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Is The Republican Party Really Split On Illegal Immigration?

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It seems that there continues to be this myth that the Republican party is split on illegal immigration. That some want illegal aliens granted amnesty and some want enforcement and border security. However, that is simply not the case. The facts are that a small minority in the Republican party has simply sold their soul to their business contributors and the rest of the party has to suffer because of it. The Republican party has always been about enforcing the law and up until recently, with the Bush administration, you could take that to the bank.

So, a bunch of greedy politicians - under the guise of being "humanitarian" in their grasp for power - all of the sudden make all Republicans look bad. Let me remind those few that this is a country, not simply an economy and your greed has been noted and will be remembered.

Bernard over at A Certain Slant of Light points to this quote by Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies

On one side is the majority of conservatives, who, despite many differing views on the specifics of immigration policy, nonetheless give first priority to Americanization, borders, sovereignty, and national cohesion. On the other side is a small but vocal group that places first priority on continued high levels of immigration, without any preconditions regarding assimilation or sovereignty. This faction is part of an odd-bedfellows coalition of business lobbyists, libertarian ideologues, racial-chauvinist groups, and left-wing open-borders activists that have been very successful over the years in preventing consistent, across-the-board enforcement of our immigration laws.


It’s long past time to establish the first of these two competing views as the consensus position of the Right: Assimilation first; Secure borders first; Sovereignty first. Those who disagree should either keep their own counsel or find a different political home.

Yes, you few greedy and pandering politicians need to take yourself out of the Republican and Conservative movement.

Bernard feels similarly and thus sees no problem with breaking the 11th commandment when it comes to the sovereignty of America being destroyed a piece at a time.

Ronald Reagan, a hero to conservatives like myself, had his frequently referenced 11th Commandment, “Thou shall not speak ill of a fellow Republican.” But with all due deference to the greatest American president of this past century, I’m not reluctant in the least to point to President George W. Bush’s intractable, open-borders’, pro amnesty-for-illegals’, patently abject pandering-to-Mexico tenure in the White House as unforgiveable in terms of how American sovereignty, citizenship, and rule of law, as well as America’s Founding Principles, have been ravaged.

And I feel the same way.

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