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McCain Still For Legalizing Illegals, But Against Amnesty [Video]

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Using the same tired argument of "I'm not going to deport the mother of a soldier", John McCain once again reiterated that, yes he is for legalizing illegal aliens. As you watch the video below imagine the system that would have to be put in place to satisfy his long list of "circumstances". If you think that our immigration system is screwed up now imagine if McCain gets into office.

According to McCain we'll deport some if they are so and so, but not others if they do such and such and have been here so and so and are related to so and so, but only on Tuesdays!

This irrational immigration plan, as laid out by the father of the Senate amnesty bill last year, is all followed up by the famous lip service used by one and all who are pro-illegal. That, of course, this is not amnesty!

McCain has not simply stood for amnesty for illegal aliens once. For several years McCain has been a leader and involved in bringing bills forth. For instance how about back in May 2005 and of course last year just as examples. The 2005 bill actually passed in the Senate before being defeated in the House. Last year's bill was defeated outright in the Senate after public outrage shut the phone system in Congress down.

The "mother of a soldier" argument is a straw man. Basically the argument is that every illegal alien should be legalized because one, yes one illegal alien, might be the mother of a soldier.

That is a flat out straw man argument.

For the single cases of "a mother of a soldier" maybe special exceptions "may" be made, but to argue that they all should remain because of one single case is simply ridiculous.

(Video below)

McCain on CNN's "American Morning" on Illegal Immigration

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Have you heard about McCain's "Hispanic outreach director"?. Unbelievable really. Here's the test - If Romney is truly serious about enforcing immigration law, he'll hang this around McCain's neck and drown him with it. If he doesn't, you can safely assume that Romney is of the same open borders mindset as McCain.

Posted by: Mook on January 25, 2008 11:31 AM

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