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Illegal Aliens Are NOT Leaving The United States

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Illegal Aliens Cross Border

I've been hearing stories left and right for the past few months that illegal aliens are leaving the country in droves. They say that the economy and rising unemployment have driven illegal aliens from south of the border, back across it. I have been severely skeptical of such statements because I believe they are outright wrong and news stories bury in them proof that it is not true.

The Border Patrol will tell you apprehensions are down. Surely this is proof that few illegal aliens are coming across the border right? Well no, it means that apprehensions are down, in other words they aren't catching them.

For instance we have this story below from the New York Times where they try to put forth the sad story of how illegals are once again the victims because they fear for their families in Mexico because of the cartels. They fear so much that they are bringing their families here and that they are not returning home for holidays. It's right there in the story, with proof coming from authorities in Mexico that have seen a decline in those returning.

Those who live in the region say such crimes — and the attention they receive on Spanish-language television in the United States — appear to have frightened not only those who live here year-round. Most years at Christmastime, hundreds of men in cowboy hats who work north of the border return to Jerez, jamming the streets with pickup trucks and cars with California and Illinois license plates and reuniting with old friends and family in the town square.

This holiday season, Jerez and surrounding towns have had few migrants return. And demographers based in Jalisco and Michoacán said in interviews that few migrants had returned to those states either.

"Experts" have been telling us that illegals are going home. I believe this is a concerted effort on the part of the pro-illegal alien groups to try to dull the movement calling for enforcement of immigration laws. They can point and say "see illegals are leaving, so we need to stop the raids and legalize the rest". As a matter of fact I have heard on many shows, talking heads repeat that illegal aliens are returning home - most of them from pro-illegal talking heads.

So what do these so called "experts" now say when faced with proof that they were wrong? Well Doctor Douglas S. Massey says he conducted polls in North Carolina last year after raids and the illegals said they would leave the US. Wishful thinking.

Those reports surprised many who study immigration, including Douglas S. Massey, a sociology professor at Princeton University.

“What I thought would be happening this Christmas is that more migrants would go home to Mexico than usual and just stay there, ... People were saying, ‘If it’s a matter of surviving day to day, I’d rather do that in Mexico,’ ” Dr. Massey said.


A caucus of Mexican legislators who specialize in migration issues predicted in October that some three million Mexicans might return from the United States as a result of the recession. But the same group reported in a study released in late December that in fact fewer migrants seemed to have returned this holiday season than in previous years, in part because of what they delicately termed “the insecurity in Mexico.”

So with illegals not going home how did they reunite with family for the holiday? They brought them here.

And in Felipe Angeles, the flow of people ran north rather than south at year-end.


A teacher who spoke on the condition of anonymity estimated that of the town’s 400 houses, about 200 were now vacant, with 50 of them emptied in recent weeks. About half of the departing families left for the United States, he said, while the rest sought safety elsewhere in Mexico.

As if you needed any more proof other than what is coming from the mouths of those actually in Mexico, all you have to do is go to Border Invasion Pics (where the picture above was grabbed from one of their videos) and you can see that on a daily basis streams of illegals continue to cross our border unabated. The Border Patrol leaders should be embarrassed with themselves and you should be skeptical - as I am - that illegal immigration has been reduced in any way with really little to no action on our governments part to slow the continued invasion of the United States.

NYT story tipped by: Freedom Folks

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Oh, your a Rocket Scientist, you are. And why would they leave, to go back to the shit hole, they risked their lives to escape?

Posted by: Jack D. Ripper on January 9, 2009 11:39 PM


Posted by: JAMES BULLOCK on January 23, 2009 06:40 PM

I'm not sure about illegal immigrants but there are some immigrants leaving in droves. Doctors, engineers and scientists are returning to their home countries in India, China and the Philippines. I'm sure nobody is worried in America. We don't need foreigners, or people who aren't white or people who don't fit into this little box here. They're all expendable. Good riddance to all of them. USA! USA!

Posted by: WelcomeToHell on September 7, 2009 04:43 AM

fuck yuh,, stop alking bout immigranrs.. we suffer to much so stop aight..

Posted by: v on September 30, 2010 12:51 PM

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