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Huckabee, So Serious About Illegal Immigration He Hasn't Even Thought Of Birthright Citizenship

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Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee admitted in an interview with CNN that he hadn't given much thought to birthright citizenship. Birthright citizenship is a misinterpretation of the 14th amendment that was put in place to give slaves citizenship after the civil war, but which is currently falsely being used to give US citizenship to the children of illegal aliens. This has spurred an influx of illegal aliens to come to the US, have a "citizen" child, known as an "anchor baby" and then use that child to receive benefits here in the US and potentially to avoid deportation through sympathy.

It is wrong and it needs to stop!

However, for someone like Huckabee to come out and say that he has the solution to the illegal immigration invasion in this country time and time again, yet to admit that he hasn't even thought about birthright citizenship, shows that he really knows nothing about the issue. Any person who actually studies illegal immigration for even 5 minutes would realize that the current act of birthright citizenship is a magnet for illegal aliens and would actually think about whether the 14th amendment needs to be clarified to ensure that it is not misinterpreted.

With this revelation, from the mouth of Huckabee himself and not just some campaign staffer, you can be assured that pretty much everything he says he stands for when it comes to illegal immigration has been put together by others and that it is not his passion nor his solution. A fact that voters should seriously consider when looking at candidates. This is a major issue of the day and will have a huge impact on our future if not addressed.

Is this what we need? More lip service and trying to fool Americans? I think we can do better.

Washington Times

"If the Supreme Court chooses to review lower-court decisions regarding the 14th Amendment, that is their prerogative, but my priorities for constitutional amendments are to protect human life and traditional marriage," he said in the statement.

Mr. Huckabee also said on CNN that he hasn't given much thought to the issue of birthright citizenship.

It's good to see that he is only concerned with abortion and same sex marriage, two issues that Americans do not encounter everyday. Two issues that aren't really running their communities into the ground and eating up billions of their hard earned tax dollars.

If you were thinking of Huckabee, let me assure you he does not have your actual daily concerns at heart. As a matter of fact it seems like the only thing you'll see out of Huckabee is a bunch of philosophy according to the Bible and nothing in the way of change for what's in the best interests for Americans in order for them to continue to succeed and thrive on a daily basis.

Philosophizing on whether abortion is moral or whether tradition marriage should exclude gays is all fine and dandy. They are issues that need to be addressed, but we're talking about running a country here! Do they really need to be our top priority for the next 4 years? We're talking about people's needs and ability to feed their families and reach for the increasingly out of reach American Dream.

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