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Hispanics Are In Favor Of Local Law Enforcement Enforcing Immigration Law

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If you listen to the open border advocates like La Raza and MALDEF - who claim to represent "the 44 million Hispanics in America" - you'd think that all people of Hispanic descent are against enforcing immigration laws and in favor of illegal immigration. That is if you accept the fact that they represent all of the "44 million Hispanics in America", which is an outright lie.

I have met many people of Hispanic descent that are 100% against the racist groups like La Raza. There are even more Americans of Hispanic descent whom I haven't met, like the 47% of "Hispanics" in Arizona that voted to require citizenship proof for social services and voting - that are speaking out.

In a recent article entitled "Local police should not play border cops", pro-illegal alien activist cum "columnist", Ruben Navarrette Jr. compares the William Gates arrest for breaking into his own home and being an ass to police, to the illegal aliens being questioned on their legality at the local level. He says that it is racial profiling and that local law enforcement should not be checking the legal status of people they arrest or stop for crimes.

... imagine how humiliating it is for U.S.-born Hispanics to have to prove their citizenship in their own country. ...

... they also sometimes suffer the indignity of having to prove that they have the legal right to even be in the United States....

Things get really insulting when the question is asked in the Southwest...

Navarrette also points to police chiefs in "Sanctuary Cities" who are opposed to local law enforcement checking immigration status. He does have one truth in the whole article though, and it is that those police chiefs all call for amnesty for illegal aliens as well. Funny how those who are in favor of illegals are against enforcing immigration laws.

Then he focuses on Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County who has been doing an excellent job of finding illegal aliens in his jails. Navarrette brings up the numerous complaints filed against Arpaio for his actions, however Navarrette does not point out that all the complaints filed are by pro-illegal alien groups and politicians and that Arpaio has never been convicted of any wrong doing. In other words it's a slander of Arpaio's name under the guise of him actually having done something wrong when he hasn't. A typical liberal trick.

Then he brings up DHS head Janet "pro-illegal" Napolitano and her efforts to end 287(g), worksite raids, etc etc as if what she says is always right. But I digress.

The real crux of this issue is "Are Hispanics really outraged when they are asked to confirm that they are legally in the United States?" Would I be offended - or suffer loss of dignity, be insulted or be humiliated as Navarrette says - if the bulk of illegal aliens came from Italy or Ireland and when I was stopped for a traffic ticket was asked for identity? Of course I wouldn't, unless of course I was breaking the law by being illegal, committing a crime or was trying to cover up who I was. And that brings us to "Hispanics" - a misnomer that groups all people of the southern-western hemisphere into one group as if they all think alike.

Below is a letter to Mr Navarrette sent by Carmen Morales of You Don't Speak For Me and her thoughts on his pro-illegal and false flag, racial profiling piece.


Dear Mr. Navarette,

From reading your article it appears to me that the real reason that you are concerned about racial profiling is because you know very well that your illegal alien paisanos will get caught breaking the law and using false ID's, which means they will be on the deportation list and that is what worries you the most. Otherwise why would you even bother to write this article?

I am an American of Hispanic descent and I have to tell you sir that I have no fear or embarrassment of any police officer stopping me to check my credentials, since we all know that this country has been invaded by mostly illegal alien Hispanics and some of them are committing horrendous crimes in the US. Why would anyone not want our laws enforced is beyond me. I have grown sons and family members all of Puerto Rican roots and no one fears the police unless they are breaking the law. The only people that you are defending are the criminal minded illegal aliens mostly from Mexico, and that is your true agenda. We need to stop blaming the police and start blaming the criminals.

Everyone nowadays is hiding behind their race to commit crimes and get away with it. I would prefer for you to write an article in reference to the illegal and newly arrived Hispanics into this country on how to respect the laws in the USA, maybe an article educating "your people" as to when in Rome do as the Romans do. Maybe on how to change their bad habits, like for example urinating in our streets, cockfights, raping 13-year-olds, beating their wives, and many other unlawful acts which makes us law-abiding Hispanics look bad. Do you think that maybe that might be the reason they get locked up?

I have yet to see an article written by you to rather than protect the criminal, to educate Hispanics on how to live in the United States. I believe that if you really cared about "Hispanics" then you would send a message to the newly arrived uneducated Hispanics on how to live in the US and not end up in jail. Respect the law and period, and if a police officer arrests you due to improper lane changing,or other traffic violations we should be glad that this person was stopped. I prefer police officers doing their job and not fearing to stop anyone due to their Hispanic looking faces. I say stop them anywhere and everywhere Hispanic or not.

Thank You,

Ms. Carmen Morales
You Don't Speak For Me


Well said Carmen!

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You are right on the money.

Posted by: Jo Mauro on August 11, 2009 11:45 PM

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