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Walter Abbott Found Guilty After Threatening To Strangle Governor Over Illegal Immigration

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Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley
Back in March I reported the story of drywall installer Walter C. Abbott Jr., A working man who was sick of illegal aliens and the impact it has on his job. He took action and e-mailed officials repeatedly with his frustration and anger at their lack of action. In one email he said he felt so frustrated that he wanted to strangle Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley over the issue of illegal immigration.

Within hours of that email 3 Maryland State Troopers showed up and Walter Abbott was arrested for making threats against the governor and held on $2 million bail. Yes, the governor felt so threatened by this hard working man that he thought he would actually try to come and strangle him. Of course those who cover illegal immigration know that Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley is pro-illegal alien and a travesty for his state and nation. It is men like him that have allowed this invasion to continue and American Citizens to suffer.

“He’s a hard-working man. He’s always supported us. All he wants is work. And these illegals are taking his work.”
- Linda Abbott, Walter's wife
Walter Abbott went to trial.after he refused a plea agreement that would have given him 6 months probation. Instead he opted for a jury trial. He was found guilty and sentenced to a 6 month suspended sentence and 2 years probation.

Such is the state of this country that you cannot express your frustrations. Did Governor O'Malley really think that this man was going to strangle him or was it just a figure of speech? I say it is the latter, but in this day and age stories like that of Walter Abbott just show us that those in power whom you disagree with will go to extraordinary lengths to shut you up and shut you down. $2 million bail!

Baltimore Sun

Upset with the governor's policies on illegal immigrants, Abbott had e-mailed his complaints to the governor and other public officials but never received any real response, according to his wife, Linda Abbott.

At 7 a.m. on March 18, he logged onto O'Malley's official Web site and wrote a letter expressing his frustration.

He added, "If I ever get close enough to you, I will rap [sic] my hands around your throat and strangle the life from you. This will solve many problems for true AMERICAN'S. Maybe you can send your MEXICAN army after me, you no good AMERICAN SELL OUT [expletive]," according to a copy of the message introduced as evidence at trial.

Abbott signed the letter with his full name, address and phone number.

Defense attorney Arthur Frank told jurors in his opening statement that the threat to kill O'Malley was a figure of speech -- similar to children's idle threats that they'd like to kill their teacher for giving too much homework or their siblings over a baseball game.

But prosecutor Leo Ryan Jr. countered that "it is a serious matter" and that it is illegal in Maryland to make any kind of threat against the life of a public official.

I admit that the way he wrote it was explicit, but do you think someone who actually was going to attempt to take the life of the governor would put his full name and address? Maybe if they were deranged, but they would show a past that lived up to that. I agree with the defense attorney that it was no more than schoolyard speech. It seems that Maryland has become more of a police state under Governor O'Malley though, where dissidents are thrown into prison and held on extreme bail whenever they speak out against him.

This man deserves to be thrown out on his ass... oh no now they're coming for me because I threatened the governor's posterior... does anyone have $2 million I can borrow?

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Posted by Digger on October 21, 2008 02:40 PM (Permalink)

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I was at Mr. Abbott's trial. I was STUNNED at what I learned.

According to the statute that Mr. Abbott was accused of violating (I'm trying to get the exact wording right now), it is a crime to threaten a Maryland "public official" even if you have neither the INTENT nor the ABILITY to carry out the threat!

According to state prosecutor Leo Ryan, a "severely disabled" person could be found guilty.

According to my interpretion, a witch doctor could be sent to jail for 3 years for putting a death curse on a "public official."

Think about this. If someone makes an idle threat against Martin O'Malley, he can send that person to jail for 3 years. But if an abusive husband with the intent and ability to kill his battered wife makes a threat against her life, the best she can hope for is a restraining order!

Talk about the Elites making laws to protect themselves against us rabble!

Posted by: Paul Mendez, Silver Spring MD on October 21, 2008 08:43 PM

The Governor look's like a sissy boy. I wonder , if like his counter part in San Fransissy, Mayor Gavin Newsome, he takes it in his Left-wing Butt?

Posted by: Jack D. Ripper on October 22, 2008 09:21 AM

The governor should be put on trial for letting it get this far. He is responsible for creating a condition of anarchy. When laws are not enforced and the government is out of control our founding fathers said it is a citizen's duty to revolt. They have the resources to prosecute a patriot but there are no resources to prosecute illegal aliens. My sympathies lie with seeing harm coming to this governor. Are these people working for citizens or big business?

Posted by: Kenneth E. Pope on October 22, 2008 03:46 PM

Be vewy, vewy careful. We have reached the stage of our own government taking the side of foreign nationals in our country illegally and directly against the American citizen.

Posted by: Kenneth E. Pope on October 22, 2008 03:50 PM

We haven't seen an American dry waller in California for 35 years. In California, all construction jobs are held by illegals except for the iron workers who build the high rises.

Posted by: margaret on October 27, 2008 10:48 PM

Walt tried many times to get a response from omalley and omalley ignored walts pleas for help. He was losing his home, no money to feed his family and all he wanted was omalley to explain why o'malleys' new americans are working and walt wasn't.. O'malleys' new americans are working at most of our unions especially carpenters. O'malley is an american citizen sell out for the votes of jose and his buddies who are voting..

Posted by: franko on February 20, 2011 12:41 PM

O'Malley is an embarrassment to Maryland. ILLEGAL does not mean NEW Americans. Wake up, Maryland and get the pro-ILLEGAL politicians out of office! They are ruining our economy, taking away jobs, committing crimes, ruining our schools and costing our school system millions of $$. O'Malley, O'Bama, Oh NO!

Posted by: Kathleen on April 6, 2011 01:13 PM

Well, Mr.Abbott gets the last laugh!!! After the state RE-tried the man a second time, jury was hung! The JUST RETRIED this man a THIRD TIME!!!!!!! Guess what? Hung AGAIN thanks to some smart Jurors who wouldn't let the IDIOTS sitting next to them convict this man. You never realize just HOW STUPID people are until your on on a JURY with them!!! Well after spending ALLL THIS MONEY, the state FINALLY DROPPED CHARGES!!!! Yea for Mr. Abbott. And to all of IDIOTS, go find some other country were speaking your mind means death, cause YOU WON'T win in THIS country!!! HA HA HA you bunch of freaking IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Look who is smiling now on August 27, 2011 11:28 AM

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