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Houston Top Narcotics Officer Shot In The Face By Illegal Alien - Sanctuary City [Video]

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Mayor Bill White
Houston Police Officer Richard Salter was shot in the face last week while serving a drug warrant and is in critical condition. Doctors are optimistic because recently Salter, a 27 year vet and the top narcotics officer in Houston, moved two of his fingers. It has now been released that Wilfido Joel Alfaro, 29, a drug smuggler with multiple run-ins with the law in both the US and Mexico, was an illegal alien from El Salvador and had deportation orders. He was arrested multiple times after being ordered to leave the United States, but remained here due to sanctuary city policies.

Mayor Bill White of the sanctuary city of Houston, Texas was quick to point the finger at the federal government rather than taking responsibility for his actions in making Houston a haven for illegal aliens and drug smugglers. It is really sickening that these "leaders" are quick to wash their hands of any responsibility.

It took the Mayor nearly a week to release details that Alfaro - who was killed during the incident - was an illegal alien and that there were multiple times that Alfaro could have been removed from this country. Of course Bill White didn't acknowledge that if Houston actually actively worked with the feds instead of harboring illegal aliens this police officer would not have been shot. Mayor Bill White is a disgrace to the whole of the United States of America.

Wilfido Joel Alfaro
Illegal Alien Dirtbag
Wilfido Joel Alfaro
In an interview I saw on TV tonight (Update: I added the interview video at the end of this entry) Michael Berry of KTRH said that Alfaro's "residence" was basically a $40,000 home that was frequented by gang members and was a known drug haven that was defended by a $50,000 security system fully equipped with multiple cameras, sensors and burglar bars on all the windows. Basically a fortress. It was also revealed that the wife of Alfaro is part of the Avila crime cartel and that her cousin Bruno Avila shot and killed the first female Hispanic cop in Houston last year.

There can be no greater disrespect for law enforcement than knowingly putting them in harms way by allowing a criminal element to reside in your city unchallenged and then being arrogant enough to shrug when one is shot in the face. Mayor White's response to this tragedy is the equivalent of a shrug and every American should be outraged! As I am!

Here's what this slimeball Bill White - who is no better than illegal alien Alfaro in my book - had to say about his city's sanctuary status. Oh and by the way, White plans on running for the Senate.

Houston Chronicle

Mayor Bill White said the disclosure about the immigration status of Wilfido Joel Alfaro ... highlights the federal government’s failure to identify and deport illegal immigrants convicted of crimes.


White said the federal government has “let us down.”

“As a local law enforcement agency, under law, we can’t deport people,” White said. “That is the job of the federal government, and we’re calling on the federal government to do their job.”

Absolutely sickening.

Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt
Houston Police Chief Harold L. Hurtt
White isn't the only slimeball in Houston. Houston's Police Chief Harold L. Hurtt recently testified before congress that cracking down on illegal aliens in Houston would offend the Hispanic community and disrupt the current help that the police department receives from the community. This is a vicious cop out for not wanting to do your job. Any law abiding Hispanic resident who is legally in Houston surely doesn't want dirtballs like Alfaro in their community and to suggest otherwise is disgusting on the part of the police chief. This viewpoint has continually been propagated by the pro illegal alien groups and not in the best interests of legal residents and citizens who are Hispanic.

Berry also reported that Chief Hurtt said that they don't have the manpower to crack down on illegal alien crime and drug rings in Houston. Yet Berry said they certainly are enforcing seat belt laws and local curfews in the area, they have the manpower for that, but not to actually protect the community. I'm guessing Hurtt is also pro-gun control, because citizens of Houston surely shouldn't have the right to defend themselves from the likes of illegal alien scum like Alfaro and Avila.

Alfaro had a lengthy rap sheet including 5 arrests for possession and/or delivery of drugs. Three of these arrests were after he had already received a voluntary deportation order from a judge in 2001. Voluntary deportation is something that should never be given to any illegal alien - let alone a criminal like Alfaro. It has been shown that a very high percentage - nearly 80%+ simply ignore the order and remain in the United States. The fact that Alfaro was arrested 3 times after the voluntary deportation order is simply shameful, but that is what you get with a sanctuary city policy.

In the Chron article above, Homeland Security spokesman Michael Keegan said that voluntary deportations are issued to benefit the taxpayer by saving costs of formal deportation. As can be seen in this case though it saved nothing, it cost an officer and his family unbearable pain and in the end probably cost taxpayers many times over the cost of deportation as they had to send teams to track this guy down and serve a warrant and process him at least 3 times after the deportation order. If an illegal alien ignores deportation orders they become a fugitive illegal alien and even more resources are spent on attempting to track them down. The excuse that this saves taxpayers money is complete bull.

Keegan also said that upon Alfaro's three subsequent arrests after the order of deportation that the police did not notify ICE. This is what occurs in a sanctuary city. It is a standing order in sanctuary cities that all illegal aliens are our friends and they should not be reported to ICE. As we can see this created the current tragedy and will create more in the future - day after day, week after week, year after year.

As long as people like Mayor Bill White and Police Chief Harold Hurtt are in power this will continue and more Americans will die - both those in law enforcement and those who are just going about their daily business.


Below is Glenn Beck's report on the tragedy

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Posted by Digger on March 12, 2009 02:12 AM (Permalink)

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I wonder how much it cost's to "BUY" Harold? We know he is a sell out, as he is looking out for Harolds Political Future, and you Police Officers at just "S.O.L." And Bill White, He has "PUTA" written all over that ugly mug................

Posted by: Jack D. Ripper on March 13, 2009 08:28 AM

Where is the ACLU when it comes to sancturary cities interfering with federal jurisdiction? Such is the "reason" they sued Hazelton, PA.

Posted by: Kenneth E. Pope on March 13, 2009 11:57 AM

Nobody knows the real truth, why don't they talk about how the "dirtBag" was alone with his children and how the cops didn't even annouced themselves and how they didn't find anything in the home, how can his wife control what her family does. Illegal or not , everyone has the right to protect their home! LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD!!!@!!!!~!!!If u don't know the story don't commet! he is gone what else could he do, If the police would follow their proper protecal one of their own wouldn't be injured, and the illegal would be deported. Alfaro was not a killer

Posted by: Houston on March 15, 2009 05:20 PM

the cops didn't even annouced themselves

Obviously you didn't read the reports. The cops had to pull the "burglar bars" off of the windows using a vehicle. If that's not enough of an announcement I don't know what is.

The only type of person who would defend a criminal dirtbag drug dealer is another criminal minded person.

everyone has the right to protect their home

Not when a judge has issued a warrant for your arrest. If he would have surrendered there would not have been an incident.

Alfaro was not a killer

Not yet maybe. Unlike you however I am a sane individual and I am pulling for law and order and for the officer who was shot.

Posted by: Digger on March 15, 2009 09:12 PM

Obviously your not from Houston, get your so called facts right thats crazy you think that the police used a car to do that!You may think I'm a criminal minded person, but everyone even those that sit on their high towers typing away have a past,check it out last charge he had after he became a family man. so whatever you can say to add on to the endless excuses that the city is making for themselves, and obviously I knew the suspect so I guess you can call me a criminal since I know one, but everyone knows one or has one in their family. Alfaro's sons weren't illegals and understand what he witnessed. You don't know nothing about nothing.THERE WAS NO ANNOCING

Posted by: Houston on March 16, 2009 07:28 PM

I'm from Houston, and yeah Alfaro was a criminal!!! He has all this fucking high tech equipment and knew the officers were outside the door. HELLO!! THEY HAVE UNIFORMS YOU IDIOT! of course he knew!!! He's so stupid to have shot an officer knowing he was not alone and of course the officers were gonna shoot back. That was a suicide mission. What a moron. We don't need those kind of people in our neighborhoods. HE got what he deserved. May God be with the officer and his family. and cops always announce themselves. They don't wanna get shot! this person who wrote this comments above me is an idiot as well. And I don't think Fido is R.I.P! nope, he's not sorry to brake it to you LMFAO

Posted by: p.alfredo on March 16, 2009 10:27 PM

"Let the TRUTH be Told". You cannot spell worth a shit.......................

Posted by: Jack D. Ripper on March 17, 2009 09:45 AM

Ok u jerk! It takes about 5 seconds to remove burglar bars! For all he knew, someone was braking in! The cops were NOT in uniform! Oh but u didn't hear about that on the news huh? Of course not! Not one of those cops were in uniform! And the one that was shot has some sort of mask on his face u idiot asshole! THEY did not announce themselves! So how exactly was he supposed to know they were cops?! And why did they not find any drugs in this house? Hmmm?
IT'S MANCHESTER! DUH! I'd have cameras if I lived there too! So wut! They could have knocked first then if he didn't answer bust in! I heard no reports of the fact that after they shot Alfaro they went back outside and left him in the house neighbors heard him in the house and he was screaming for help when they (the cops) went back in and there was another gunshot! The mans children witnessed this obviously he died thinking he was protecting them. Maybe u should get off ur high horse for a second. WHAT KIND OF IDIOT ASSHOLE BElIEVES EVERYTHING THEY HEAR ON THE NEWS??? It's all for ratings stupid!

Posted by: houstonmotherof2 on March 23, 2009 09:48 AM

houstonmotherof2... u need to get your fucking facts straight!! yeah they were in uniform.. maybe not the blue iniform but one that identifies "houston police" they never run warrants without a fucking uniform! and I do know.. I do have my fucking facts. You're fucking stupid to think cops are gonna go and run a warrant without fucking identifying themselves and without having some sort of "police" logo on them. You're just bitter cause that fucking turd got killed. he got what he deserves.. deal with it.

Posted by: P. alfredo on March 23, 2009 07:06 PM

We will always deal with it, but you won't because you don't even know the people that it involved, the real loss, is the officer and his family, The Alfaro family that lost a good man, you can say all you want about Alfaro and yeah it hurts, because not one of you knew the kind soul he had. None of us knew what he was thinking, that is right, but for the people who really knew him,You just think, no, he couldn't of done that. For the same fact because you knew what kind of person, he was. it was a mistake, noone should of got hurt, but u have to understand people are mad, because it could of been handled another way, the truth is what it is, no matter how its spelled, there was no drugs in that home!No matter how many times you want to run Alfaro's name through the dirt, its all good because he will always, REST IN PEACE, He is a child of God, So fuck off who ever wants to dispute that. It's not like if your for Alfaro you hate police. I respect all authority, and I feel very bad for that cop, he was just doing his job, but in my heart I feel Alfaro didn't know. When people have home invasions or whatever thats the 1st you hear that they say , the robbers claim they were police . Everyone is always going to cover their own ass, best believe that!

Posted by: houston on March 25, 2009 11:15 AM

And that Jerk Bill White wants to be our governor? I hope that you send this article to all of bill whites oppenents so that he won't win the democratic primary, because if that liberal knee jerk wins the democratic primary, he will run against Perry and Perry and White don't mix real well in debates that is.

Posted by: Run Bill White out of Texas on December 15, 2009 06:27 PM

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