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Taneytown, MD Resolution Declaring They Are Not A Sanctuary City Fails 3-2

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Taneytown, MD Councilman Paul Chamberlain Jr. brought forth a resolution that would have made Taneytown declare itself to not be a sanctuary city for illegal aliens. In addition the resolution would have forced all public officials and employees to work against illegal immigration to the fullest extent of the law on the local level.

The resolution would have been a first in a state that has cities declaring themselves openly a sanctuary for illegal aliens.

The resolution failed by a 3-2 vote with those opposed, Mayor Pro Tem Jacquelyn J. Boisvert, Councilman Angelo A. Zambetti and Councilman Henry C. Heine Jr., declaring that this was a waste of taxpayer money and that the council is already working against illegal immigration. They however didn't point out that illegal immigration is a drain on those same taxpayer's money. Something I'm sure that Chamberlain was addressing by bringing forth the bill.

The Mayor, Jim McCarron also voiced his disapproval of the resolution when it was introduced.

My beef with the three who voted against it is that if they are already working with local law enforcement against illegal immigration, what is the harm in declaring such and ensuring that if there are different councilmembers in the future, that they to will work against illegal immigration?

The meeting had to be held at the fire hall because there were too many people planning to attend the vote for it to be held in council chambers. Dozens showed up and stood with signs saying "stop illegals". That's a sure sign that in a town of around 5,500 people that they just don't care right?

Here's what the three said...

Baltimore Sun

council members said the resolution was a waste of the city's time, and that the council's attention should be focused on other issues that affect Taneytown residents.

"I personally see no reason for the resolution. ... It's not about stopping them at the border. It's not about keeping them out of hospitals," Zambetti said. "It is [about] law enforcement in the city of Taneytown. ... It's a resolution to enforce the law."


"The police enforce the laws ... to the fullest extent," Boisvert said before casting her vote. She said that she agreed the city should not have illegal immigrants.

Heine said that the police had received no order to "go soft" on illegal immigrants.

Yes, they have no order to "go soft" on illegal aliens... yet. Just wait until some bleeding heart gets in there and soon Taneytown will be facing issues like Hazleton, Pennsylvania. I'm sure Hazleton's city council didn't think they would have an issue with illegal immigration when they were Taneytown's size either. Both Chamberlain and Councilman Carl E. Ebaugh voted in favor of the law in order to be pro-active and ensure that the issue wouldn't grow out of control.

What it all really comes down to is the people. And that is something that the three councilmembers who voted against this resolution seem to forget about.

For Michael Murphy, a local construction worker who provided the Lermans and others with "Stop Illegals" signs, it was a matter of sending a message.

"I'm in direct competition with people who aren't citizens of this country," Murphy said.

I'm sure Mr. Murphy felt that the resolution would have been a waste of his taxpayer money and time. So much so that he spent time making signs to stop illegal aliens who are affecting his business through unscrupulous and unfair competitive business practices used by his competitors against him and having an affect on his daily life.

There's only one thing you can do voters of Taneytown. Vote the bums out at the next election!

As for the rest of us...

All city elected officials can be reached by phone at: 410.751.1100

You can see pictures at the Taneytown elected officials page.

Those below opposed the resolution:

Mayor Jim McCarron
Email: jmccarron@qis.net

Jacquelyn J Boisvert
Email: cdboisv@verizon.net

Henry C Heine Jr.
Email: hcheine@taneytown.org

Angelo A Zambetti
Email: anameri37@gmail.com

Those below voted for the resolution. Send them a thank you!

Paul L Chamberlain Jr.

Carl E Ebaugh

Tipped by: Inside Charm City

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