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What A Great Season Of Jericho

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I had pretty much given up on Jericho after season two. Last season was a complete disappointment with too much soap opera shenanigans and not enough advancing of a story in an interesting setting. I mean there's a nuclear attack on multiple cities in the United States and what do they focus on? Love affairs and family matters, etc.

Esai Morales As Major Beck On Jericho
Season 3 was absolutely incredible though and introduced interesting characters and plots that were quite thrilling. The story moved forward and the plight of the little town of Jericho was in the middle of it all. They ended most of the soap opera stuff, but you still cared about the characters and what they were attempting to do.

My hat is off to the writers for resurrecting a failed series and I am surely looking forward to the next season of Jericho. Also I would like to give an absolute thrilled hat tip to Esai Morales who was absolutely amazing in his character portrayal of Major Beck.

All I have to say is wow!

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Posted by Digger on March 26, 2008 11:47 AM (Permalink)

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I love this show.

Posted by: Brad on March 26, 2008 08:28 PM

Sorry folks, they committed to these last 8 episodes after the big ruckus we raised...but the ratings have been so bad that they series has been cancelled altogether.

After they turned it into an anti Halliburton type crap shoot with the evil Corporation, and an anti military type (until the last show) the audience left in droves. The same as is going to happen in the next 24. They are moving to more and more anti American and the terrorists are no longer reality based. The terrorists they use now are not the ones in real life. They want to pose the terrorists as some Christian based religion or right wingnuts.

They get beaten up by CAIR when they show who the real terrorist are....etc. Or whomever the next victims group is.

So, wont be watching many of these anymore.

Neither has anyone else at the boxoffices. None of the big anti war, Bush movies have made enough to pay the limo drivers. The big hot REDACTED made 30,000 dollars....understand that number 30 THOUSAND, not MILLION. heh, good on the public for this.

Posted by: mrbill on March 26, 2008 08:38 PM

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