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This Year's May Day Marches Brought To You By Mexican Representatives

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This year's Illegal alien May Day marches are being organized by a group founded in November in Mexico City. The First Parliament of Mexican Migrant Leaders Living in the U.S.A. was formed in order to give illegal alien Mexicans a voice in our political system in the United States. Yep, you read that right. A foreign government openly stating that they are forming pseudo congressional representatives for an illegal segment of our society for each state.

To put it bluntly here is what the director of the Los Angeles-based Latino Movement USA, Juan Jose Gutierrez, said. "The idea is that every single state and territory in the Union where we have Latinos living and working should have representation,". I'd like to point out that if they are legal they already do have representation, in the form of a US House Member and two US Senators. That's not enough for these racist organizations though who feel that they should also have a rep from Mexico itself. You couldn't ask for a more open declaration that, if given the chance, they will take over true representation of a state - if they can just get enough illegal aliens into that state to influence policy.

These are the groups organizing this year's May Day marches. The first May Day march showed millions of illegal aliens marching through the streets of the United States. It also backfired as other than bringing forth an amnesty bill that was shot down, it actually woke Americans up and started a massive amount of state legislation to end the illegal immigration invasion. It caused such a public backlash that Americans rallied against the back door dealing of the illegal alien amnesty bill put together by Ted Kennedy and John McCain and shut down the Capitol switchboard.

Last year's May Day marches were a complete failure and ended in violence in MacArthur Park in LA after illegal aliens failed to disperse after numerous warnings. and the numbers that came out were dismal. This year's also looks to be a dismal showing, but these groups are playing their game well. They are attempting to get the Main Stream Media to give them credibility and treat them as legitimate. Some in the press, curiously most having Hispanic surnames, are doing just that and painting them as legitimate political organizations.

Like this article which is highly slanted towards the pro illegal alien organizers, by Emily C. Ruiz, of the Hispanic Link News Service, in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. In the article she quotes La Raza President Janet Murguia, president of the National Hispanic Medical Association Elena Rios and executive director of the League of United Latin American Citizens' National Housing Commission Jose Garza. The only opposing voice was Chicago Sun-Times columnist Esther Cepeda who simply spoke against the marches because there isn't enough time for those involved in the marches to become citizens before November and actually vote. Not exactly an opposing view.

Pro-immigrant groups from throughout the United States met in Mexico City in November to form the First Parliament of Mexican Migrant Leaders Living in the U.S.A. ... they formed the first national coordinating committee for the May Day marches. The initiating body consists of 46 members representing 23 states.


Elena Rios, president of the National Hispanic Medical Association ... "If the marches are anything like they have been in the last few years, where more of our community are showing their pride and commitment to their fellow Latinos, whether they're documented or not, I think it's fantastic. I hope it gets media attention -- and more than just Univision and Telemundo. I hope we get on CNN and mainstream English media talking about the importance of the Latino vote in this election year. It will have an impact."

Our community showing pride in their fellow Latino's, illegal or not. For that is what it is all about in the end. Screw the rest of the Americans if they're not Latino. And these groups have the gall to claim they are not racist.

Then there's this guy...

Jose Garza of Dallas, executive director of the League of United Latin American Citizens' National Housing Commission, notes, "We need to take whatever action is necessary to get this Congress, the future Congress and the future president to really deal with the issues of the immigrant worker. What we are asking for is fairness and equity. When it's time to mobilize, we can do it correctly."

There already is fairness and equity for "immigrant workers" as long as they are legal. Their code words for illegal aliens are becoming tiresome. There should be no equity for illegal aliens. They are not supposed to be here.

This article is a propaganda piece which purposely avoids the fact that this is a foreign government trying to influence our country's policy - openly. It is just accepted as fact in the article that there is nothing wrong with this.

And this should raise the concern - and possibly outrage - every American citizen.

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Posted by Digger on March 18, 2008 11:38 AM (Permalink)

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If Senator Obama becomes the next President the Comprehensive Immigration Bill will become law and the costs for illegal immigration will triple. How does he plan to secure America's borders and keep us safe from murderers, rapists and thieves? He does not want to build a fence on our southern border. Be afraid! Be very afraid!

Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich reported in October 2007: "Illegal immigration continues to have a devastating impact”. Public Safety, $220 million; Health Care, $400 million; Welfare, $440 million; Los Angeles County pays more than $1 billion annually.

The Heritage Foundation in 2007 found that low-wage immigrant families in the United States caused a net fiscal deficit of $89.1 billion in 2004. Forty percent were illegal immigrants and the rest were legal immigrants who were granted amnesty in 1986. And Harvard economist Dr. George Borjas calculated that legal and illegal immigrants suppress wages by $200 billion per year.

These days, both illegal and legal immigrants are provided with taxpayer-supplied education, housing, welfare, and medical care. And instead of encouraging them to learn the nation's language and fully assimilate, their youngsters receive schooling in their native language.

The non-assimilation problem is made worse by the divisive activities of radical Hispanic groups (La Raza, MEChA, LULAC, ADL, SPLC, et al.) financed by the Rockefeller, Carnegie, Mellon, and other mega foundations. Such organizations view the growing legal and illegal Hispanic population as an oppressed victim group that must be organized to force radical change. One such change, supported by many illegal aliens, includes the reclaiming of the American southwest for Mexico.

Illegal Aliens APPROXIMATE Annual Costs to American taxpayers: $200 Billion revenue lost by suppressed wages for ILLEGALS.
$20 Billion for WIC, Food Stamps, Medicaid, Welfare and Free Lunches.

$231 Billion for teaching English, Anchor Babies, Incarceration and Social Services.

Posted by: FromTheTop on March 19, 2008 08:13 AM

America, you are Pussy-whipped by the Dollar. You have sold your self like a "Puta"!

Posted by: Jack Ripper on March 19, 2008 09:00 AM

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