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Taneytown, MD Putting Forth 'Anti-Sanctuary City' Resolution

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Taneytown, Maryland, a small community just south of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, is a nice little community. I have actually been there on one occasion recently to have dinner with a family member who lives there. Now this small community is fighting for its rights as American citizens to not be overrun by illegal aliens. Councilman Paul Chamberlain Jr. is putting forth a resolution declaring Taneytown an "anti-sanctuary city" that will remain unfriendly to illegal aliens. The resolution has overwhelming support in the community.

In December Taneytown Mayor Jim McCarron however didn't see it this way and did not include the resolution on the agenda. This is a clear case of an elected official not standing up for the residents and citizens who have put him in office. People like Jim McCarron need to be removed from their post immediately for not performing their duty as an elected official and listening to those he represents. Mayor McCarron has been quite outspoken against the resolution and thus the residents of his town.

Taneytown residents are now taking direct action by writing to Councilman Chamberlain and expressing their support for his resolution. Chamberlain says the correspondence from residents he receives is 95 percent in favor of his proposed resolution.

A public hearing Wednesday night was moved to the firehouse after attendance was expected to be larger than expected. Probably because of the Mayor's ridiculous opposition to the people's wishes. The resolution is expected to come to a vote next week.

Baltimore Examiner

“Hopefully, justice will prevail,” Chamberlain said. “We welcome immigrants. We don’t welcome illegal immigrants. There’s a difference.”

“If you want Taneytown to stay the nice, quaint town that it is, you better vote for the resolution,” Montgomery County resident Vincent LoPresti wrote in an e-mail.

“I remember the days when I could say ‘good morning’ to my next-door neighbor. My new neighbor does not speak English. I have yet to speak with a single American that is against immigration. We are against illegal immigration.”

Of course there is opposition to the resolution from illegal alien support groups and outright racist organizations like Casa De Maryland. These groups will fight tooth and nail to ensure that Hispanics alone, whether legal or illegal, receive more and more benefits than other Americans in this country.

Casa De Maryland said the resolution would make people view Taneytown as a cold and unwelcoming place.

I disagree. If I were to move, places like Taneytown who vigorously oppose illegal immigration and its sucking up of hard working people's tax dollars and the crime and overcrowding it brings, would appear more appealing to me than other places in their country. There's something to be said for law and order and a community sticking together as patriotic Americans defending their rights to services they are supposed to receive.

Tipped by: Jeff Quinton at Inside Charm City

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