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Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon: 'extremists have seized control of the immigration issue'

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Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon said that extremists have seized the immigration issue and that those opposed to illegal immigration have ties to "neo-nazis", "skinheads" and "racist hate groups".

Umm wow! Even me? That's news to me.

The Mayor is pissed off that groups are protesting a day labor site that harbors and aids illegal aliens in finding work. It has been an ongoing battle in which protesters demanding that the day labor site be shut down. This mainly started with a furniture store called Pruitts that was complaining about illegal aliens who were looking for work were harassing customers and disrupting business. Pruitts owner hired off duty police to be security after threats were made for him calling the police on the illegal aliens. Protesters showed up in support of Pruitts and supporters of the illegal aliens counter-protested and held demonstrations in favor of the illegal aliens. Some illegal aliens were arrested in the area by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

So now Americans are still at the scene until the day labor site is shutdown and laws are enforced.

Let me repeat that. Americans protesting are simply calling for the law to be enforced.

Somehow this translates into them being "extremists","neo-nazis", "skinheads" and "racist hate groups" in the mind of Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon.


Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon says the debate over illegal immigration is turning racist and hateful and something needs to be done before the situation gets out of control.

"People are calling this a game. It's not a game. It's becoming life and death for a lot of people," Gordon said, speaking exclusively to News/Talk 92-3 KTAR. "This has got to stop and it has to stop now."

Life and death for a lot of people? You mean like Amy Kortlang, Mayor Gordon?

Gordon said extremists have seized control of the immigration issue and believe they have authority to say who belongs in the country and who doesn't.

"It's outrageous conduct on the part of these individuals who have proclaimed themselves self-judges of who belongs in our country and who doesn't belong in our country," the mayor said. "What's going on now is the worst of the worst things individuals turn to, out of fear. They're starting to hate."

As a matter of fact it is the individuals of this country who do have the right to determine who comes in and out of our country. It is called a representative government, where individuals elect an official to represent their wishes when making decisions like who should be allowed in our country and how many. Unfortunately for people like Mayor Phil Gordon, this apparently isn't how he views the country. He believes that as an elected official you can just ignore the laws and do whatever the hell you want. And when individuals stand up and challenge why you are doing something illegal you can just shout them down and call them all racists and neo-nazis. As he does below...

Some of the opponents of illegal immigration have ties to dangerous hate groups, Gordon said.

"If you check the websites of some of these individual groups and individuals who are involved right here in our city, you'll see the ties to neo-nazis, you'll see the ties to skinheads, you'll see the ties to racist hate groups."

I'm sure that some of the supporters of illegal immigration have ties to dangerous hate groups as well... Groups that openly call for the overthrow of our government, the killing of all gringos and the usurping of our country by putting people in position who will help them in the take over of our country. People who will have no spine to stand up for what is right and is the law and instead throw hateful terms at American citizens. People like Mayor Phil Gordon for instance.

Did you ever really think you'd see the day when Americans calling for laws to be enforced are called extremist, neo-nazi's by their mayor? I've been covering this issue for awhile, but if you had asked me that even just 10 years ago I would have called you crazy.

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Posted by Digger on January 11, 2008 09:23 AM (Permalink)

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So I am a Racist now, for wanting my rights? For wanting the law enforced? You think you are going to cower me into a corner? I am American, you just said the wrong thing you LEFTIST SCUMBAG!

Posted by: Jack Ripper on January 12, 2008 10:15 AM

Mr Mayor, enjoy your final term as mayor.

Congress passes our earth wide standard immigration laws. By calling congress, US citizens and immigrants (the legal kind, you know, the stupid who follow the rules?) "neo-nazis", "skinheads" and "racist hate groups" you have relegated yourself to dog catcher, at best.

When it comes to border enforcement, I'll take the same deal as Mexico, thank you.

Posted by: ken pope on January 12, 2008 01:02 PM

I have noticed the left using the term "extremist" quite a bit; especially as it pertains to Ron Paul. It is apparently the new code word for "principled."

Posted by: ken pope on January 13, 2008 11:27 AM

We keep beating around the bush when it comes to the illegal immigration problem. Is it really an issue?

This is a question of supply and demand. If the illegal newcomers take the jobs that our own people on welfare or our prison inmates won’t, they’ll find a place under our sun. Should we face a depression, they’ll have to go—nothing brings people to their senses better than hardship.

Our laws, including the immigration laws, are applied selectively and we all know it. The problems began when we stopped calling things by their name—gash, wouldn’t we want to share a border with Sweden! So, worry if you will… but all systems reach equilibrium.

Posted by: Jack on January 13, 2008 09:38 PM

the illegals need to go back where they came from,not stay here and do more harm to our country.
They want to drive on our roads,drop children to stay in our country.
We need to send them back,they broke the law by coming here. I have 5 generations here.

Posted by: terry huggins on July 31, 2008 04:21 PM

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