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Hispanic News, Jon Garrido, Admits That Racist Hispanics Are Losing

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John Garrido, Hispanic News
Jon Garrido of "Hispanic News" has an interesting piece out that admits that the illegal immigration movement is losing. Of course he slants it in the direction that all Hispanics are being rounded up and deported and forced from their homes. Garrido's piece is nicely complemented with a picture of a KKK hood and a burning cross.

(From http://www.hispanic.cc/with_friends_like_this,_who_needs_enemies.htm)

We are not winning! Immigration reform was killed by the U.S. Senate on June 28. On October 24, the DREAM Act fell short of the required votes. Everyone with a brown face is suspect as someone who arrived here last night from Mexico. Anti Hispanic sentiments are being felt by all Hispanics across the United States.

Most legal Hispanics, who aren't supporting illegal aliens in their families, don't have anything to worry about. I'm sure some in the US have started looking at all Hispanics as suspect, but you know what? When you don't confront lawbreakers within your community and demand that they be removed, your whole community becomes suspect. This has nothing to do with race because it has happened in white communities as well throughout history.

Groups like You Don't Speak For Me have realized this and taken the issue head-on, only to be called race traitors or self-haters. But groups like You Don't Speak For Me, get it. They get the fact that if they allow lawbreakers in their midst, that these lawbreakers will color public opinion of them as well.

And there's no surprise that Garrido mentions these groups:

It is almost impossible to make gains. Some Hispanic organizations are even collaborating with those that would do us harm. We are selling our souls and making irrational unjustified linkages that would be used against us. ... How is it we are so readily available to prostitute ourselves for a few token dollars.


How can any one justify Hispanics who represent Hispanics voting for laws that bring devastation to so many other Hispanics. Is their skin not brown like ours? It appears not!

He then calls for the burning in effigy of legislators of Hispanic decent that have called for immigration laws to be enforced saying they are "contrary to Hispanics".

I am serious about hanging them in effigy. When cooler weather comes, we should hold a rally and burn in effigy those that would do us harm. Every legislator and organization contrary to our advocacy for Hispanics must pay. They can not escape the betrayal and harm they have done.

Unbelievable, but expected from such racists as these people under the guise of "Hispanic rights" and "Hispanic news". This news has nothing to do with Hispanic and everything to do with fomenting race hatred and supporting illegal aliens because they are of the same race. You can't get much more un-American than that.

Garrido continues on...

For migrants, the fear of being arrested is forcing people further into the shadows. Some migrants are forced to relocate to friendlier communities - sometimes to another state. Frequent ICE raids and arrests are happening in the work place often times into private housing. Students are being forced from attending higher education for lack of being able to pay in-state tuition. 1500 Laws against migrants across the United States have been approved. This is a horrible time for migrants forced to leave purchased homes at great losses. Gains made by Hispanics in recent years are now being lost. The American dream has come to an end.

Note the continued use of migrant throughout, as if these are legal workers in this country. The fact is that these people are illegal aliens and they should fear being here. They should fear that they will lose their homes. They should expect not to receive in-state tuition from colleges for breaking into our country. They should have to move as soon as possible, preferably back home, and stop sucking off the tit of the American taxpayer.

It should be noted that Jon Garrido is/was the Owner and CEO of the Jon Garrido Gonzales Manufacturing Company in Cuidad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, the Chairman and CEO of Jon Garrido Development Corporation and the Owner and CEO of Jon Garrido Homes. In other words construction. Could simple greed, in addition to outright racism, be behind Jon Garrido's rants? That he loves those low wage illegal aliens working on his projects and he doesn't want to see them go away? I question whether he even cares about Hispanics or does he just want the slave wage workers?
(Bio Source: http://www.jongarrido.net/jon_garrido_resume.htm)

His bio is quite convoluted to the point of ridiculousness with lots of name dropping ad nauseum.

I can't tell you how happy I am that, as Garrido puts it, "The American dream has come to an end"... for these illegal aliens.

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Posted by Digger on October 31, 2007 01:18 PM (Permalink)

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Thanks for the bio on Garrido. He said he was a 4th generation American and I wondered why he was not for the best interests of the nation.

Now I see he is for his personal interests in business, another greedy American who will kill off his fellow Americans, brown, white or purple, for an extra dollar.

Garrido is the politician of our times.

Posted by: Dina on October 31, 2007 04:23 PM

I sent this man's racist comments to the splc and respectfully asked if they consider the comments to be racist. I also asked if "hispanic news" was on their hate list. I further asked that they return my email and explain if they thought the comments were not racist.

For the subject, I choose "Stories in the war against hate..." We will see...

Posted by: Ken Pope on November 1, 2007 04:15 PM

I love this articl! Speaks volumes of truth. I must say, as a proud American and someone of ethnic Hispanic/Latino descent, it feels good knowing that Americans of European descent and others realize that not all Latinos are illegal or that we all support illegal immigration- because not all of us do! Many of us are proud to be American, and don't put race nor ethnicity nor our ethnic group over country.

By the way, Hispanic/Latino are not a race; ethnic group to be correct.

Posted by: Julie on November 4, 2007 01:25 AM

I know this guy Jon Garrido very well, he's in "My Opinion" Poser.. Dreamer.. and a Liar.. please contact me directly and we can walk through my relationship with this guy..

Dimitri 623-580-9617

Posted by: Dimitri Bowden on June 22, 2009 08:17 PM

This man is just glad there are token hispanics looking at it from a black and white standpoint who also won't admit there is some racism. It's not as simple as supporting illegal activity it is too hard for a poor person of color with no family status or marriage or help from the government to immigrate here from mexico. Notice how these hispanic people who support these harsh immigration policies either came when it was easier to immigrate here has marriage family status or has help from the government.
Second there is still racism so there is still going to be racial profilling

Posted by: Khalil on December 11, 2010 11:26 AM

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