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Teamster Leaders Sell Out American Truckers On Mexican Border

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The Teamsters headed to the Otay-Mesa border this morning to "protest" over 100 Mexican trucking companies being allowed to roam the US at will. This will obviously have an impact on American truckers job, which is who the Teamsters are supposed to be looking out for. The Teamsters filed an appeal last week in the 9th Circuit Court to stop the Mexican truckers, but now that seems to all have been a big ruse!

Minutemen Ken and Stewart showed up this morning to stand with the Teamsters and here is a report from the field on the total sell out of American truckers by this union, the Teamsters. Once again greed of the unions trumps the safety, security and jobs of Americans.

It's a damn outrage!

I got up early, and showed up at the Otay Mesa truck inspection station on Enrico Fermi Rd. I saw fellow Minuteman Ken there, and he was the only other person with an American flag, besides me.

Wondering what WE THE PEOPLE could do to stop this nonsense, I was hopeful when I heard the Teamsters were finally going to do something, and hold a protest at the inspections station this morning at 6:00am. When I got there, I saw about 5 police/CHP crusiers and 30 union people carrying small signs complaining about the safety of the Mexican trucks, and giving numerous interviews to all the media (Fox11, 600AM, 8-CBS, etc.).

When I started to discuss with some of the union people the fact that ALL American workers were being sold out, and that we all need to stick together (I'm an Engineer who has been affected by the H1-B Visa insourcing), they really didn't have any comments at that point... but then, I noticed Ken down on the corner, and walked that way.

Shortly thereafter, Ken noticed one of the Union Leaders distributing flyers to the Mexican Truckers, away from all the cameras - he was trying to ORGANIZE THEM! Ken was incensed! When I saw this, I became disgusted and immediately rolled up my flag, and started walking to my truck to leave...

As I went by the crowd of "union picketers" at the inspection station exit, I yelled out that one of their union leaders was handing out flyers trying to organize the Mexican Truckers down the street, and they basically ignored me, or gave annoying little "we are so smart that we are pulling the wool over everybody" smiles - all except for one big fat guy that threatened to "knock me out", and said that he "didn't care if he went to prison"... I stood up to him, and basically told him I wasn't interested in hanging around with traitors, and then left.

It is all too clear to me that this "protest" was simply an act by the TEAMSTER leaders to attempt to appease their members into thinking they are trying to do something (all the while trying to organize the Mexican Truckers behind the backs of the lazy media). Remember that the TEAMSTER leaders appealed last week to the 9th "Circus" court of appeals, the MOST LIBERAL in the land - because they obviously wanted to lose! These leaders are a bunch of FAKES! Also remember that the AFL-CIO leadership appealed last week (and won!) a stay of the DHS informing employers of tough new policies regarding SSNs and hiring of ILLEGAL workers.

Something must be done to REALLY organize the truckers and people to stop this wholesale sellout of our country by the current administration, socialist judges, greedy big business, and sellout union leadership.

- Stewart

What a bunch of sellouts! Truckers, your leaders have sold you down the river, just like businesses all across America have sold American workers out. They are both the same now and indistinguishable.

Tipped by: StopSPP.org via Tony Dolz

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Posted by Digger on September 6, 2007 04:18 PM (Permalink)

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As a member of Teamsters Local 25 in Boston I am not happy about this. The Union Official or Business Agent as we call them should be FIRED for handing out organizing literature to the Mexican Drivers.

The AFL-CIO which the Teamsters are no longer a part of(thankfully) should be shut down under Rico statues for aiding and abetting Illegal Aliens. I called them the other day about the court injunction filed on their behalf against DHS/SSA regarding the no match letters. After being transferred at least 3 times because they were scared to talk to me I finally got someone who would. I reminded them their job was to represent AMERICAN WORKERS NOT ILLEGAL ALIENS!

In defense of my Union, the Teamsters have blocked this before via political pressure and through the courts. In fact this part of NAFTA has been on hold for over 10 years thanks to the Teamsters and other organizations. I believe the Union is sincere in trying to stop this as they were at the forefront of trying to stop NAFTA and other trade agreements albeit mostly unsuccessful, the effort has been there.

http://www.teamsters.org - It’s all over the website and has been for quite some time.

Congressman Ted Poe of Texas has stated that the reason why this is being rammed down our throats is because of the “NAFTA Tribunal” made up of INTERNATIONAL JUDGES! The Government/Media has covered this up well. This is INSANE! I found this on the MCDC forum:



BECK: Tell me a little bit about the trucks. I`ve been on the radio show. I`ve been getting calls for weeks now about these trucks that are now able to cross the American border. And they`re Mexican trucks, and they can go as far as they want. It`s no longer the 20-mile limit.

When you look at these trucks, Bush didn`t want to do this. Clinton didn`t want to do this. He was forced to do this by a NAFTA tribunal. Am I wrong?

POE: That`s my understanding, as well. The House of Representatives has passed legislation, although it hasn`t gone to the Senate yet, to prohibit this from taking place.

In spite of that, the Transportation Department, our Transportation Department, is letting 100 Mexican trucking companies bring their cargos into the United States, no longer offload within 20 miles of the border but go anywhere they wish. And we`re talking about trucks that are overweight, bad maintenance, poor safety records and maybe drivers who can`t read a street sign.

BECK: I have to tell you this, Congressman. I have a researcher working on this right now for the radio show tomorrow, on who this tribunal is. Who is telling our president that we have to allow these trucks in? Who is it that said you have to do exactly what`s in NAFTA?

Clinton didn`t want to do it. Bush didn`t want to do it. And in 2001, he was instructed you had to. By whom?

POE: Well, my understanding, it`s a tribunal made up of judges from other parts of the world making this decision for the United States.

BECK: But isn`t that exactly what we`re talking about? I -- I`m called crazy every time I say we`re losing our sovereignty. Isn`t this exactly -- I mean, an example of our losing our sovereignty?

POE: No question about it. The United States should make decisions for the United States. We shouldn`t be looking to any other country to make decisions for us or to interpret our own treaties. And apparently, that`s what we`ve done.

I personally disagree, though, whether NAFTA says that or not. My interpretation we can prohibit those trucks...

BECK: Do whatever the hell we want.

POE: ... if we want to.

Posted by: Dennis on September 6, 2007 07:22 PM

Another great story showing the truth that the media won't show anymore. What makes this all the more ironic is this is the beginning of an end run around the Teamsters and Longshore Unions. The SPP doesn't want to pay their fees so they want to bring it in through Mexico. It's all about the dollar or the soon to be announced Amero.

Can you say screwed. Because that is what Bush and the SPP agenda is doing to America.

Posted by: Emery Woodall on September 14, 2007 01:49 PM

I cant believe that the Independent Truckers are letting this happen. The Teamsters, feel that with the Mexican truckers being allowed to run our roads will be another member of their union.The Teamsters Web site are pushing Amnesty for Illegals and the MS Gang members. I refuse to assist them in anyway because they are traitors too.

Posted by: Richard Marsteller on October 7, 2007 01:39 PM

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