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Hateful Ft Lauderdale Palestinian Protest Features Pro Illegal Groups [Video]

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Che Guevara Worker's Struggle

A protest yesterday in Ft Lauderdale, Florida by Hamas supporting Palestinians calling for the death of Jews and to "get back in the oven", featured some of the people and groups we love here at Digger's Realm. From one wearing an Obama hat to groups carrying the "Worker's Struggle" Che Guevara "Si Se Puede" signs that we see all the time at protests on the side of those supporting massive illegal immigration and amnesty for illegal aliens.

si se puede illegal alien march sign
Si Se Puede Che as seen at
a pro-illegal alien march
For those of you out there who don't think that all of these leftist and socialist groups are in bed together let me assure you that they certainly are. Those calling for the death Israel and Jews are the same groups pushing for socialism in our country and the destruction of America.

In the video below you will see that the Pro-Palestine group becomes increasingly angry and violent and starts pushing across the street into a protest across the street. This is all happening in the United States. While they would try to lead you to believe that those in support of law and order are the hateful racists, it becomes quite clear after you watch only one or two videos that the truly hateful and violent are those that claim they are doing so for the "worker".

Shot by: Watch Obsession
Tipped by: Chris Short

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Posted by Digger on December 31, 2008 04:58 PM (Permalink)

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HAMMAS & Che both suck Camel Pecker..............

Posted by: Jack D. Ripper on January 1, 2009 06:41 AM

What makes anyone think they're wrong? Just because they support idiocy like illegal immigration and socialism doesn't mean they can't get it right once in awhile. Anyone with a double digit IQ or higher can see that humanity can only achieve it's true potential without the interference and manipulations of the jews and Israel. The Middle East was a stable and relatively peaceful part of the world before Israel was plopped right in the middle of it in the 1940s. In spite of being a racist, Apartheid state, guilty of consistent human rights violations condemned by the United Nations, the US keeps backing them, defending them, sending them monetary aid in the billions every year, and supplying them with weapons; all while denying their own citizens the same activities. Light the ovens, it's time to do some baking!

Posted by: Advance on January 1, 2009 10:58 PM

I'm a Minuteman and I've been to the U.S. Mexico border 7 times. I consider myself very conservative. You have understand that Israel is the problem in the Middle East. I 100% support the Palestinians and I sympathize with Hamas. I think you have been drinking the koolaid about Israel and Hamas. Clearly you don't understand a thing about Middle East history since WWII. Remember, the Palestinians have been militarily occupied by Israel for 42 years and counting.
And regarding jews... well not all jews are bad (of course). But organized jewry, the same clowns who support israel and spew the pro-israel propaganda are the ones fighting to hard to support illegal immigrants and turn the USA into a multicultural hellhole. Wake up my friend.

Posted by: Mark Davidson on January 3, 2009 01:29 PM

It's the self-hating Jewish Liberals who elected Obamessiah.
Have you noticed all the Jews (Axelrod, Soros, Emanuel, et.al.) in the Obama camp? Also, it's always the ACLU Jews defending illegal alien trash. Sad to see Ft. Lauderdale is a multi-cultural sewer, but hey, Celebrate Diversity !!!!!

Posted by: Paul on January 3, 2009 01:58 PM

I see where CENTRAL PARK in NEW YORK CITY has errected a statue to the infamous CHE GUAVERA yeah look at that ugly eyesore of hideious art crap I HOPE PLENTY OF PATRIOTIC PIGEONS AND SPARROWS RELEAVE THEMSELVES ON IT its a outragous waste of tax payers money

Posted by: Flu-Bird on January 4, 2009 04:16 PM

Israel are the hateful people. Maybe when they stop killing women and children ad starving whole ethnic groups to death, people will stop wanting to exact revenge on them. They hate everyone and anyone not a jew.

Posted by: francis on January 5, 2009 08:40 AM

Hateful people? You have your town shelled for 16 months straight with Rockets, School Buses blown up, and see if you turn the other cheek...........Adolph

Posted by: Jack D. Ripper on January 27, 2009 07:23 AM

Most of the land was purchased by Zionists. Israel was going to get 3 slivers of land, the arabs decided to kill all the Jews and lost. Before that it was the Ottoman empire. 78% of palestine became Jordan & even though article 15 of the Mandate for palestine called for religious freedom they made it Judenrein.You people have to study instead of listening to the antisemite mythology- unless you are really antisemites parroting the fable for the agenda.

Posted by: davem on January 29, 2009 06:44 PM

I remember 100,000 of them with big grins on their faces celebrating the murders of 3000 people on 9/11.

Posted by: davem on January 29, 2009 06:52 PM

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