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California Looking At It's Own Proposition Restricting Illegal Aliens From Services

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After the successful approval of Proposition 200 in Arizona, conservatives in California are looking at putting their own proposition together severing services for illegal aliens.

Even with businesses, politicians and churches against the Proposition in Arizona, which requires proof of citizenship when seeking public benefits or registering to vote, it was passed with a fifty-six percent vote approval. An astounding statistic within that approval percentage is that forty-seven percent of Hispanic voters voted in favor of the proposition. This reinforces the fact that the legal Hispanic community is sick of the bad name illegal aliens are giving them and that they are also sick of their taxes being wasted and people jumping ahead of those trying to come to the United States through legal channels.

In Arizona the proposition, which will be ratified on November 22nd, will face a lawsuit by the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund attempting to bar its enforcement.

In California Republicans are more positive on the mandate passing this proposition has delivered.

San Bernardino County Sun

"It's clear there is public support for cutting off benefits to people here illegally,' said Mike Spence, president of the California Republican Assembly, a group pushing a similar proposal in California. "What happened in Arizona is definitely a benefit because it keeps the issue at the forefront.'


"This serves as a model for what can be done around the country," Mehlman said. "If government isn't going to be responsive to concerns about illegal immigration, then this is a way of going over their heads."

This is not the first time that a Proposition has been put forth, and approved, in California. In 1994, Proposition 187 was passed with a fifty-nine percent approval rating and went into effect on November 9, 1994.
Proposition 187, Section I.

"provide for cooperation between state and local government agencies, and to establish a system of required notification by and between such agencies, to prevent illegal aliens in the United States from receiving benefits or public services in the State of California."

A preliminary injunction was approved against Proposition 187 on December 14, 1994 -- just 34 days after the people spoke. The preliminary injunction is still in force. ( more info on the injunction ).

There of course are opponents to bringing the issue back up again.

"The passage of Prop. 200 in Arizona obviously gives them media momentum and energizes their political base,' said Nativo Lopez, president of the Mexican-American Political Association. "That's part of the challenge we face."

Lopez agreed: "California is definitely different than Arizona because of the history of Prop. 187."

The real question, he said, is "whether the party leadership and the moderates in the Republican party are going to risk the future of the party by getting behind this type of initiative."

Ahh the shear arrogance of his statement! I would like to direct Mr. Lopez to the forty-seven percent of Hispanic voters that voted for restricting this in Arizona. It is no longer simply a "Racist Issue" as these pro illegal alien groups would have you believe. It is not a racial issue it is an issue of law and taxes. People who are paying taxes for their families services are getting fed up with those taking and taking without giving back.

Politicians in California are of course worried about a potential backlash from the Hispanic community if they support such an initiative, but the people have spoken. They spoke in 1994 with approving Proposition 187 in California and they spoke again in 2004 with Proposition 200 in Arizona. Politicians need to stop fearing this issue and realize that the people want these issues addressed and will support leaders who step up and take on the challenge.

Thomas Galvin tipped me off to this issue.

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Posted by Digger on November 19, 2004 10:54 AM (Permalink)

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I remember when here in California we overwhelmingly voted to make English the official language. The bureaucracy ignored it.

I remember when here in California we voted overwhelmingly to deny State services to illegal aliens. The Courts overturned it.

How long will it take for any successful initiative to be overturned? As fast can one say court order.

The People Try, and The Judges Deny....

Posted by: EdWonk on November 20, 2004 08:45 AM

I think the people are losing control of their govenment. In california there is a movement to strip the legislator of its power (judges redistrict, spending caps, make it part time, etc.). If the government truely represented the people, why would the people want to strip it of its power? Also, judges should not have lifelong appointments. It should be limited to about 20 years or so. Get some fresh blood on the bench. Judges are undermining our ability to govern ourselves. I mean, 3 federal judges told the citizens of CA they could not have a recall election! What the hell! Since when is a state election a federal issue?? In the history of the Republic, a lawfully called election has never be cancelled.It just goes to shown thta we are in a lot of trouble.

Posted by: chris on December 15, 2004 02:27 PM

there are so many questions regarding the propositions now a days, specially witht the propositions against iligal immigrants. many people have expresed them selves in many ways, but in reality what are they expresing. i mean if we go back in history there was only one group of people living here and now they are not even recognized as who they are. i i don't recal wrong every other race immigrated in diferent ways to this land, but the sadest part is that now that they them selves are no longer immigrants they can care less for their people. we all came to this country for the same reason " to better our selves", to give our children a better life than the one we had. if some of those people do not admit to them selves why they are here and who gave them the opportunity to be born here they have no idea why they are voting or why they really are agaist their own kind. we all came from the same place and we all came for the same reason, it is unfortunate if some already forgot why they are here.

Posted by: miriam ortega on May 8, 2006 10:18 PM

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