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AFL-CIO And Other Unions Signing Up Illegal Aliens

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The unions continue to abandon their American workers in an effort to increase their membership dues and the size of their organizations. It is well known that in this country of supply and demand when you import millions of workers, wages will drop and working conditions will deteriorate for those already here.

And it's not just the AFL-CIO. Last month at a rally against Mexican trucks being allowed to roam the whole of the US without oversight - a rally at which American truckers with the teamsters protested - the Teamsters union was seen handing out enrollment forms to these Mexican trucks drivers as they came across the border.

The travesty and outrage of all of this though is that they are willing to court illegal aliens from a foreign nation who have broken our laws in their greedy efforts to remain relevant. If you needed any more proof that unions have become nothing more than extortionist, anti-American organizations you need read no further than the first few paragraphs in the story below.

Sacramento Bee

In a small office tucked inside a southeast Sacramento warehouse, a journeyman with Oakland-based Roofers Union Local 81 told apprentices — in English and Spanish — to listen up.

Teaching a bilingual seminar for union members puts Victor Garrido on the front lines of his AFL-CIO-based union’s push to recruit immigrants, including the undocumented, with guarantees of better pay, career development, pensions and health insurance.

It’s a survival tactic for unions, whose leaders see their foreign-born membership increasing and argue that inclusiveness protects all workers. But it’s one that can confound not just outsiders but some union rank and file, who fear the presence of illegal immigrants in general erodes working conditions.

And workers have every reason to fear this act by someone who is supposed to be looking out for them. When someone who supposedly represents you is willing to sell you up the river in order for their own benefit then you should abandon them. Hmm, this sort of sounds like the Senate and half the House come to think of it.

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