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DNC Holds Hilarious Contest For Rush Limbaugh Billboard

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Rush Limbaugh Billboard
The Democratic National Committee is holding a contest where it allowed people to submit what they wanted a billboard in Rush Limbaugh's hometown to say against him. They have narrowed it down to the final 5 and I found them absolutely hilarious. They will appear on a billboard like the one you see to the right.

Below are the final 5 that people are voting on and my comments on them:

"Americans Didn't Vote For A Rush To Failure"

That is correct, most Americans didn't vote for "a rush to failure". However Rush wasn't even in the election so their assertion that Rush Limbaugh was John McCain, and lost the election, is ridiculous. In my opinion most people who voted for Obama didn't vote for him because of what he could do for America, but because they wanted to see some charismatic guy in office. Or dare I say it - a black man in office just because he's black! Many didn't even know what his policies were or whether they would succeed or fail. So this slogan is just asinine.

"Hope And Change Cannot Be Rush'd"

This one is just completely hypocritical and could be used by the RNC against the Obama Administration. Who are the ones that have been running around screaming for the past 2 months "We need to pass this NOW!!!" "Our country will become a catastrophe if we don't spend all this money NOW!!"? The Democrats have been hurrying and rushing everything through congress without letting anyone read it or debate it. This suggestion for the billboard is just laughable.

"Failure Is Not An Option For America's Future"

They Live Signs
Looking at the sign above with a generic man standing there holding a cigar really has no relationship to Rush Limbaugh at all and anyone looking at the sign with this slogan wouldn't know what the hell it is about and probably wouldn't care. It would appear as an almost ominous "government is using subliminal advertising" as appeared in things like Clockwork Orange and They Live. A similar theme: "Paying your taxes makes you happy" and "Working for the government until your hands bleed is good for your soul".

"We Can Fix America Just Don't Rush It"

This one is similar to the second suggestion above. With the Democrats hypocritically suggesting that Rush Limbaugh is the one rushing things through congress and being signed by the president. They're really pushing to include the word Rush in there and it simply doesn't work when they are the ones at fault for the rushing.

"Rush: Say "Yes" To America"

This one is the only one that makes it clear that the sign is even about Rush Limbaugh. However it is outright insinuating that Rush Limbaugh has said "no" to America when all he has said is he wishes socialist agendas to fail in America. It's generic and stupid to anyone with a brain. Rush has a different opinion of what should be done, that doesn't mean he has said "no" to America as a whole. It's underlying theme is that Rush is Anti-America.

This contest was tipped off to me by Reader Gayle who wrote in to say that she thinks things like this should not be allowed to be targeted at a private citizen. The fact of the matter is that Rush has a private life, but he is very much a public figure and therefore open to criticism by name. Where the line would be drawn is if they outright slander him as in saying he is a criminal when he is not.

I see nothing wrong with the DNC campaign, however it truly shows that they have made attacking Rush Limbaugh a concerted effort and worked together behind the scenes to attack him on a national scale. Attacks on Rush have been on the news constantly, addressed by the White House Press Secretary and appeared throughout Democratic circles any chance that they get. They'll even bring it up when being a guest on a show and talking about a completely different issue. Obviously the word was put out to repeat it over and over as much as possible.

Why you might ask? Because they see Rush and his message as a threat to their beliefs. They think that if enough people hear Conservative thinking that they may conclude that they are the right course. Therefore they have made it a point at every turn to make the deliverer of the ideas out to be a hateful person against the country. The DNC believes the more people that hear that Rush Limbaugh is Anti-American the more they will dismiss his ideas outright without even hearing them. That when they see Rush on TV or hear anything he says that the person will say "Oh there's that America hating Rush Limbaugh again, just ignore him".

And the truth is, they're right. Many people go about their daily life without thinking. They just accept what is told to them, and with the prevalence of liberals in the media you can be sure they will hear it over and over on TV, in newspapers, in online news sites and on talk radio.

However, when it comes to stupid, this billboard campaign shows that most people going to the Democratic National Committee website have no real good imaginations or coherent thoughts. It's just bash, bash, bash...

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Posted by Digger on March 10, 2009 03:17 PM (Permalink)

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If I had to pick a party i would say that I am closest to a Libertarian, I dislike the way the administration is headed as much if not more then the last one. I can't understand what Rush did to deserve this, I do not listen to Rush but I don't hate him. And I understand that He did not say that he wanted the U.S.A. to fail, all he said was that if Obama was steering America toward socialism then he wanted this administration to fail.

Posted by: Brian on March 10, 2009 07:46 PM

Best thing that has happened to Rush in several years. He ain't had so much free publicity since he got busted for Oxycontin. More attacks from Demos means higher ratings for Rush, and more revenue. He's lovin' it !

Posted by: Paul on March 11, 2009 06:10 PM

You are exactly correct Brian. They also said Rush's CPAC speech was hateful. Most people won't take the time to actually watch it and will believe what they are told. I however have watched the whole speech and you can too at my entry "Rush Limbaugh Speech At CPAC [Video]". There were a few snide little remarks against Dems, but hateful? Gimme a break! You hear more coming negative comments from the Democratic strategists on nightly news shows than you hear in this speech.

Make you own decisions people and stop believing just what you hear.

Posted by: Digger on March 11, 2009 07:32 PM

Rush hopes the new president fails, doesn't really matter what the agenda is, he will hope Obama fails from here until the day Obama leaves. I am in opposition of both the far laft and the far right, and I think Obama is too... but time will tell. As for the billboard, it's just them poking fun at Rush, it's a very inexpensive and creative way to do it, to counter all of his negativity with a healthy strike back, and some humor. You're a little biased here Digger, take if for what it is... which is a pretty damn funny stunt! And besides, nowadays Rush just loves to ramble on and hear himself talk (well, that and eat, the man has ballooned since the last time I saw him, doesn't look healthy at all). My uncle is a Rush-worshipper, Rush is almost all he ever talks about, so I get to hear ALL of it, and I always think of one thing... how did this "entertainer" get to the point where he thinks he should be making decisions for our country anyway? No better than some of the far-left Hollywood folks who think they can as well, except Rush is on the far-right. He has no credentials for helping run things any better than anyone else, well... except for one thing in common with many politicans: a giant ego! Enjoy the billboard Rush!

Posted by: Eric on March 12, 2009 08:10 PM

As for the billboard, it's just them poking fun at Rush, it's a very inexpensive and creative way to do it

Look, they can do whatever they want to, but to think that it is just "poking fun" at Rush from the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE - the far left - is being a little naive. They want to destroy him because he is everything they are opposed to.

To think otherwise...

Posted by: Digger on March 12, 2009 09:19 PM

Eric, definitions are needed here: left wing, liberal socialist; right wing, conservative. The liberal socialist believes in taxing (taking from those who earn to give to those who don't [theft]) for the sake of "fairness." The conservative believes in small government, that the purpose of government is to protect personal property rights. George Bush was no right winger. Ron Paul embodies conservatism in this country. Obama wants to "spread the wealth," clearly a socialist. A conservative favors earning one's wealth.

Posted by: Kenneth E. Pope on April 3, 2009 05:22 PM

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