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Tancredo Will Vote For McCain

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Congressman Tom Tancredo said that he will vote for John McCain come November. Tancredo was my choice for president because of his tough stance on illegal immigration, however I find this decision by him to be revolting. To hold your nose and vote for McCain, the author of the McCain-Kennedy Illegal Alien Amnesty bill, is simply unacceptable to me.

Tancredo says he will not vote for Liberterian Bob Barr, whose immigration stance is almost identical to Tancredo's, because of his lack of seeing radical Islam as a threat to the US. My question to all is why vote for a presidential candidate at all that you do not agree with? Go to the polls and vote None of the Above by not voting for a presidential candidate, but vote for just your Senators and Congressman if they are up for election.

Don't give these current candidates one more vote because you feel you need to choose one or the other. Say "no thank you".

Bad Tom, Bad!


Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., has reluctantly come to the conclusion that he will have to vote for Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., whose immigration reform bill Tancredo blasted as amnesty.

"Sometimes I say to myself, 'Can I really do this?'" Tancredo said of voting for McCain, according to the Rocky Mountain News. "And then you listen to Obama or Hillary and say, 'Yeah, I have to.'"


Tancredo told the News he couldn't vote for Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr, who has similar views as he does on immigration, because Barr has "a blind spot on radical Islam."

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Posted by Digger on June 17, 2008 06:30 AM (Permalink)

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While I completely agree with the sentiment of your article, I strongly disagree with your message. What are we to do -- vote on principle and NOT vote for McCain?!? Because a "non vote" for McAmnesty is a vote for OBAMA!!! I will have to hold my nose while voting for that RINO McAmnesty, but it's a heck of a lot better than the alternative... At least McCain will feel the heat of the GOP on other issues. If Obama is elected, we're all screwed...

Posted by: April on June 18, 2008 06:02 PM

What are we to do -- vote on principle

Yes! Exactly! Or rather vote with your principles by not voting for someone who is clearly not of your beliefs.

Sorry, but on this one I will not bend.

Posted by: Digger on June 18, 2008 11:25 PM

I will not vote for either of the "two evils". Instead I'm going to write in Ron Paul's name and know that I voted for a PATRIOT!. Always vote on principle! If enough people do this we CAN elect a President who is for America and will work to regain her sovereignty. Ron Paul is against the North American Union. Obama and McCain are CFR people and are FOR the North American Union and a complete loss of America's sovereignty. www.ronpaulrevolution.com
Vote with your heart, your soul and your mind. Cast a vote you and generations to come can live with.

Posted by: Beverly Syd` on June 22, 2008 12:26 AM

I'm not surrounded by Iraqi's, I'm surrounded by illegal aliens. As far as choosing between McCain or Obama, I reject them both.

When I was in high school learning government, it was explained that the voter was supposed to examine the candidates and vote for the candidate closest to the position of the voter. So, I will vote for Bob Barr.

McCain doesn't just flip flop, he wiggles back and forth. Ask him his position on illegal aliens, and his response depends on the day of the week. After stating he has learned his lesson on illegal aliens and will protect the border, he winks to La Raza and others that "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" (amnesty) is not dead.

Posted by: ken pope on June 23, 2008 08:49 AM

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