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Hillary Clinton Flip-Flops On Spitzer Driver's License For Illegal Aliens [Video]

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Hillary Clinton attempted to have it both ways last night in a Democratic debate. She said that New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is "filling a void" by giving illegal aliens driver's licenses since Comprehensive Immigration Reform, better known as amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, wasn't passed.

Hillary Clinton Illegal Alien Drivers License
Hillary Clinton caught like a deer in the headlights on illegal alien drivers licenses

After Senator Chris Dodd pointed out that driver's licenses are a privilege, not a right, and that they shouldn't be given to illegal aliens, Hillary Clinton then said "I just want to add I did not say that it should be done". This right after she said she agreed with the Spitzer plan a minute earlier.

It should also be noted that when Tim Russert asked "Does anyone here believe that an illegal immigrant should not have a driver's license?" Chris Dodd was the only Democrat candidate that opposed illegal alien driver's licenses. (Correction: Bill Richardson and Barack Obama also raised their hands, but Dodd was the one who spoke. Don't let that fool you though Bill Richardson is a racist pro-Hispanic, pro amnesty candidate and Obama is clearly for amnesty).

So while Hillary supports them, so do all the most other Democrat candidates, since they didn't speak out against it.

This is an obvious attempt by Hillary Clinton to give illegal aliens privileges, yet deny that she supports them.

Tim Russert then puts it plain and clear "Do you the New York Senator, Hillary Clinton, support the New York Governor's Plan to give illegal immigrants driver's licenses? You told the New Hampshire Press 'it made a lot of sense'."

"You know Tim, this is where everybody plays gotcha." Hillary Clinton said.

And yes I'll play gotcha, Hillary. It's a simple yes or no answer. You either think illegal aliens should get a driver's license or you don't. There's no double talk. There's no beating around the bush. There's no "well maybe" type answers.

Here Dick Morris has his take on Hillary being caught (tipped by Ruth of Illegal Protest)

"Hillary Clinton finally got too cute by half in her explanation of her convoluted position on giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. The American people saw her tying herself into a knot over the issue, trying to have it both ways.

"It was a moment in the 2008 campaign akin to Ted Kennedy's inability to explain to Roger Mudd why he was running for president in 1980. It was one of those few moments when the real candidate is on display and visible to all.

"It came about because Senator Chris Dodd had the courage to defy the uni-speak of the Democratic debates, where everybody agrees with everybody else and spoke out against the proposal to give licenses to illegal immigrants.

"Hillary, suddenly realizing how exposed she was by her seeming endorsement of Spitzer's plan to illegals, backtracked and pointed out that she had not explicitly endorsed the plan. It was her equivalent of Bill saying that it depended on what the definition of "is" is.

"It was a Hillary moment and her parcing and mincing of the vocabulary to have it both ways was on full public display. Caught, she retreated, with asperity, to the claim that everybody was playing "gotcha" but, indeed, she had been got!"

Anyone who opposes illegal immigration, yet supports Hillary Clinton, needs to watch this clip.

(video below)

Hillary Clinton on the illegal alien driver's license:

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Posted by Digger on November 1, 2007 12:02 PM (Permalink)

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My e-mailed response to LaRaza "Impact of deportation of children report":

So, LaRaza has a report of the impact on children whose parents are deported as illegals; take your kids when you return home.

What is the impact on the children whose parents are sent to prison? Burglars should consider this question before they enter another's home.

Over 4,000 immigrants were not detained by INS/ICE, why do you misrepresent the truth? Have you no shame that you need to trick and present illegal aliens as immigrants by using children? If these parents love their children why do they break our laws with a "screw US laws" attitude, knowing they are putting their children at risk? You turn the criminal into the victim, portraying law enforcement as the criminal; learn about taking responsibility for one's actions.

The fact that immigration laws are being enforced at a higher rate means that law enforcement is doing a better job, which US citizens support. We want the flood of over 20 million returned. No bilingual country. Democrats are going to go down big time in 2008 (I was a democrat). Every time you announce that "people are choosing to return home because of immigration enforcement," we cheer!

Illegals are not put in prison, they are being returned to their homes and the way they squeal one would think they are being victimized. They don't have citizen rights here, they have citizen rights in their home countries. I sincerely expect your latest tactic of "the poor, bullied children" to blow up in your face. Citizens are catching on to your tricks in an exponential manner. The harder you push the harder we will push back. Go home.

Posted by: Ken Pope on November 2, 2007 03:09 PM

Oh please, lets not be spoiled sports. We already taught them to fly. Now, lets teach ‘em to drive. Get 'em out of the "shadows." After all, Leon Panetta would be the first to remind us that immigrants paved these roads. Besides, what could possibly go wrong: http://theseedsof9-11.com

Ps."So, LaRaza has a report of the impact on children whose parents are deported as illegals; take your kids when you return home."


Posted by: Peggy McGilligan on November 7, 2007 01:57 PM

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