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$37 Million Given In Welfare To Illegal Aliens In LA County In November 2007 Alone

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I have heard the argument before "illegal aliens don't receive welfare". It's usually used by some illegal alien supporter who knows absolutely nothing about the subject. Now the Department of Public Social Services in LA County has released its numbers for November and it shows that illegal aliens received $37 million in taxpayer funded welfare and foodstamp benefits in the month of November 2007 alone.

This has long been going on and getting even worse with racist people like Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa in charge of cities like Los Angeles.

The sad thing is that this is going on all across the United States and most taxpayers aren't aware of it. The silent invasion occurred when they weren't looking. They hear of their county cutting services that they use, but don't realize that the benefits being given to illegal aliens in their communities just continue to grow and spending on them increases. It is a shifting of money from the legal citizen and resident to the illegal invader.

And it will continue until you stand up and say enough is enough!

Hometown Station

New statistics from the Department of Public Social Services reveal that illegal aliens and their families in Los Angeles County collected over $37 million in welfare and food stamp allocations in November 2007 – up $3 million dollars from September, announced Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich.

Twenty five percent of the all welfare and food stamps benefits is going directly to the children of illegal aliens. Illegals collected over $20 million in welfare assistance for November 2007 and over $16 million in monthly food stamp allocations for a projected annual cost of $444 million.

“This new information shows an alarming increase in the devastating impact Illegal immigration continues to have on Los Angeles County taxpayers,” said Antonovich. “With $220 million for public safety, $400 million for healthcare, and $444 million in welfare allocations, the total cost for illegal immigrants to County taxpayers far exceeds $1 billion a year – not including the millions of dollars for education.”

Just keep in mind that the $37 million a month is for only one county in one state and is only welfare and foodstamp benefits. It doesn't include hospital care, education, fraud, wage depression, crime, depreciation of housing values, the portion of bad loans given to illegal aliens by banks, insurance costs and the myriad of other burdensome expenses that illegal aliens put on the American citizens.

Of course you could believe our elites and the Main Stream Media in this country that illegal aliens don't cost anything, but then you'd be totally ignorant wouldn't you?

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