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Importing Poverty: 73 Percent Of Children In Denver Live In Poverty - Guess Why

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In a shocking statistic just released, 73 percent of children in Denver, Colorado live in poverty. It's just sickening! Think of that. If you go to a school in Denver 7 out of the 10 kids that passed you would be in the poverty class. The reasoning for this is quite obvious because of the influx of illegal aliens into the area. Congressman Tom Tancredo says that a significant part of that poverty is due to immigration both legal and illegal.

The fact is that our immigration system is not based on importing highly skilled people it is based on getting your brother, sister or mother brought into the country no matter what they can contribute. In many cases that contribution is abject poverty.

Frosty Wooldridge
Frosty Wooldridge
Frosty Wooldridge's latest column is on this importation of poverty and the impact it is having across this country. In his visits to Mexico City he notes that 2 million - 2 MILLION - people are living just outside of Mexico City inside of cardboard squatter houses called "Colonias". These are the people crossing our borders illegally and they see nothing wrong with setting up similar "Colonias" in our communities. They see nothing wrong with it because it is the accepted norm where they come from.

On top of all of this, groups that support illegal aliens and want illegal immigration to continue, actively support this importation of poverty. In other words, they want these people to come here and live in cardboard housing with no running water or sewers. They want this so that they can have the numbers to force through initiatives with "look at the poor" as their battle cry. That way they can get more money for these poor and in turn these poor can give that money to them in the form of donations.

All of this in the end is put onto the backs of the United States citizens, as if we asked for this invasion of poverty. The statistics ring on as this poverty overwhelms other statistics from those dropping out of high school, to the number of people on food stamps to the overcrowding of our hospitals and schools that do a disservice to the kids legally in this country.

Illegal immigration is not a single issue topic. It pervades every portion of society from the state of the economy to gas prices to infrastructure costs to taxes spent on social services. There is not one segment of society that is not touched by illegal immigration.

Read Frosty's whole column entitled "Our Troubled Country: Importing Poverty". Below is a little excerpt.

The number of children under the age of 18 living in poverty increased from 104,000 in 2000 to 180,000 in 2006, in Colorado. Colorado led the nation in child poverty, yet features only 4.6 million people—except---that state houses 500,000 and as high as 695,000 illegal alien migrants. Colorado schools suffer 43 different languages, which cause havoc in classrooms. One in five teachers quits or transfers out of Denver Public Schools every nine months.


However, Colorado Governor Bill Ritter (D) refuses to enforce H.B. 1023. The legislature passed that law in 2006 to fine and imprison employers of illegal aliens. Ritter won’t enforce it while Colorado taxpayers shell out $1.1 billion annually for all services for illegal aliens and their children.

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