show them a 2 minute clip of illegal aliens and drug smugglers wantonly crossing the border near the Mexican town of Praxedis just outside El Paso. The area is a 14 mile stretch of border that has no fencer and apparently no control of access to the United States from Mexico.

All three refused to watch the quick clip and give their reactions. This just once again shows the utter incompetence and caring about our open borders by those who are supposedly protecting us. The clip shows illegal aliens and trucks driving and dropping off goods. These are assumed to be drugs, but what is to say they are not delivering weapons or other materials that could be used for terrorist operations in this country? Neither of these officials seemed to care enough to even watch - let alone talk - about the wide open border at El Paso.


Keeping our borders safe was the topic of Tuesday’s Border Security Conference held in El Paso. ... While many of the officials at the Border Security Conference were quick to answer questions, ABC-7 got little cooperation when we asked them to watch a two-minute video.


ABC-7 came to the Border Security Conference hoping to get officials who spoke to watch the video and give their reaction, but we were turned down by Secretary Napolitano’s aides. Alan Bersin, the special Border Affairs representative, also turned us down, as well as Congressman Silvestre Reyes.


The only person ABC-7 could get to watch the video was Juarez Mayor Jose Reyes Ferriz.

“Wow that’s a large number,” he said. “It’s information that needs to be processed in the U.S. The U.S. government needs to see that, process it and evaluate it and see what is actually going on.”

Ferriz said that the area near Praxedis is probably not the only place where this type of activity is taking place.

Napolitano is a threat to this nation. Her lack of concern and contempt for a news crew bringing her attention to illegal activity along our border is a disgrace. You can imagine her reaction if a private citizen who owned property presented her with a tape of illegal aliens tracking across their land. When the next terrorist attack occurs you can lay it squarely at the feet of Napolitano and the Obama administration for their lack of caring about the defense of our nation.

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Posted by Digger on August 13, 2009 03:50 AM (Permalink)

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Digger, you nailed it! This is about national defense. The primary responsibility of the federal government is SUPPOSED to be national defense yet our (strong, but with incompetent/corrupt leadership) military is spread out across the world.

Posted by: Kenneth E. Pope on August 14, 2009 04:21 PM

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