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Mexican Congressman, Luis Gutierrez, Representing Chicago, Says Opponents Of Amnesty Have No Solutions

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Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez is always good for a laugh and ignorant rants when he's not calling the police on citizen lobbyists in Washington DC or entering amnesty bills for fugitive illegal alien Elvira Arellano.

His latest ranting and raving is claiming that those opposed to the failed amnesty bill in the Senate have proposed no solutions. Have proposed no solutions? I'd like to point Mr. Gutierrez to two of his constituents in Chicago, the Freedom Folks, who have presented enough solutions to fill an illegal alien's backpack over the past few years if all their ideas were written in microscopic print on Post-It notes.

There are also some real solutions presented by Congressman Tom Tancredo's OVERDUE Immigration Reform Act of 2007. So to say there are no true solutions is bullshit.

What was Luis Gutierrez's solution anyway? To make criminals who broke into this country into "legal" residents and therefore the crime problem is solved. What a novel solution. Gutierrez, who apparently has such a limited intelligence that he cannot see that plenty of true solutions have been presented, just can't seem to grasp that he is the opposition, not those who want the law enforced.

So let's analyze just the first few sentences of his latest wacky diatribe over at The Hill

In recent weeks, we have heard a lot of tough talk from those who worked to stop immigration reform in the Senate. What we haven’t heard are any solutions. What do they propose we do now?

As most people who are familiar with the legislative process understand, being against something is easy. Embracing heated political rhetoric is easy. Pandering to conservative radio hosts and playing into people’s fears is easy.

We have not been working to stop his so called "immigration reform", we have worked to stop his "amnesty" for illegal alien criminals. Destroying our border, creating a slave class of workers and flooding the job markets with even more unskilled illegal aliens who are sure to follow, in no way can be considered "immigration reform".

Then he goes on to say that there are no solutions proposed and asks what we propose now.

sadly, for those of us who tried to search for common ground, the lesson here is that the voices of intolerance sometimes speak more loudly than the voices of reason.

Let's just remember who Congressman Luis Gutierrez is referring to here. He is referring to more than 80% of the American people. That's right...

You are an intolerant fool because you want our laws enforced according to Luis Gutierrez

"being against something is easy" he says. How does it feel to be against America and the American people, Luis Gutierrez? It's easy isn't it? Just don't sit around and cry like a little bitch, like you are doing now, when you lose.

So what is this traitor up to now? Well he proposes two courses of action.

First, is a nice racist approach of legalizing as many Hispanics and getting them turned into citizens as quickly as possible. That way they can vote for asshat, race-baiting panderers like himself and keep him in office to give not only them, but illegal aliens, special race based benefits that other citizens don't receive like in-state tuition.

Second, he wants to push the STRIVE act that he and Rep Flake put on hold in the House while the Senate was trying to get their amnesty pushed down Americans throats.

"being against something is easy". I suppose it is and that is why "Congressman" Gutierrez is against enforcing the law. It's the easy way out. I would argue that Congressman Luis Gutierrez is the worst member of the House currently, but there are many others to choose from as well. He's just near the top of a very long list...

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Posted by Digger on July 26, 2007 01:16 PM (Permalink)

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He's not Mexican; he's Puerto Rican and a US citizen by birth. Your ignorance is stunning.

Posted by: sarah on August 14, 2007 04:41 PM

Digger's ignorance is not stunning when it comes to ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, SARAH. But then again, that apparently means nothing to you and your fellow Libs out there. Illegal immigration is a clear and present danger to our nation. Do you think that Congressman (The guy Puerto Rican who is a US citizen by birth)from Illinois cares about that?

Posted by: RM on October 23, 2007 06:42 PM

The term "Ignorance" tends to position the receiver at a level below. Well, the evidence, or the ignorance - that Gutierrez is Mexican - shows in this case who really is below or ....... I think Diggers is digging itself down. Come on guys!!!

On the immigration problem I have done a little personal research and I have a/the solution. It's simplicity will leave Congress in awe. No force, no hunger srikes, my idea will not infringe any constitutional or humanitarian law, and it's completely legal because most immigrants will leave by their own choice.

Let me know if you really want to know. Got to go now; Shabbatt Shalom.

Posted by: Karaitasda0 on April 25, 2008 05:54 PM

Ok if want to post your ideas and convince people that you have a point at least do it in a mature way. Rather than using childish insults like "little bitch". Grow up and learn to express yourself in a way that will show you have manners and that you are serious about this issue. If you don't have manners then learn them. If you have already learned them I suggest you should choose to use them.

Posted by: Rocio on May 26, 2008 06:37 PM



Posted by: KIllaa whitey on October 18, 2008 01:47 PM

Mark Potok you amaze me you are a citizen of the US a developed country and yet cannot differentiate different spanish/hispanic people or you are the "RACIST" since knowingly call him a mexican......besides you look like a mexican......so what right!! I guess all odds are against you by the time hispanics will be the majority....meaning your last name P-o-t-o-k in spanish a-s-s-k so everybody will laugh at you !! since it sounds more like an ass........this is my reaction at your writing style

Posted by: theaboveaverageamerican on October 13, 2009 01:35 PM

Mark Potok my point is that your have people from all races everywhere.......you will find white people like yourself in Mexico who look european but yet are mexican and do not fit the "stereotype" in the US.......your last name is Potok and that is it...but ignorant spanish/hispanic people would probably laugh...............Congressman Gutierrez is doing his job........no differently from Martin Luther King or others...you as an american should understand the idiosincrasy of this land and move on.....but it appears you behave no different from the loyalists in the revolutionary war......just a thought.....

Posted by: heaboveaverageamerican on October 13, 2009 01:42 PM

Last, Mark I would just like to know you do have the right to express your opinions and I do respect them. Your feedback is part of who we are as a country I can't say as a nation since they r two different meanings. Without your work this would not be US of America.

Posted by: theaboveaverageamerican on October 13, 2009 01:52 PM

Mexicans are taught by their government and through television and Hispanic radio propaganda in this country that they are the real owners of the Western United States. The Mexican government has indoctrinated their people to believe the American People have stolen this land from Mexico. This is the deliberate promulgation of a lie. This deception has been extremely effective in convincing these people that they are taking back what is theirs by right. The fact that they are wrong has no bearing on their perception.

They are taught by these same agencies to have no respect for our laws, customs, language or our persons. Their government educates their people to invade the United States, provides guidance and material help to invade. Mexico is not now nor has it ever been our “friend”. Most illegal Hispanic immigrants do not intend to become Americans. They are Mexican invaders who live in barrios in America.

When we have a legitimate discussion on this subject we are accused by the President of Mexico of being racial bigots and comparing the treatment of Mexicans with that of Canadians.
1. Mexico has never joined the United States as allies in any war or for any cause.
2. Canada has been our closest ally in every war in the last century.
3. Mexicans do not share our language, our heritage, or moral compass and make every barrier possible for change.
4. Canadians share a common heritage and speak the same idiom. Americans and Canadians have embraced people from the world over and have turned them into full citizens. These citizens are expected to speak the language of the country and to participate in the community. To most people outside this continent, they are impossible to tell from Americans in appearance or speech regardless of their race or background.
5. Mexico is isolationist and still operates with 16th Century political morality.

The elected government of the United States of America has encouraged illegal immigration in every possible way.
1. There has been no effective attempt to halt foreign nationals from illegally invading our country with ridiculous ease.
2. There is no meaningful penalty for being caught and deported.
3. There is no attempt to identify them in our society.
4. They are given the same rights and protections as citizens of our country even though they are not citizens and ignore our laws.
5. Some are given “entitlements” that are not routinely given to our own people. Free medical care. Free food. Free housing. Free education. Low interest, no collateral loans. In short, irresistible enticements to violate our sovereignty
6. Our schools, our business communication, our communities are becoming bilingual for illegal invaders. No other group of people is given this outrageous accommodation. It is a situation that will drive a wedge between Americans that cannot be closed.
7. La Raza Unitas (literally “The United Race”) has been operating in the United States for almost 50 years. It is a race based organization dedicated to Mexicans taking over the western half (or more) of the United States and eliminating non-Latinos in that area.

Our country has been trying for a hundred and fifty years to integrate our population. It has been a long road. We have been making remarkable progress. Now this progress is being reversed.

Our colleges now have “diversity” departments, where our diverse population is encouraged to be victims of social discrimination and to clump into emotional and physical ghettos that divide and disintegrate our population. The propaganda tools of television and newspapers hail diversity. They strive to make this abomination look like a caring and righteous cause. If it continues, we will not be Americans. We will be hyphenated citizens, living in the same cities, with loyalty only to our previous national or racial group. It is making communication more difficult and freezing hateful attitudes. It is marching us backward into intolerance and paranoia. It can destroy our country. Why do we allow a foreign power to threaten our country, our laws and our legislative process?

Posted by: Marvin Clark on December 19, 2009 03:45 AM


First, let me state that I am not against immigration. The integration of a wide variety of cultures is one of the strengths of our nation. Theodore Roosevelt said, "In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language... and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."

Teddy and I agree.

There are over 20 million (who knows the count) illegal aliens in the United States at this time. This represents the most massive invasion of a sovereign country in history. A prerequisite to any approach to stem the flow of this invasion is a border that must be respected.


It can be accomplished in less than six months

We are in deadly peril from Islamic and other terrorists who enter our country almost casually and move about at will. We are victimized by massive drug trafficking and by criminals who enter this country and deliberately engage in unlawful activity. We cannot defend ourselves against these dangers if we cannot control our borders.

These lawless people and their sympathizers are now a large voting block to influence the government of the United States. Legislation and the enforcement of our laws are being influenced daily by this hoard. The laws they can’t change, they ignore. This voting bloc is growing more powerful by the day. Yes, the illegals are voting too.

Make it clear that non-citizens do not have the rights of citizenship. Make it known that our Constitution does not speak to the protection of invaders. Further, it does not speak to our responsibility to provide full welfare protection to foreign individuals. Neither does it speak to providing equal justice under the law for law breaking invaders.


This is not an invasion of privacy. It is not unreasonable search. It is not racial profiling. It is not driven by bigotry. It is necessary for us to know the number and locations of people who have invaded our country against our wishes and our laws.

How can this be unreasonable? Citizens will be identified as well as illegal aliens. In this country Social Security Cards, Driver’s Licenses, Credit Cards, and the Internet, to name a few, have detailed descriptions of our lives, our finances and our location. Law enforcement agencies have almost unlimited access to our identity, our location and our behavioral records. Why would identifying illegal aliens be any more intrusive or unfair?

Is there any reason why demanding proof of citizenship is in any way demeaning? It is certainly frustrating to an invader to be identified, but it is every bit a frustrating to have these invaders forgiven for crimes and let free to destroy our American culture at our expense.

1. Deny non-citizens the benefits of citizens:
a. Free medical attention
b. Welfare benefits in any form
c. Free legal protection under the law
d. Free education
e. Low interest loans for business start-up
2. Cease funding education conducted in foreign languages.
3. Cease governmental funding of bilingual publications and signs except for explanation of our laws.
4. Cease governmental funding of bilingual access to our society.
5. Cease tolerating disrespect for our country and our people.
6. Eliminate from the workplace, teachers and social workers who accommodate this disrespect.


1. Deport any person convicted of any crime, all their non-citizen blood relations and any non-citizen cohabiting with them.
2. Turn non-violent criminals over to the Mexican police with a dossier of their criminal acts. We don’t care what they do with this information – the criminals are out of our society.
3. If an illegal alien murders an American citizen, he should be put to death.
4. Deport non-citizen gang members and all non-citizen blood relations and cohabitants of that member.
5. Strictly enforce our laws dealing with any organizations promoting the violent overthrow of our government and/or states seceding from the Union. Start with La Raza.
6. Demand that non-citizens undergo a medical screening and deport anyone with any disease that would endanger our population.
7. Condemn race or foreign national-based special interest groups operating in the United States.

Andy Rooney said, “My father and grandfather didn't die in vain so you can leave the countries you were born in to come over and disrespect ours.”

It is claimed that our nation could not continue to exist without the honest, hardworking people who are willing to do “jobs that Americans just won’t do”.

There was a time, in the not too distant past when there was dignity in working for a living. It was humiliating to be on charity. A person who did his job well and took pride in his work was looked up to, regardless of the kind of work.

If there is legitimate work that Americans are too proud to accomplish, it is time we returned to self-sufficiency. If we need to accommodate illegal aliens to do the work that Americans will not do, we must re-examine the desirability of a welfare state.

At this point, in our country, working for a living is optional. If you choose not to work, good old Uncle Sam will house, feed, protect the health of your family and provide you with some walking around money. They have come to believe that menial tasks are degrading and unacceptable in terms of ones personal worth.

I think that working should be optional. I also think that the alternative should be starving and sleeping outdoors, not being supported by productive citizens. Working for a living is not disgraceful. We need to re-learn the dignity of work. We need to return to supporting our family by the means that are available. We need to deny welfare money to able-bodied people whose pride won’t let them work. We need to stop paying people to make a career of procreation.

Illegal aliens who have unlawfully invaded the United States of America are demanding to be treated as full citizens, including full social services, are now marching in the streets of America. The American media and our politicians are deliberately trying to dupe the citizens of America into further apathy by not reporting violence in our streets. This violence will spread. We cannot appease these people by allowing further violation of our laws.

The fact that they are not wearing military uniforms is immaterial. They constitute a multi-million man foreign invading army. It is the largest army in world history. Their apparent intent is to intimidate our corrupt and fearful politicians into granting anyone who crosses our border full rights of citizenship. This war is being conducted on American soil in the heartland of our nation with impunity.

The stakes are too high. We are in imminent danger of losing our sovereignty as a nation and our privilege of citizenship. This is a battle that is being fought not only in our land, but our congress and in state and city governments, nationwide.

Our compassion as a nation has been tested. We are a compassionate people. The invaders have taken advantage of this and used it against us as a weakness. They play at being the poor honest workingman. Some are. They play the race card. They play the pity card. Some of the things they actively produce are crime, violence and a huge social services outlay.

Most Mexicans have been successfully taught to hate “Anglos”. For the uninitiated, that includes anyone not Mexican. They have treated our national symbols, our culture, our way of life with contempt and disrespect. They are led by organizations that are subversive to the United States.

Citizens, it is late, but there is still time if we make ourselves heard. Contact your governmental leaders and demand that they have the courage to close our borders to illegal immigration. Without this first step, the rest of the political posturing is meaningless.

Marvin Clark

Posted by: Marvin Clark on December 19, 2009 03:50 AM

Concerning the comments of Marvin Clark.
I have never read a more concise explanation of
why we cannot have unbridled illegal immigration.
Mr. Clark has outlined the reasons this nation is
becoming an insignificant, pale image of its former
Illegal immigration is the Balkanization of the United States; the melting pot will no longer melt; Americans no matter what their ethnic origin will no longer be Americans; it will the end to a great dream.

Posted by: tootall on March 25, 2010 05:08 PM

Agree with everything you say about illegal immigration. However, as long as you keep making this a "Hispanic" issue you will not have the support you need and your arguments will not have the clarity they deserve. Why? Not all Hispanics are of Mexican descent, not all are here illegally, many are more Americans than you (See the number of Hispanics who have, and are serving in the Armed Forces). The illegal immigration issue has and should have to do with people who are here from Eastern block countries, Canada, Asia, and others that are here illegaly regardsless of their race or ethnicity. You don't need to attack a particular ethnic group. As long as you keep doing it, you will not succeed, and will always come accross as a worthless racist.

Posted by: poncehouston on April 22, 2010 05:00 PM

Was Congressman Gutierrez elected to Congress to represent the American people or to represent foreigners?

Posted by: Eduardo Cruz on September 29, 2010 11:56 PM

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