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"Day Without An [Illegal] Immigrant" Ends In Violence

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I spent the day watching the flood of foreign national invaders walk around our streets demanding their "rights" and citizenship. It was all completely ridiculous when thought about logically. Foreigners demanding to be given instant citizenship and all the rights and privileges of such because they broke into the country.

Their so called boycott also was a failure except in the case of companies that closed down because all of their illegal aliens were out on the street for the day. Places like Tyson Foods, Purdue and Cargill. Why don't they just post a billboard over their companies headquarters that screams "We are the cause of this problem because we hire these criminals"?

You have the radicals in the groups who lead them and make sure that they don't fly Mexican flags like they really want to and instead fly American flags in hopes of fooling the American people about their true intentions. You can't hide your intentions though when just a month earlier -- while being less organized in terms of public perception -- you've already shown that you don't intend to embrace America, but rather claim it for Mexico by parading down the street and planting your foreign flag on our soil.

True intentions and true character always rise to the surface and we saw that last night in Santa Ana, California. Violence erupted between the "peace loving workers" who marched in support of "all immigrants" (that's funny, I didn't see many Russians, Africans and other groups invited) and riot police. The police ended up having to storm the thousands of rioters after having bottles and rocks thrown at them.

Do we really want to give these criminals a pass and all the rights of a citizen? I think not.

OC Register

Police asked other law enforcement agencies for help this afternoon after a group of 1,500 protesters jammed traffic on Bristol Street near 1st Street and Edinger Avenue and some started to hurls rocks, plastic bottles and marbles at officers.

“It’s starting to take a turn for the worse,” Santa Ana police Sgt. Lorenzo Carrillo said.


The Santa Ana Police Department asked for an additional 100 agents from several departments, including Garden Grove, Orange County and Fountain Valley.

Their true intentions have been revealed to all who have been in denial. It's time to put an end to this nonsense.

Gateway Pundit has pictures of the violence in Santa Ana.

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Posted by Digger on May 2, 2006 10:15 AM (Permalink)

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From : Ombudsman
Sent : Friday, March 31, 2006 4:17 PM
To :
Subject : RE: PBS Ombudsman Feedback

| | | PBS- immig... | Inbox

Dear Mr. Santos:

Many thanks for writing to us. We certainly appreciate your thoughtful
feedback. We have also forwarded your comments to the producers at The


Marcia Apperson
Senior Associate to the Ombudsman

-----Original Message-----
From: tsantossantos@msn.com [mailto:tsantossantos@msn.com]
Sent: Thursday, March 30, 2006 9:06 PM
To: Ombudsman
Subject: PBS Ombudsman Feedback

[firstname] = Antonio
[lastname] = Santos
[city] = mulberry
[state] = FL
[message] = I am a Puerto Rican American who votes as an independent and
is completely against any legislation that includes, not only any "hint"
of an amnesty, but any "guest worker" program that does not address the
training and support infrastructure needed by the American worker to
qualify and compete for whatever jobs are in question.

I am a regular viewer of the Leher news hour and I am quite upset that
only, pro amnesty and guest worker zealots have occupied almost all the
discusions about this issue except the occassional politician who only
speaks to the matter very carefully and ambiguously, as all politicians

I really don't care to hear an opinion about immigration from a latino
that speaks in broken or strongly accented English with a live connect
to the University of Mexico city or some other liberal institution or
think tank. It's only obvious that their hearts are somewhere else.

I want to hear well prepared American anti-immigration groups that
readily show the real facts that affect their "country" and the people
that have made this country so great. I constantly recieve email updates
from FAIR and agree with almost all their platform. I believe that it's
because of them that the issue has come to the front, against all the
odds that the media has put before them, yet as I don't recall you ever
having them as a regular opinion or facts resource.

Most Americans believe that Latinos vote as a block or have all similar
political views when in reality Latinos run the whole gamet of pros and
anti's. Most Puerto Ricans don't share the views of the Cuban or the
Mexican population even though the Latino media tries to coalecse
them into the "la raza" (the race {our race} ) monolithical definition. But the
Puerto Rican political reality is nothing close to that of Mexicans or
Cubans although a certain amount of empathy Puerto Ricans, as well as all of us
feel with unfortunate groups here as well as abroad is often confused with support for the group or cause. The truth at the
end of the day is that it's every Latino group for himself.

I am a 25 yr displaced telephone technician and an honorably discharged
military veteran who has, since my last job as an MCI engineering contractor,
crossed trained into various other fields and am currently a man of many trades
struggling with finding an income as a handyman and starting an internet
business as a web site developer and web master.

Because of the weak immigration laws Puerto Rico has been over-run with
illegals from the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba and Europe. And because
immigration laws favor Cubans over other groups Puerto Rico is (as is Miami)
an example of the consequences of unchecked or/and unfair LEGAL immigration
laws or practices.

When the Governor, not too long ago, asked anybody not originally a Puerto Rican not to
vote in an upcoming referendum on whether the island would seek statehood or
remain a commonwealth or become a republic (because in previous referendums
immigrant groups tried to influence the true outcome of what was supposed to be will of the
Puerto Rican people), it was the large population of Cubans whom went up in protest at
the thought that they had been ASKED not to do what they had been doing to Miami
and South Florida, which they have practically claimed for themselves and would like to do
in Puerto Rico. Of course, and again, because federal law extends to Puerto Rico there was
little or nothing the islanders could do other than hope the immigrants would respect
their birth rights and not interfere with the future political direction Puerto Ricans chose.

The truth is that if the immigration laws were made enforcible and fair and equal to all
immigrants none of this would have happened in Puerto Rico and Miami. But since the
American people aren't aware of these things, immigration and it's adverse affects to the
American Fabric is going to take them over... not by surprise, but square mile by square
mile. Europe is now realizing this and rushing to correct it yet the other day I read a stupid
editorial in which it was stated that there was enough space here for 11 million illegals and
then some.... that's the same attitude Puerto Ricans once had.

Right now Cubans have more representation in Washington than Puerto Ricans, whom have
been part of this country since 1898, do. This is mostly due to the fact that although Puerto Ricans
are very proud of their heritage, they are not very nationalistic and are , naively, very empathetic
to others' plights and causes. Thus, Puerto Rico has fought off it's nationalistic desire in return for a
more secure yet separated commonwealth. Most Cubans, on the other hand, are very nationalistic
and for the most part, wouldn't give 2 cents for any other cause unless there was some benefit to
themselves as a nation or as an immigrant community.

The "Elian Gonzalez" situation a few years ago in Miami, Florida is a good example of just how nationalist and unassimilated
most large immigration groups are. And if we don't change this now, Florida and Puerto Rico will be part of Cuba
in a less than hundred years and other parts of the west and southwest will be part of Mexico, even sooner.

I have worked with and for Cubans and Mexicans for many years and have
seeked employment where they are part of the work force or management and
have learned to my dismay that, although I have been qualified or even over
qualified , I have had to take a back seat to others that didn't even
know how to speak English... or I have been turned down for a job I was more
than qualified for because my interviewer, who spoke in badly broken
english and was in charge of Latinos as well as others, feared for his
job had I been hired. Job openings have also been secreetly kept from me by
co-workers until all others' job needs from their particular group had been fulfulled.
Only then would I be informed of any openings that may have been left unfilled.

I have learned how well organized their support networks are and how
well informed they are about the benefits and services available to
them. They are well aware of any job openings and mostly pool to a fro
using those already established in the system.

The biggest "lie" told by the media and the pro-immigration groups is
that... they do jobs regular Americans refuse to do. The truth is that there are no
job genres Americans do not already do. More Americans would seek these jobs if
salaries weren't brought down by companies whom hire illegal workers and the
American worker had the support infrastructure and that these groups have.
It is businesses whom do not list openings at the local employment offices,
prefering to hire these people at lower wages and not having to deal
with the "red tape" of government employment offices that are the culprits. Because
of this most illegals will already have another job even before he has finished the one
he is working at. Illegal employers use the illegals support network to advertise,
through word of mouth job openings, location, salary and any other
requirements such as a false social security number or I.D..

The second biggest "lie" is that these groups do not displace American
workers. In fact, agriculture is considered to be only a "starting
point" for most illegals in need of a job. Once they have established
themselves most seek better jobs and even recieve training, either by a
non-profit organization or on-the-job by family or peers whom have, in
turn, been trained the same way. These jobs are better paying and
include machine or equipment operators, carpentry, specilized concrete
or tile work and warehouse fork lift operator and even
supervisory/foreman positions, to mention only some. These, in effect,
not only minimize the opportunities available for Americans seeking
employment but any or most openings that come up are secretly channeled
back into the illegal network. The result is a large population of
Latino workers in the business and little if any postings in the media
or employment offices of any job opportunities for the average American

I have much more to say about my personal experiences about this issue,
not to mention, my love for this country but it will have to wait for
some other time.

All this said, I hope and demand that you cover this issue in a fair and
balanced manner in the future and offer coverage of the "full" facts and
clear up the lies that you falsely broadcast to the American people.

[postpref] = You may post this with my name.

From : Linda Winslow
Sent : Friday, March 31, 2006 4:42 PM
To : "'Ombudsman'" ,
Subject : RE: PBS Ombudsman Feedback

| | | PBS- immig... | Inbox

-----Original Message-----

Dear Mr. Santos:

I hope you'll be watching the NewsHour tonight. We're going to attempt to
address the very issues you have raised. You've made some good points and
I've passed them on to our interviewers.

Many thanks for taking the time to write.

Linda Winslow
Executive Producer
The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer

Posted by: Antonio Santos on May 3, 2006 01:04 PM

Dear Dumb Right Wing Repulicans:

I have an answer to all of this "Mexican" bashing! Yes, we will go back to our appropriate country, as long as everyone else goes back to their appropriate Country. Listen, their is NO TRUE AMERICAN, but the AMERICAN INDIANS!! What don't you peple get. When I hear a white person say, "oh this is my country", I really want to throw up! What the hell, I will go back with the rest of my people, and yes, I will take back the Southwest with us!! I really can't stomach scared white folks anymore, because it is called hypochrosy. You people figured out the truth. The Mexcicans were here way before the white folks, the African Americans, the Puerta Ricans, and the rest of you idiots. You Americans, really do not know your history. We, the Aztecs, were also around the southwest part of the Unites States, as were the American Indians. This is more our land than yours. Just leave us alone to live our lives, just as you live yours!!
Let's be honest, you can go anywhere around the world, and you will almost always hear, "Those Americans are racist and obvious intolerant of other cultures and languages. Most Europeans speak at least two or more languages. You Americans, can't even grasp one. Why not speak another language, it can enhance your life in many ways. I speak three languages, and I am very proud to be able to communicate with many people of different backgrounds. I think that the White man has corrupted this country, and now they want someone to blame it on. Go ahead and close your borders. It's time to clean up. That means everyone!! Take back the Eastern Europeans, Russians, Polish, Africans, Haitians, and too bad we can take back the Puerta Ricans! Their little bitty Island has a "0" contribution to this country, and with no rich history to it. I know a great deal of Puerta Ricans, and a great deal of them are using the Welfare System. Also, there is some favoritism towards the Cubans. But, then again, they have contriubuted to the American society, both financial and political. They have become educated more so than any other Hispanic Group, so they have earned it!! I am a female educated Hispanic Women, and I am an American by Second Generation. I speak fluent English, Spanish and Japanese. I have tried to use my education to my advantage! But, it is very difficult in the Real World. I have lost many jobs to uneducated Afrian Americans, and an Anglo-Americans due to the obvious reasons. There are so many sides to this topic, we can go on forever. But, I have said everything I wanted to say, so CASE CLOSED!!!! Also, shut up and smell the coffee!!

Posted by: Paulina Hernandez on May 3, 2006 03:09 PM

My Dearest Paulina,

I'm sure that no one here is bashing the Mexican people, as well as the Cuban people at a personal level but only as part of many unassimilated groups that threaten to change the "apple pie" fabric of this greatest nation . Both Mexican and Cuban people are wonderful people whom have contrubuted greatly to this, my country. It surely isn't your fault, but that of our corrupt congress who has dropped the ball on illegal immigration since the Reagan era and have refused to pick it up until now. Now, instead of 5 million illegals there are anywhere from 10 to 20 million and something must be done.

We are only talking about the injustice done to the American worker over the years and the threat to the traditional American way of life which has made this country the #1 in the world in almost all facets of life. We don't want to lose that.

We have welcomed millions of Paulinas and Paulinos from every country across this world and even as much as you say they hate us... they still all want to come here... please senorita, tell me why, if you can or will.

We are afraid for our country... afraid of losing our delicious "APPLE PIE" for a tasty taco or crusty Cuban sandwich. We don't hate you or your kind we hate our politicians who are supposed to guard this gem of a country from ever being threatened into extinction. And we are DETERMINED that this won't happen.

I am neither a pure bred Taino indian as you are neither a full blood Aztec, and almost every American, Mexican or Cuban is mixed with either indian or some other blood, and, in reality there are only a handful of pure bred aborigenous groups here as well as in Mexico that can make that claim so that's a nil proposition.

Senorita, when in Mexico we are more than happy to sing along with your "Mariachis", but here in the "Queen" of countries in the whole world it's "Rock-n-Roll and true heart "Country" you'd better sing to when you step across that border.

Paulina, you bad mouth the good people of this country when we are only doing what your people would do in an instant if 11 to 20 million illegal Americans came to live in Mexico or Cuba and take away your jobs. Actually, you would probably shoot them and worse.

Posted by: Antonio Santos on May 4, 2006 02:21 AM

My Dearest Paulina,

After a brief research break, as you can tell by the time recorded, I have returned to address the mere 110 x 35 mile island of the U.S. territory and commonwealth of Puerto Rico and it's contributions or lack of. You claim that Puerto Rico has not contributed in any form to this great country and I assert that before you ever put a "taco" in your mouth Puerto Ricans had already contrubuted ten fold of what you and others claim their groups have done and are presently contributing to this greatest of all nations.

Tiny as it is... it is the most influencial island, not only of the Carribean, but of all latin America. Close to 4 million people are crammed onto this tiny island and more than that are living on the U.S. mainland. The second largest latino group in the U.S. after Mexicans. Aquired by the U.S. as spoils of the "Spanish American War" in 1898 Puerto Ricans have been fighting in American wars since. My grandfather fought in WW1, my father and uncles in WW11, the Korean conflict, Panama... and I along with my cousins have served in the Armed Services from the Vietnam era until now. We have lost loved ones in every conflict.

We weren't asked to be part of the U.S.of A., we were handed over as spoils of war, but, in a sense it was a blessing because we most likely otherwise had ended up like Cuba or Haiti or the Dominican Republic... or even Mexico.

At first we thought that we had been robbed of the opportunity of becoming our own nation but in retrospect we now realize that we ARE part of a nation... the greatest one in the world. Now who in their right mind would complain about that now. Of course we did and do want some separation as any other state does and we are a commonwealth as many states are... but we can cede from the union whenever we feel it's to our benefit... no other state can.

Anyway, to make things short I gathered a quick list of familiar contributors you may recognize, not only to this great nation but to yours as well since they are all well known through out the Americas. Please excuse the shortness but I am very tired...

From an island that measures only 110 miles by 35 miles:

4 miss universes... usa 7, mexico 1, cuba 0 :

[links removed]

An ABC nightly news anchor:

[links removed]

from an international boy vocal group "Menudo":

[links removed]

a top actress:

[links removed]

I'm just going to put the rest down and go to sleep now...

[links removed]

I was too tired to download the rest My dearest Paulina but I will gladly give you more so that you might understand that contributions are not lacking from Puerto Rican Americans what is lacking here is immigration enforcement.

Posted by: Antonio Santos on May 4, 2006 04:39 AM

Mr. Santos

I am in agreement with you. Kudos! I just happened to come across this blog and I am happy I did! Who is that Mexican woman to tell us Boricuas, we have not contributed to this society?? And for the record, Paulina, we are NOT bashing Mexicans, we are bashing ILLEGALS! I wish you people could get that through your friggin' heads! I have no problem with legal immigration, but have a problem with ILLEGALS taking away our jobs (that is such a crock of bull, Mr. Vicente Fox and Mr. Bush saying Americans don't want to do those menial jobs, when in fact, if they paid better wages, American would do them and they did at one time! Do some research Paulina and you will see that for example, meat packing industries used to pay American workers 16 bucks an hour! Now they pay 9 bucks an hour for an illegal.... so Paulina, get educated on the issue at hand.). Oh, and for the pot shot at us Puertoricans being on Welfare? Yes, many are. I grew up in New York, but that is a cycle of poverty that is also found among Afro Americans too, who are also on Welfare and yes, Mexicans too! I work in Social Services (this is not made up) and I deal with Mexican Americans as they are the biggest latin population in Minnesota and they are ALL benefitting from WIC and Welfare! And as I ask them for proof of income, almost 90 percent get paid in Cash and are NOT paying taxes. At least we PR's pay taxes and there are many of us who are educated and professionals, just like there are educated career Afro Americans. But Mexican illegals are here bankrupting California and Texas hospitals (as they don't have insurance but we are forced to take care of them, for them to have babies as we pay for their child bearing costs and to educate their children!) and my hard earn tax dollars are paying for them to be on Welfare and WIC and medical assistance and they are not CONTRIBUTING A SINGLE DIME IN TAXES!!! And many are criminals who get fake ID cards and Social Security numbers to get a job. That is despicable. Why don't you Mexicans go to Mexico and overtake your government and rid it of corruption instead of coming here to find jobs? Again, this whole debate is not against Mexicans..... it is against illegal immigration as I have met plenty of nice hard working Mexicans (who I am sure are illegal), but this is the country I was born in, the good ole' USA and I am proud to be a citizen of this country and I will not just sit here and let illegals take our country away from Real American Citizens and from those who came here LEGALLY from other countries and did it the right way. I am sorry but I don't have to be pro Illegal Immigration just because I am Hispanic! No way! And by the way, Your Country of Mexico is so full of racism, the wealth is in the hands of the 1 percent, the native people you never see on TV (except in the Novellas as Sirvientas,slaves or nannies) or in high positions of power, its only the White Mexicans with money and Spanish blood who are visible. Vicente Fox could care less about his own people, especially the natives. That is why he encourages them to come to the US to feed their families! He does not want to take responsibility for his poor and actually would hate to ruin the status quo position he has and the 1 percent in Mexico who don't have to scramble across a border to make a living. And again, I am so mad at people like Paulina claiming we are friggin Racists for wanting to protect our borders, to keep our high paying jobs and to make a damn living! If you don't like it, why don't you go back to Mexico, Paulina? If you are so proud of your country and your people's accomplishments? If I as an American Citizen crossed into Mexico and demanded my civil rights and to be made a citizen, I would be locked up! Have you seen the Mexican Constitution what it says about Illegals in their country? How they treat them? Its despicable! If we went over there to steal YOUR JOBS and overrun your hospitals and not pay taxes and get on all your government programs, YOU WOULD ALL BE PISSED TOO! So there, Paulina!

Posted by: El Boricua on May 4, 2006 01:46 PM

and for the record........ Illegals, when they have kids here (unfortunately) the children are instant citizens, even if the parents are not. So they come here, knowing about this law and know that they can't get sent back as long as they get pregnant on our soil! Cono! Tienen unos cojones! And as the kids are citizens, they qualify for every federal aid program, even if the parents work under the tables and pay no taxes or contribute to this country....... so Paulina, talk about contributions to this country, you are so uneducated. And Mexican illegals are mostly all on Wic, welfare, medicaid/medical assistance!! Yes, Puertoricans are on welfare, but so are Mexican illegals! I know, I work for social services and I am a bilingual worker who takes care of the Mexican illegal population (we don't ask for their status for benefits in most cases and for the children, they qualify for benefits, so hence no wonder they immediately start breeding when they get here as it is an extra income they get on top of the under-the-table income they get.). Do you know there are American working class people who used to do roofing, construction, meat packing, electrical, mechanics, all those "so called jobs Americans don't do", and now they are all done by Illegals because those sneaky decietful money grubbing companies get away with hiring them so they can pay them slave wages and they know the illegals will work for 2 bucks an hour. But we Americans know better. We are all waking up to the smell of the Coffee, as you say, Paulina and we are not taking any shit from your people anymore. This might sound like a tirade against Mexicans but again, I want to reiterate this is against Illegals and I am upset that Mexican Americans are so pro illegal immigration and those Mexican Americans like Lupe Moreno (http://latinoamericans.org/) who are legal here and are proud to be American and a Citizen and who are critical of Illegal Immigration and what it is doing to our country, jobs and stability, GETS OSTRACIZED BY THE MEXICAN COMMUNITY! HER OWN PEOPLE! Check our her website, she is quite inspiring. It seems to be UN-PC to be latino or mexican american and be against illegal immigration these days. And as for those waving Mexican flags, shame on them. During a pride parade, it is acceptable to show your unity and where you come from, but during a protest that is trying to get the American people to view you are faithful immgirants to this country, it is backfiring as the American people are seeing behind that facade. And to end this, from my experience in social services, i have had to talk to Mexican clients who come here, make money, then have the audacity to go back to Mexico when they are done reaping our benefits! That is some nerve. I am proud to say I am a recovering liberal and am now a conservative as I am equally critical of Welfare and the never ending cycle of poverty it creates, so before you call me a hypocrite for PR's being on welfare, I am critical of blacks, whites,browns anyone NOT TAKING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR LIVES, THEIR REPRODUCTIVE CAPABILILTIES (who keep bearing more and more kids of different fathers, PR and black and white) and FOR N0T GETTING AN EDUCATION TO GET THEMSELVES BACK ON THEIR FEET AND FOR REPEATING THE WELFARE DEPENDENCY OF THEIR PARENTS. I went into Social Services a left wing liberal and came out a total conservative, as I have seen so much ABUSE of our welfare system. It is here to help those in need, but obviously it is being used and abused and keeps those in poverty, in a vicious never ending cycle. on that note, Long Live Bill Cosby, My hero! The Black, Chicano and Latino Civil rights leaders of today are just a bunch of losers, hypocrites who are actually encouraging Minorities to keep thinking of themselves as victims instead of uplifting themselves. I grew up in the ghetto and made something of myself, so its an excuse. And yes, Paulina, my family was on Welfare in the 80's for a few years and that is what it is for, to get back on your feet (as my Mom was just recently divorced and had 3 kids to feed!), so no era por pocaverguenza que estaba reciebiendo assistencia! ok? So there!
Sorry for those Spanish words to those English speaking people. LOL I am mad! And a mad latino will occasionally use Spanish words to express himself.

Long live America! and no, I don't have one of those tacky Puertorican bumperstickers on my car. LOL I am proud to be American First, Hispanic second.

Posted by: Boricua enfadado con todo esta mierda! on May 4, 2006 03:43 PM

Thank you Boriqua,

I thought there were few Puerto Ricans who would actually come out and talk from their hearts since they are, for the most part, so passive about political issues. But here you are sir, as mad as I am and wondering why the Anglos-Saxons of this, our country, haven't put their foot down and joined the saving of their identity, their culture, their jobs, their natural resources and the future of their children. After all, they are the true foundation of this unique nation and throughout the thousands of years of civilization no one could ever have dreamt of what our fore-fathers created here... for all the peoples in the world. Thank God for Britain.

And all the rest who contributed and learned the true meaning of the American way... Africans, the Germans, Italians, Dutch, East Euros, Puerto Ricans and so many more that put their lives on the line for this way of living life that so many envy or hate us for.

Yes, it's been a struggle and we have faltered at times. But no parent is born with parenting skills and many times you have to "wing it" or say "I'm sorry for what I did. And we have always come out much better as a nation.

I feel many Americans of Christian culture or religious preference are caught up in the feeling of guilt taught in the scriptures about our fellow man. But I say to them that we are the people God appointed to protect and free all the peoples of the world... and this should be obvious to all by now.

Not to bring them here, but to show them how to stand up for what is right and how to defend themselves when they, as a people, are threatened... to demand their rights in their own countries as we have done here... not take the easy and selfish way out and come here as a burden to those whom have given them hope to persue their rights in their own country.

We have given them support socially, politically and financially for them to make their own lands like ours.But we still have our problems as a young nation and we also need our own sorting out and have our own growing pains... and cannot accept the burden of the whole world upon us. We must keep ourselves strong and not be overwhelmed with the divisions that plague the rest of the world.

We must be steadfast in providing the world with our light without condeming our own foundations to corruption and division of strange and unAmerican influences. We must welcome those whom are willing to renounce their past and join our society willingly for the benefit of this country, and consequently the world.

One flag, one language, one people... in hearts and mind, the greatest nation.

God has blessed America.

Posted by: Antonio Santos on May 4, 2006 06:01 PM

Dear Boriquas and Apple Pie:

Here is my retort:

Hail, to the Queen of all Nations, should I bow now, or later? This is the kind of Humbug I expected! SHAME, SHAME on YOU! Can you be a little more humble, Apple Pie? I won't even bother to answer to the first Boriqua, because he sounds a little too inmature, not well rounded, and inexperienced. The only thing I will say is that you are proud that beauty queens, actors, newscasters, etc... have contributed to the fold of American Society. Yes, they have broken some barriers down, maybe racially, but contriubuted to society, unlikely, Not Really! I am speaking of long-term contributions, both financial and political. Look, I refuse to get into this petty brush of "my people are better than your people" type of discussion. It's petty! You must be gay! It's o.k. if you are, I am not prejudice about that either. My retort to the second Boriqua will be short, but eloquent. I hereby designate you, the "Third General" to the United Nations of Reform, for the betterment of man! Listen, I gave you the title of Third General, instead of First. Hello, don't forget who you are, or what they may think you are! You are not White! You are looked upon as a minority, a HISPANCIC, and a number, and it's not first! Don't you get it? It's fine to love thy Country that was built by my forefathers also, but you will never have equal respect and status. I am not the type of person that likes to cry wolf. If you know what I mean. But, I am a realist. All, you can do is except it, as I have. The white man has stolen land all over the world, including my country, and your Island. They lie to us, and steal from us. We are a humble people that believe, we must forgive, but not forget. So, all of this aside, God will be our last Judge. All of this fighting over land, squabbling over different religions, languages, racism, genocide, etc... Please, whisper to yourself, as to remember that he is still watching. All, I can do is Pray for "You". I will say a Prayer for all of the haters, and try and ask for peace in the World. We are all God's Children. Now, getting back to the subject, let's discuss the welfare system. All people of all nationalities and backgrounds have abused the system. Yes, it is one thing to use it for emergency purposes, maybe a lost job, divorce, etc..., but not as a crutch. I do agree that it is frustrating to see this happening to the American Society. But, the one thing that annoys me the most is that people come here from other nations, other than Mexico, and they also abuse the "Welfare System". I totally agree that it has to be stopped! Especially, with the illegals and the legals. Let me tell you a short story, quickly. When I was in college, I met alot of people from different ethnic backgrounds, and I honestly loved it! Well, while aspiring to become educated, and then hopefully become employed, and then making my contribution to the American Society. I became a little side tracked, with another kind of education that I had no idea existed. Honestly, I was like a mouse in a maze, totally lost. I met young women, that were having babies just to get benefits, and a college education, because the poorer you are, the more benfits you reap! I struggled to pay for my education. I held a full-time job while going to college full time. These women were receiving money on a monthly bases from the government (an educational fund), while collecting their welfare benefits. I noticed that many of these women were African Americans, and illegals from many different countries or islands. I met a woman from Haiti that reaped the Educational and Welfare Benefits. She still stands out in my mind, because of what she said to me. She was basically, laughing at the system. She had more than one child born in the U.S., and also reaped the Welfare Benefits of food stamps and health insurance. I also, met her husband, and they spoke of how much they hated the United States, but loved to get free stuff. I asked her, why are you here? She stated that why wouldn't you go to a place where everything was practically free. I also, met women from Panama, Honduras, Guatamala, Africa, Puerta Rico, Jamaica, Russian, Polish, Czechoslovakia, Arabs, etc... that also reaped from the Educational and Welfare Benefits! SO, STOP SAYING THAT IT IS MOSTLY THE MEXICANS that are doing this. The Americans have created monsters, in a sense It's the legals and the illegals of all nations, and American Citizens that are reaping these benefits!! Another thing, just for your information, because I am well informed of alot more than you seem to be. STOP believing everything you here in the Media! Yes, the Mexican illegals do get paid by check, at least 80% of them do, and payroll taxes are deducted, like everyone else. There are very few illegals making cash anymore, as it is not a benefit (Tax Wise), but a deficit to the employer for obvious reasons. Most of the illegals have fake identification, and they are considered an immigrant with status to the employer. The employer has no means of checking their status, or they just don't care! So, again THEY DO PAY TAXES, and because there is such a great quantity of illegals, the amount of money generated from them is NEVER collected. If they become legalized, then they have the right to claim their back taxes, and if not, the government uses it, at their disposal. The amount of uncollected taxes is unbelieveable. Just think of 15 to 20 million illegals and multiply that by an average of $2,000 to $5,000 each, of uncollected taxes on a yearly basis. This will multiply into Billions of dollars, literally. I really believe that they are supporting the Social Security Benefits to the aging population, and to the Welfare System. The Social Security Administration is practically bankrupt, and the Welfare System is not too far behind! So, I don't think that the American Government wants to just let these people go back home, because of the "lack", if you please, of money that will bankrupt the system. You can't believe everything the government says. They are liers, cheaters, and thieves, and they will tell you anything, but the truth! Also, there is a problem with illegals not having health benefits, and running up the hospital bills, etc... But, the bigger picture is that we as Americans have the same problem here in this country. Many Americans don't have health insurance either. There aren't any good jobs anymore, with good health benefits, and no, the illegals are not taking all of these good jobs. If your an educated individual with good experience and background, and fair marketable skills. The fear of illegals taking your job is next to impossible. Yes, they are taking jobs from uneducated, and unskilled Americans, and legal aliens. I also agree that there is an obvious problem at the border. I have also traveled through the border, and back for vacations and business trips. I do get frustrated when I hear that only Mexicans are crossing the border. It really isn't just the Mexicans. Do you realize that there are people coming into Mexico from China, Pakistan, and the Middle East, and of course the other Central and South American countries. There may be 20% more Mexicans, which one would expect, it is a neighboring country, but it is amazing how many others are crossing the border from other nations. There are so many people that are willing to risk their lives for freedom, or for liberty and justice for all. They also come here with good intentions, and to feed their families. I do understand that we as Americans, can't take care of the World's economic problems, but we can be kind with words, and the way we look and perceive and treat others. Let's not be known as a Nation of Liers, Cheats, Thieves, and most of all, Arrogance!! We can work through this with respect and the dignity of others. The Media tends to blow everything out of proportion! We should be worrying about the "Terrorist" living in this country already. I just can't believe the double standards that Americans are living by. We, as Americans are living on edge, for fear of retaliation by the Terrorist, but I don't see anyone bashing Arabs or their countries, as they have been with the Mexicans, and our country. DOUBLE TALK--DOUBLE STANDARDS! I WILL PRAY FOR ALL OF YOU HATERS!

Posted by: Paulina on May 5, 2006 04:19 PM

dearest illegal,
You speak like you want people to think you are from the streets.You speak like you think you are forgiving people for what they say.

You are little and apparently you have never confronted a Puerto Rican... I hope you never will... fore your sad fagot ass' sake.

Calling me a faggot is o.k. with me although I think they are, let's say "not normal", but I do respect them, as everyone should. And since I like only women I wonder how much you have been exposed to that shit since I can tell you are a convict and have had your taste of that prison cell powerplay and for sure have been someone's bitch... because those are the ones that come out wanting to make up for their humiliation by playing "Macho" to the world.

That makes you coming out trying to make the only "macho" you've got left "vocal" while you put your stuff up your butt to reach orgasm every night and remember your firs "verga".

The truth is that this subject isn't as hard to swallow as other things you've had to swallow... bitch.

You can take it or leave it... I don't care... the truth is the truth and just because you had to take it up the ass and still like it doesn't mean Americans have to take it also...

Posted by: Antonio Santos on May 5, 2006 04:58 PM

Dear Homophobic:
From one Wetback to an Imported Niggling

I really don't have the time and patience to argue with someone illmannered as yourself. I am pretty sure that my responses are grammatically correct, and yours are obviously not! So, who is the one that can't spell, thus probably grew up in the streets, projects, etc... I guess, it's fine when your dealing with people, such as yourself. Why are you so offended, I am not. You can call me every name in the book, and it doesn't mean a thing to me. It must hit home for you somehow. Let the rest of the public respond to your ignorance, and I am pretty sure it won't be positive! IGNORANCE IS INTOLERABLE!

Posted by: Paulina on May 5, 2006 05:23 PM

dearest street person,

Your right, and the true issue here is immigration reform and how illegals here and in Puerto Rico have abuse the loop-holes and burdened the peoples of both. As long as you don't get personal I have no reason to respond to personal abuse.

I have stated that I/We are no better than anyone but I will defend what's left of this country... tooth and nail.

Illegals have no right to be here or in Puerto Rico and we want our congress to realize that and stop playing games and at the end of the day I don't care if you are black, blue or magenta you are "outa here".... take what've you've learn and apply it to Black, Blue or Magenta and apply it on your own government... don't try to change ours...there are no free rides here.

WE showed you how it's suppose to be done... take it home and fix it... and sometimes that means dying for it.

Posted by: Antonio Santos on May 5, 2006 06:16 PM

To the gay, angry, vindictive, and most of all, Illiterate Puerta Rican that has NO SHAME:

Can you READ and WRITE, Retard? I have nothing more to discuss with an idiot, like you!!

Posted by: Paulina on May 9, 2006 02:29 PM

Okay I just read your article hoping maybe to learn something new, but I didn't. It's the same story, an uneducated white person thinking they are American. But your not. Americans who are they? Well I'll tell you. An American person is a decendant of a Native American from North, Central, and South America. Are you one? Maybe, maybe not. Well let me tell you something buddy, I am and I don't like when you people mistreat my people. Why do you target your hate towards Mexicans anyway? This was our land way before the U.S. took it from us. In Article 8 in the Guadalupe Hidalgo treaty, the article the U.S. government discards, it states that any Mexican citizen living in ceceded lands for more than 1 yr would become a full-pledged United States citizen.So dude, don't hate. This is our home too. Plus the people marching had a good reason to. I know I did. I marched in Chicago 3 times, in the major marches. I know why I did to. I did it to try and help the millions of "illegal immigrants" living in the U.S. that are American citizens. Believe it or not theyy are. If they are Mexican, they are decendants of the native americans. Oh yeah, this isn't your country either. It belongs to he decendants of the Native Americans who originally lived here. The Europeans came here and took the land from them. I don't know how old you are, you should really do a little research before you talk. Because one day something you say will bute you in the but. Espero que Dios te ayude. :( Oh yeah just telling you before you jump to conclusions and say I'm a stupid beaner. I was born in the U.S. and am the daughter of 2 people born in Mexico. They came here legally and are U.S. residents who will very soon become citizens. So don't try to like call immigration on me, cux I am gonna be an immigration lawyer, and when i'm older, you people better watch out cuz I'm gonna reshape this country.

Posted by: Soledad on November 11, 2006 03:50 PM

To break up the monotony..i am a black, lesbian, woman..and i can assure you i know discrimination from any angle you can imagine..i also live in a housing project and (gasp!) i work a full time job..to further kill any initial assessment of me..i don't drink , smoke, or do any drugs...last year i turned down a chance at home ownership after carefully reading the fine print and weighing out all of my options.. Looking at the fall of the housing market and sub-prime loans i know i made the right choice..i work 40hrs at a chicken processing plant..it pays $9.55 which for my area is a fairly decent for a person with excellent money management skills..the problem is we can't get a fair raise because of the shear number of undocumented workers there who have replaced hundreds of american workers who do WANT and NEED these jobs...yeah they get a paycheck and pay taxes but, when you are claiming anywhere from 6-10 dependants...trust me the taxes you are paying are almost non-existent..

Posted by: tonya on March 17, 2008 05:00 AM

....also the mexican and guatemalan illegals do not possess the same respect, couth, and manners that americans are taught since birth..they do not say excuse me when they run into you , they spit on floors(inside the building) , and they use the toilet and throw the used toilet paper on the floor..why the amercan workers will not organize and file a discrimination lawsuit against the company is beyond me..the illegals do not take a pre-employment drug screening , they leave the job, come back with a new name and are re-employed even though company policy states that you must wait 6 months to apply for re-employment(and it is enforced with american workers) also breaking state and federal law several of the workers are under the required age of 18 to work in an industrial environment...the company is turning down hundreds of applicants every month(this is a desired job for people with little to no skills) but hires new illegals every week because they come and go as they please..

Posted by: tonya on March 17, 2008 05:18 AM

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