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Illegal Aliens Riot, Throw Rocks And Bottles At Police In LA

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Police Nab Illegal Alien Bandit

I was not surprised to hear that the illegal alien marches broke out into violence in Los Angeles as a group of illegal aliens started throwing rocks and bottles at the police. Other units were called in from around the area.

The illegal aliens claim that the cops just attacked them for no reason and that they were sitting around being all nice and peaceful, but the picture above tells a different story. Only bandits run around with bandannas on as masks.

Always remember, these people are criminals. They have already broken several laws in coming here and if they are working more than likely are identity thieves or fraudsters. What makes you think they are going to obey any other laws?

Riot Police In LA


Chief William Bratton held a news conference near the scene and said he had some preliminary information about complaints that police moved into a crowd of mothers and children and began firing rubber bullets and tear gas without provocation.

Bratton said about 15 officers were hit by missiles that were thrown at them...

While he spoke, a person could be heard declaring, "That's not true."

Whatever, I believe law enforcement before I do a bunch of people who don't respect this country and its laws.

This is exactly what these groups want, to be looked at as the victim, just like they are portraying themselves at every turn. It is our fault that they are here. It is our fault when they are deported or locked up. It is our fault that their family is broken up when they get sent home. It is our fault for every ill that has been imposed on them.

This is the biggest group of whiners in the whole of the world.

Give me a break.

Law officers from around the county raced into Vista on Monday night to help quell what sheriff's officials called a riot, with crowds throwing rocks and bottles at deputies. Authorities estimated 800 to 1,200 people swarming the streets after a rally to protest the proposed federal immigration bill had broken up at Wildwood Park on East Vista Way at Escondido Avenue.

Nearly 200 officers poured into town in the hours after Vista deputies radioed for help about 8 p.m.

Officers dressed in riot gear, and with police dogs, were starting to order crowds to disperse about 11 p.m.

Deputies had been monitoring the park rally, then reported that people were throwing bottles at them, sheriff's Capt. Glenn Revell said. He said deputies retreated and were not injured.


“It's not supposed to be a riot, it's supposed to be peaceful,” said Adrian Olivos, 21, of Vista. “I don't know why there is all the commotion.”

“It was spontaneous,” said Christina Colt, 19, of Vista. “People were waving the Mexican and American flags. They all just came together, and out of nowhere cops just started pouring in, and canines.”

Near Wildwood Park, a mob swarmed two television trucks, throwing rocks and trying to overturn them.

Yeah, just peacefully roaming around in mobs attacking television trucks and throwing rocks and bottle at cops. Even some of the illegal aliens seems clueless as to what is really driving these marches. They are being used as pawns for communists, anarchists, drug dealers and reconquistas that want to take over the southwest of the United States.

How much longer are we going to stand for this America?

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Stop The Invasion

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Posted by Digger on May 2, 2007 02:30 AM (Permalink)

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See this MacArthur Park nonsensse...wake up fools there will be more as these outlaws get more arrogant!! Get a dose of reality! If it were me I would have used real bullets. What is it you Boneheads don't understand about Illegal??? These arrogant, mexican flag waving ignorant fool thugs steal into our country in the sead of night, and then they steal S.S., Welfare, Hospital and schools services,etc. They are Killing and murdering us at 25 per day. They have also been raping our children, robbing us and other crimes and misdemeanours. They have brought diseases we have eradicated. They need to go back to where they came from. Ask to come here, learn english and assimulate. Get real we welcome all legal immigrants but not thugs. They should have had a theme song for their riot and old Johnny Rodriguez county song "Thumbing my way home to Mexico".

Posted by: Don O'Carter on May 5, 2007 10:23 AM

Im wondering why every time police attack a crowd they always use the same excuse, "rocks and bottles."
And "thugs" aren't the only ones who wear bandannas as masks, a mask is used at almost every protest I can think of, they're symbols of "fighting the power" if you can understand that.

Posted by: Samuel Jett on June 2, 2007 09:41 AM


Posted by: HANNA on April 26, 2008 03:12 PM

Coming to the USA doesnt make us criminals many of us come in a search of a better live and us waving our flag just make us remember where we come from, some of you people are just racist not everyone is bad and everything has it good and bad, you people just point out the bad thing, what about the good thing??
we immigrant do the job that most people dont wanna do, most people who harvest are mexican or from central america. Ive heard people saying that immigrant take most of the job and that not true if a person really want i job they can get it they're just too lazy to take the time and do whats got to be done.
We help the united states economy be working for less and doing jobs that most people dont wanna do

Posted by: Stop Racism on September 26, 2008 09:09 PM

*Stop Racism*

You even type like a illegal with an accent. Americans are not stupid enough to work for nothing like Mexicans do. The only reason why they are here is because they are cheap labor. So the greedy bastards decided they can pocket the money from the money they are short changing the immigrants.

You can go wave your filthy flag in your own God damn country because if your country was so great, you'd be there, right? Not. Like I tell everyone I talk to, there's going to be a backlash. And I hope it's deadly.

Posted by: *Me* on January 30, 2009 06:09 AM

This is really a simple matter. I have known LEGAL Mexicans that have worked in the USA for fifty years, and most of them were hard working people, and I had many that were friends. Now we have the militant one's, that the bleeding heart liberals and ACLU love so much!! Fact1. These people are not here to work, but to get hand outs!! There are many cases where the same people, were getting checks, food, SSI, and other benifits that they have never put a dime into. Now!! Bring in the Big Red One, or the 101st Airborn Rangers. String razor wire along the border, where most come in at. Put up night lights and lay claymore mines the whole length, and have towers with M-50s every 300 yards. Make sure that Mexico and the drug runners tell the people that the FREE RIDE IS OVER!! I can assure you, that this will stop the trash from getting in. Now!! Have a system like Ellis Island did, and let the hard working folks come and work. After so many years, let these hard working, God fearing people, become American citzens like our fore-fathers. Thanks and God bless AMERICA.

Big Dog

Posted by: Billy Corbi on April 27, 2010 11:35 PM

Everyone on here says oh just let them be they are just looking for a better life! You have got to be kidding me, where are the ones looking for a better life all I see of them are drug dealers, beating up their girlfriends, having sexual relationships with minors, I can go on and on. Not only that but if they are coming here for a better life then why not start off on the right foot and do it legally?
They want their own way of life, communities, language, and so on - you have all of that in Mexico you know.. you're home!! Not only that but they also are taking jobs from Americans because they will work for way less and sending half of all the American money they recieve (through work, welfare)back to Mexico so how are they helping my country?!

Posted by: heather on September 9, 2010 09:26 PM

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