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New Kennedy-McCain Bill Coming Soon, Mexico Vows To Meddle In Our Politics

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Senator Ted Kennedy is putting the finishing touches on this year's Kennedy-McCain amnesty for illegal aliens bill. This year's bill plans to include an even easier amnesty for illegals and weaker "enforcement" provisions than the previous bill the two brought forth last time.

Yes, this is the Senate bill that was passed last year and included such great things as a full amnesty for every business that employs illegal aliens.


Washington Times

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, the Massachusetts Democrat who ardently supports citizenship rights for illegals, will introduce the bill as early as next week, according to Senate sources knowledgeable about the negotiations. If the Senate Judiciary Committee can make quick work of the bill, it could be ready for floor action in April.

Mr. Kennedy drafted this year's bill with help from Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, and outside lobbyists. Mr. McCain and the outside groups share Mr. Kennedy's support for increased immigration and leniency for illegals already in the country.

So who are these "outside lobbyists" you ask?

Well there's probably some correlation between those "outside lobbyists" mentioned above and the new Mexican ambassador, Arturo Sarukhan, who made a promise to the Mexican people to come up here -- and rather than be a diplomat and ensure that our countries get along like an ambassador is supposed to do -- stick his nose and every dime he could find into meddling in a foreign governments politics.

I wouldn't call this man a diplomat, but a foreign plant bent on espionage and overthrow of a government..

San Diego Union-Tribune

Mexico plans to begin an aggressive lobbying effort in the United States to secure an immigration reform agreement, the country's new ambassador in Washington said ...

“There are few matters so important to the future of this country,” Sarukhan told reporters in Mexico City before departing for Washington. “We are going to put into place the same kind of diplomatic and lobbying effort that we did in the early 1990s when NAFTA was being decided,” said Sarukhan, referring to the North American Free Trade Agreement.


Sarukhan said the government's lobbying effort would not overshadow its promise to speak out to protect the rights of Mexicans living in the United States, which he said “forms the backbone of our diplomacy in the U.S.”

I'm guessing that Kennedy and McCain simply handed Arturo Sarukhan a pen and said "Write whatever you want in our new 'Comprehensive Immigration Reform' bill Arty! The American people are too stupid to realize how much the Senate is already fucking them over anyway."

The Washington Times also received an internal email pointing out who the "key stakeholders" are behind the amnesty for illegal aliens movement.

[The internal email] obtained by The Times invited Democratic immigration staffers to a briefing in early January with "key stakeholders" to discuss workplace-enforcement provisions. The invitation listed six such "stakeholders," including the [Chamber of Commerce] and EWIC [Essential Worker Immigration Coalition]. The other groups attending the meeting, according to the e-mail, were the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Immigration Law Center, the National Council of La Raza and the Service Employees International Union.

All six of these groups are enemies of the American people and have been actively working against them for years.

Republican supporters of amnesty for illegal aliens were curiously left out of the meeting detailed in the email. I guess now that the Democrats run the asylum they don't need any of them stinkin' traitorous Republican Senators involved in discussing lack of enforcement.

They did meet with the most back stabbing of the Republicans last week though including Senators John McCain, Arlen Specter, Sam Brownback, Lindsey Graham, Chuck Hagel and Mel Martinez (head of the RNC and massive amnesty supporter).

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Anyone know the process to revoke someone's citizenship? Then perhaps we could deport the whole list of evil-doers in Congress, followed by the rest of the gangleaders in your post.

Posted by: Jeebie on February 22, 2007 07:24 PM

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