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Charlotte Mayoral Candidate Anthony Foxx Attends 'Illegal Immigrant Experience' Event

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Charlotte City Council Anthony Foxx
Charlotte, NC mayoral candidate Anthony Foxx is an illegal alien. Or at least he was for a day.

I suppose mayoral candidate Foxx thought it was an event where he could woo the Hispanic community (aren't all Hispanics illegal aliens after all?). He attended a small event that simulated the experience of being an illegal alien. Apparently he did so with pride. However I'll assure you that the majority of Hispanics in this country are not illegal aliens (yet) and that there are plenty of them that are more opposed to illegal aliens than even I am.

Carmen Morales of the group You Don't Speak For Me sent me her thoughts on the event and concluded "I'll bet they only portray the little illegal aliens who can't harm a fly" and asks "Who plays the part of the murderers and rapists that are crossing the borders?"

The "event" held by the pro-illegal alien group American Friends Service Committee (wow, that's a stretch for a name) was at the Quaker Meeting House in North Charlotte and attended by a few dozen participants. It was deemed as seeking "to give non-Latinos a better understanding" of illegal aliens and their struggle. Of course it was to show "non-Latinos" the error of their ways when they oppose illegal immigration. Seems to me anyone who participated already had their mind made up to be pro-illegal from the start. And just what is the error in the ways in thinking that Americans should be able to control their borders and immigration?

Here is Carmen Morales in response to this "event".

Carmen Morales

Who plays the part of the murderers and rapists that are crossing the borders?? I'll bet they only portray the little illegal aliens who can't harm a fly and who only come here because they need to feed their families, yeah sure!

I'll bet there's a lot of crying going on.

These illegal aliens are slick as can be because they have been feeding their families in Mexico all along, its just that they found out (through their families who were granted amnesty in 1986) that its easier in the US because we have welfare, social security, and the WIC program. They found out that having babies in the United States can give them a monthly check for each child that they can live off of.

First of all if they can't feed their children in Mexico (which I am positive that most of them can) then they shouldn't have so many babies. In Mexico someone should educate these women and tell them to go on birth control. I'm pretty sure with all of their voodoo and home remedies they use in their countries, they can stop having so many children. Why not start a Planned Parenthood in their homeland?

This [event] should also include illegal aliens who abandon their children in Mexico and start a new family here, again to receive a welfare check. Is that [event] also going to show the many rapists that are crossing the borders?

I have a friend with a Spanish last name that was offered a job with "La Raza", he was offered $90K a year. My hunch is that La Raza is everywhere pushing for pilots and programs, and buying people left and right to spread their "poor little Mexicans" (Hispanics) who come here for a better life agenda.

We have created a monster and Washington DC has a lot to do with this by granting millions to an organization who uses our own money to destroy and take over our country.

Can't these American liberals see that? Can't they see that eventually their children and grandchildren will end up paying for this? Why do I see some Americans - black and white - supporting these pilot [events]? They say diversity, but no its not diversity, I call it separation of races. We have so many children graduating not knowing how to read/write or do math, why not teach them that instead.

It is unbelievable!!!



Want to see something great? Watch this speech from Carmen Morales

Charlotte Observer

Charlotte City Councilman Foxx said city leaders, even those who may not agree with message, could learn from the program.

“The way the simulation is set up, you see that people really have to want to get here,” he said. “People on all sides of this issue should be willing to see it from this perspective.”

When do we get the "home invasion" experience? Where you play the part of someone who invades a home, traumatizes a family and then complains that you were taken away from your children and put in jail. Please think of the children! They won't have daddy around!

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Posted by Digger on May 29, 2009 04:10 PM (Permalink)

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Hey, Digger, BREAKING NEWS on philly.com site - Rendell seeking Federal charges against Donchak and Piekarsky!
Yea, well, he's a puppet stooge for La Raza & MALDEF - they got him in their back pockets.
Rendell - typical America hating Socialist Jew! But I don't blame him - I blame the stupid ass morons who re-elected the son of a bitch! We get what we fuckin' deserve, and you people thought Lynn Swann was bad - he never would have persecuted White Christian Americans like Jewdell!

Posted by: Karl Marx on May 29, 2009 05:36 PM

Rendell's Jewish?

BTW, there, Karl Marx, not all Jews are bad. Some Jews are totally AMERICAN before anything else, so cool it.

Posted by: Turtle on May 29, 2009 10:18 PM

Hey, TURTLE, yea, Rendell's Jewish. Also, "Hate Crime" laws come from the Jewish ADL - are you aware of that? Why is ADL pushing SB 909, the "Pervert Protection Act?" Another Nazi-like ADL inspired law ! Ever heard of the Southern Poverty Law Center? Yea, a Jewish organization. Why are Jewish groups like ADL lobbying for illegal alien Amnesty?
BTW, I notice you said "Some Jews..."
[link removed]

Posted by: Karl Marx on May 30, 2009 05:15 PM

"Karl" You are falling into the trap they have laid for you. They want Americans divided so that these groups can grasp for more power. With us fighting each other there is less resistance for them. By falling for their trap, whether it is the ADL, La Raza, the NAACP or whatever group, you are actually helping them.

You have it exactly right though in one respect, it is The Groups doing this, not The People. It's not The Jews, it's The Groups using their name for traitorous means.

Posted by: Digger on May 30, 2009 10:28 PM

Hopefully, the illegal immigration experience includes deportation...

Posted by: Kenneth E. Pope on May 31, 2009 06:25 AM

Since illegal aliens aren't allowed to vote what is this "hispanic" vote I keep hearing about? Are there "hispanic" voters who put their race ahead of their country's immigration laws? If so, this is newsworthy and under/not reported.

Posted by: Kenneth E. Pope on May 31, 2009 06:30 AM

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