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Join Digger At The Lakewood, NJ Immigration Rally - Sat Oct 20

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I will be attending the Americans Together - Secure our Borders Rally against illegal immigration tomorrow, October 20, 2007 in Lakewood, New Jersey. Come out and join me. Ruth of Illegal Protest will be speaking along with many others (not me). This is the same rally that appeared was not going to happen when the police told organizer Diane Reaves they would not protect those using their first amendment rights.

Other speakers include:

Carmen Morales of You Don't Speak for Me;

Dr. Gayle Kesselman of NJ Citizens for Immigration Control;

Kathleen Appell Media Coordinator PA4ICE;

Diane Reaves;

Paul Topete of Poker Face

Bruce DeCell & Ed Kowalski of 9/11 Families for a Secure America:

The rally will be held on the lake at the Lake Carasaljo Amphitheater. Come out and join others who share your opinion.

Lake Carasaljo Amphitheater, Lakewood NJ

Here is a Google Map Link to the location

Saturday October 20, 2007

11AM - 2PM

I'll see you there!

Diane Reaves has this to say:

Protesting illegal immigration - We are NOT against LEGAL immigration; for which this nation has been built. We merely wish ALL who enter our gates should OBEY our laws - and if you don't you should be DEPORTED immediately. We do not believe in the current reward system for lawbreakers.

and this on directions:

Lake Carasaljo Route 9 (River Avenue) Located at the center of town near the Victorian shopping area. If you mapquest St. Mary’s of the Lake Church - the entrance to N. Lake Drive is directly across the street from the church on the Route 9S side. There's a traffic light there at the corner of Route 9S (Madison Avenue) and N. Lake Drive. You will take that road and follow it down to the amphitheater area, which is also next to a playground.

I'll have American flags set up as a marker for you.

See you there folks - brings your flags and chairs!!!!

Diane .

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This is so great! I had gotten an email about this lady that said she couldn't hold a rally cause no protection in NJ and sent it everywhere.
I love how a plan comes together!
great that Carmen and everyone came out for support!
F%^&*( the police or anyone else that doesn't like it!

Posted by: Cherie on October 22, 2007 09:43 AM

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