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Laura Ingraham Rips Apart Nancy Lyall of Mexicanos Sin Fronteras [Video]

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Laura Ingraham
In a showing that these illegal alien support groups don't even know what the hell they are talking about, Nancy Lyall, the legal coordinator for the group "Mexicanos Sin Fronteras", went on the Laura Ingraham show and stated that the separation of powers in the Constitution refers to Federal, State and Local governments. Using this logic she says that local and state government cannot enforce immigration laws.

Of course this is a completely idiotic statement as the separation of powers refers to the Judicial, Legislative and Executive branches of the government

Laura Ingraham opens all barrels on Nancy Lyall after letting her rant and rave for awhile and paint herself into a corner.

Simply brilliant...

(audio and video below)

Tipped by reader Lone Wolf

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Posted by Digger on September 7, 2007 01:43 PM (Permalink)

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It just kills me how illegal aliens and their supporters keep repeating, "The immigration system is broken." Yeah, guys, broken by you! Don't expect me to have sympathy for lawbreakers. The caller's point seems to be that if you don't like the law or find it inconvenient, then just go ahead and break it. What an idiot!

Posted by: Trish on October 6, 2007 03:52 PM

I have never heard of Laura Ingram and was sent this e-mail that had the interview with that idiot Nancy Lyall and looooooooooooooved it! It is clear that Nancy has no clue and as with most lawyers,is all about the big dollars to represent a wetback organization instead of the facts that can protect our country!
I must know the radio station number so I can tune in in Southern California. Laura has just gained a new fan!!! Keep up the good work and information everyone should know about illegal imigration and how it affects all of us!

Posted by: ZIG on June 3, 2008 06:52 PM

This Laura whethever her last name is so worried about mexicans, and what about the people from asia, africa, or other places , if they are going for illegal people go for everybody, not for the ones that speak spanish only, and your accent in spanish sucks laura

Posted by: Maraly on June 11, 2009 06:24 PM

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