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Working Man Arrested And Held On $2 Million Bail For Threatening To Strangle MD Governor Over Illegal Immigration

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Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley
Walter C. Abbott Jr, a hardworking drywall installer that makes $22,000 a year working for subcontractors, has been complaining to Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley for quite awhile that illegal aliens are driving him out of business. Normally he would send an email or send the message through the governors contact form on his website. Abbott always gave his true name, address and telephone number.

He never heard a response from the governor other than typical form letters. So in utter frustration at lack of action on cracking down on illegal immigration and ending the attack on his livelihood, Abbott took a further step in the last comment he sent to the governor and stated that he wanted to strangle him for not dealing with the problem.

Well that certainly got a response. As the governor's security detail showed up at Abbott's home and arrested him on charges of threatening the governor. He was put in jail and is being held on $2 Million bail. That's right, $2 million bail. More than most multiple murderers receive and as anyone knows who reads this site and follows illegal immigration, much more than most violent illegal aliens and drug smugglers receive who pose a flight risk.

This is the way Maryland is heading folks and has been for years. They have elected officials like Martin O'Malley, a total shitbag I might add, that will lock up American Citizens who complain about problems they refuse to end over vernacular of wanting to "strangle someone". In the story below that includes comments from Abbott's wife, Walter Abbott is nothing more than an everyday working man who has never attacked anyone physically and just want to work on a level playing field.

O'Malley is a disgrace.

Baltimore Sun

Walter C. Abbott Jr. has sent e-mails from time to time to the governor and state legislators complaining about losing construction work to illegal immigrants.

He never received anything but a form-letter type response.

This week, the 44-year-old Parkville man added something extra to his e-mail: a threat to strangle Gov. Martin O’Malley.

Within five hours, three Maryland state troopers responded to the e-mail. Abbott was arrested Tuesday and charged with threatening a public official.

He was being held Thursday night at the Baltimore County Detention Center on $2 million bail.

“He was just mad. He’s lashing out. It was just words,” [Linda Abbott] said tearfully. “He’s a hard-working man. He’s always supported us. All he wants is work. And these illegals are taking his work.”


He admitted sending the e-mail and told the troopers that he blames O’Malley for his struggling construction business, according to charging documents.

At a bail review hearing on Wednesday, Baltimore County District Judge Bruce S. Lamdin ordered that Abbott be evaluated by a psychiatrist with the state’s Health and Mental Hygiene Department.


Tipped by: Inside Charm City... where things aren't so charming it seems.

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Illegal Protest

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Posted by Digger on March 26, 2008 11:09 AM (Permalink)

» snapped shot linked with Gubernatorial Comment Moderation

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Another fine example of class warfare.Obviously the ruling elites in this country believe their lives are more valuable then the average citizen's. Two million dollars for an angry rant, when other violent offenders get much less. Not really equal protection under the law. I can imagine the phone call the presiding judge got before Abbott's bail hearing. It was probably something like this: Got to make an example out of this guy. Don't want the common folk getting any ideas.
This is very similar to the Lone Protester's case in South Carolina.

Posted by: Brad on March 26, 2008 08:56 PM

Why am I not surprised?!? These traitoress politicians have been bending over backwards, most of them that is, to cater to the Hispanic vote! I hope a group like Judicial Watch has been notified of this poor man's plight. He needs good legal representation. He's a perfect example of how most Americans feel about illegals and what the federal gov't is doing about it -- absolutely NOTHING! People, please get involved. States are finally cracking down. Many have pending legislation, but know that the PRO illegal crowd are working hard at defeating these bills! If we really want change, we must be the ones who bring it to be!!! Check out: www.alipac.us, www.numbersusa.com, www.thedustininmansociety.org ALIPAC has a section under Action and Activists -- each state will list what is going on and what you can do. Please get involved or don't complain when the s&*t hits the fan.

Posted by: April on March 26, 2008 09:53 PM

If this American worker were a criminal illegal alien who molested a young kid, he'd be out on $10k bail -- so pathetic. What the hell has happened to our country?!? Apathy, that's what. Most Americans just don't seem to care (enough to do something that is!) unless it affects them directly. We've become a nation of selfish, lazy slobs. Get involved and let's rid this country of freeloading criminal illegal alien invaders!!!!!!!!

Posted by: April on March 26, 2008 09:56 PM

And what is the Message here folk's? Your Americans, and your fucked..................

Posted by: Jack Ripper on March 27, 2008 09:56 AM

No doubt Jack...

April: You are 100% correct. Americans have become blind to everything that doesn't hit them directly. They ignore things until they become big gaping wounds.

Brad: It is very similar to the Funderburk situation. Taking a slang term like "I feel like strangling you for not addressing this" and turning it into some threat is ridiculous.

Posted by: Digger on March 27, 2008 01:15 PM

He threatened to murder him. Hello? Are you off your meds?

Posted by: damien on September 15, 2010 03:14 AM

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