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Gallup: Half Of Americans Want Reduced Legal Immigration

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Well the illegal aliens in this country have once again struck. They have pissed off Americans so much that now half of Americans want legal immigration reduced according to a new Gallup poll. The numbers of Americans for reducing immigration climbed from 39% last year to the 50% of today. Even more telling is that only 14% want legal immigration increased.

You can thank a bunch of racists for this increase... the racists at La Raza, MALDEF, PRLDEF, SPLC, ADL etc etc... for they have pushed so hard against the American people that they have pissed them off. With the masses of illegal aliens in this country, most Americans are looking around and associating illegal immigration with legal immigration and they want it all reduced. Those waiting to come here legally can thank illegal aliens for ruining their chances. It's no wonder most legal immigrants, when they finally get here, are opposed to illegal immigration.

I know it is a complete surprise to you dear reader, but I am opposed to illegal immigration wholeheartedly. I am also opposed to legal immigration in the way it is being handled now. I believe my views are quite consistent with the majority of Americans. If they saw border security and interior enforcement working and the number of illegal aliens in this country reduced severely, I'm sure most would not be opposed to the current levels of legal immigration. If they saw businesses that hired illegal aliens prosecuted, most would not be opposed the current levels of legal immigration. However the way legal immigration is currently implemented is absolutely horrendous. It is not done in the best interests of the United States and it's citizens, but in the best interests of the immigrant and that is simply wrong and why you are seeing opposition increase.

Allowing immigrants in solely based on being a family member and allowing immigrants to have a baby on US soil and have it be dubbed a US Citizen is wrong. Immigrants should only be allowed into the United States if they have a skill that can be to the benefit of the United States and it's people. We don't need any more low skilled, low pay workers in this country. We have plenty of those and it is one of the reasons that those jobs have low wages, because of the oversupply of workers.

We need only skilled workers to be allowed into this country and only in industries that are truly facing a shortage of workers. Some industries are manufacturing shortages of workers in order to pay lower wages. These industries are gaming the system and we see it every year when the annual quota of H1-B visas are applied for and filled within days. Visas like the H1-B are only supposed to be for positions that were offered legitimately to people in this country and could not be filled. Many of these businesses play the game of making small ads somewhere one time in order to say "we tried looking for American workers" and then look for low wage workers through H1-B's from out of the country.

Americans want a system that tracks when an immigrant comes here and when they leave. As has been pointed out many times by those who are pro illegal alien and open borders, nearly half of those in the United States illegally today came here on a legal visa and then didn't leave. This pisses Americans off because laws are not being enforced. We need a way to ensure that people leave when their visa expire and that we don't have to hunt them down.

The longer the open borders people keep screeching for unlimited immigration, both legal and illegal, the more pushback they are going to see from the American people. The American people aren't stupid, they can see the impact it is having on their wages, their neighborhoods, their schools, their health care, the congestion, the prison population, the social services and their taxes. They've had enough with supporting those who come here and are not productive enough to even pay for all the services they need. They've had enough with supporting the families of those who are not contributing to the system. They've had enough with immigrants who come here and don't assimilate. And they've had enough with unscrupulous businesses that bypass them for greed in favor of a low wage immigrant.

I expect this number to go higher than 50% in the near future. I expect that as there is more talk in Congress about amnesty that the American people will speak louder. It is evident that the silent majority that is the middle class is waking up. They are attending rallies and speaking their thoughts at town hall meetings. They are calling their representatives and making their voices heard. They will not be afraid any longer to jump in and oppose amnesty and unfettered immigration that is affecting their daily life and their standard of living.

I am proud of these Americans. They aren't racists, they are citizens fighting for their way of life, the rule of law and the greatest country on Earth. The United States of America.

Poll Tipped by: Numbers USA via We Hate Gringos. Image from Hold Their Feet To The Fire 2007 coverage at Nova Town Hall

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Posted by Digger on August 7, 2009 02:51 PM (Permalink)

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Does Southern Poverty Law Center get federal funding like those other terrorist groups La Raza & ACORN?

Posted by: Paul on August 8, 2009 02:09 PM

I favor restricting immigration from Spanish speaking countries until they are assimilated, if ever.

Posted by: Kenneth E. Pope on August 8, 2009 07:56 PM

It is truly amazing how ignorant this individual "Digger" is...

A typical selfish American... you should focus your energy on helping those less fortunate.

It is people with the thought process like "Digger" that is slowing down the advancement United States.

Posted by: James Newmann on August 8, 2009 11:07 PM

Mr.Newmann who wrote that people who think like digger are the reason for the slowing down of advancement of the US, you need to at least admit that there is a serious problem with all of the illegals from down south. They don't have to bother to learn english. We get pressured to learn Spanish. Our schools must provide for non citizen children often times displacing American kids from getting into headstart programs, they are perceived as being more needy.

The same people who say that we aren't the police of the world like to make us the bank of the world or the rich uncle of the world. It isn't our fault that these people were born in poor countries that won't provide for them. I understand why they come, I just don't think that it is fair to expect us to pay for their existance in the US, nor their children. Their kids shouldn't be citizens if they aren't. We shouldn't be told that we have to provide for their needs. We shouldn't have to hear about how bad of people we are if we don't like it. We should be demanding that these people learn to tolerate us rather than us tolerate them.

Posted by: joeyindc on August 9, 2009 08:10 AM

Well For all of u that just wrote all those stupid coments about this article well get fact strait well yeah some of them dont speak english but so what .. You dont even like to work in a factory and i dought you whant to work at Mcdonall's Their here to give their childs a new life more opportunitys so their kids can be someone in life..They pay taxes like anybody in united states nothings free in this wold so this is very dissaponted to hear some of you saying bad stuff about .this is never going to end and you might have to live with it live your life and dont worrie about the rest of the people I hate rasist people in my opinion we should just leave each other alone..

Posted by: paz on August 10, 2009 07:40 PM

this is never going to end and you might have to live with it live your life and dont worrie about the rest

You'd like us to just lie down and hand over our country wouldn't you? Well it ain't gonna happen. More Americans are standing up everyday. They've been asleep too long.

People like you are in the tiny minority.

As for your racism claim, well your name calling has played itself out. There's nothing racist about wanting our laws enforced at the border and across the country.

Posted by: Digger on August 10, 2009 08:02 PM

I say stop MEXICANS! I live in little Mexico in Illinois - which is 4 miles away from downtown Chicago and the official name of the city is Berwyn. Home to gangbangers and illegal mexicans. So, just one of the stories to show why Mexicans dont deserve respect. I went to the store yesterday and bought some El Pojo - taco meat.. while at the counter they guy seemed friendly, accept that he barely spoke any English and he asked me. Do you speak Spanish? i said no . His next question: When are you going to learn Spanish. M o t h e r Fu ck er ! When are you going to learn English??

Posted by: denis on June 13, 2010 08:38 AM

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