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Minutemen Celebrated Independence Day By Protesting Rancho Cucamonga Day Laborer Site [Pics]

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July 4 Rally Rancho Cucamonga

Gilchrist's Minutemen rallied in Rancho Cucamonga on July 3, 2007 at a day labor site in celebration of Independence Day. Robin Hvidston attended the rally and sends us this report with some great pictures. Thanks Robin!



Decorating Rancho Cucamonga Decorating Rancho Cucamonga

We festooned the block in patriotic 4th of July decorations - to remind employers and the community that this is America - follow the law - stop hiring illegally.

Patriotic Hats and Kazoos
Patriotic hats and kazoo whistles

One of our Orange County Minutemen brought us all patriotic hats to wear and he let us keep them! THANK YOU!

I brought little patriotic Kazoo whistle things for everybody.

Protest Rancho Cucamonga Raymond and Robin


Patriotic Legal Immigrants Patriotic Legal Immigrants

Our flags and patriotism were very well received. The two lovely LEGAL immigrants above stopped by our rally to thank us.

They asked if they could buy some of our decorations - of course we gave them flags, etc. at no charge. These two ladies are adamantly opposed to ILLEGAL immigration.

Legal Mexicans Thank Minutemen

A beautiful Mexican AMERICAN family in the van in the photo above was very supportive of our rally - Raymond Herrera spoke with the family members and gave them our contact info.

Another supporter stopped by and gave us a case of bottled waters

Raymond Leads Pledge
Pledge of Allegiance
In memory of illegal alien killed
Acknowledging Day Laborer Death

We said the Pledge of Allegiance.

As this was the first rally since the May 5th death of the day laborer supporter we acknowledged his passing.
Then we had open microphone and played patriotic music. As the day laborers quietly watched our patriotic show, seated and standing in the shade across the street - employers did NOT pick up. Except for one...


Hiring Illegal Alien

The above employer picked up several day laborers. Of note, in the photo above where the day laborers are clustered around the vehicle - it is just a few feet from the spot where the day laborer supporter was killed on May 5th.


Celebrating The 4th

Jaywalking Day Laborers

Jaywalking Illegal Aliens
day laborers - loitering - close to crosswalks - jaywalking

I took many photos of day laborers walking and standing in the street - some times cars had to stop in the street. Here are three photos.

Jaywalking Illegal Aliens

On May 5th, when the day laborer supporter was killed in a car accident the Minutemen were blamed by activists for the death - even though no Minutemen or any of our ralliers were present.

Some of us have examined the site of the tragic accident and have concluded the man that was killed was probably standing in the street.

Jaywalking Illegal Aliens

You would think with one death, the City of Rancho Cucamonga would do something about this jaywalking and running in front of cars. We will present our photos at the next city council meeting.


Bernardo flipping off Minutemen
Bernardo - flipping us off and using obscene language - normally, he waves a Mexican flag

The Pomona Day Labor Union did not show up for this rally. So we didn't have the usual organized counter protesters.

This one guy - a regular named Bernardo - showed up and did a one man counter protest.

Bernardo desecrates flag Bernardo desecrates flag
Bernardo places the flag pole between his legs...

Bernardo grabbed his crotch repeatedly. Flipped us off. He began to repeatedly "hump" the air. At one point he took the American flag - put the pole end he was holding square between his legs - then gyrated in a humping motion.

The day laborers did not join him. After a while, Bernardo left.


Minutemen Celebrate Minutemen Celebrate

Minutemen Celebrate

Minutemen Celebrate

THANKS to all who attended!!

We will be attending the next Rancho Cucamonga City Council Meeting Wed July 18th at 7pm to continue to press for the closure of this site and to make certain a new, city sponsored site is not established.

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What a load of embittered, useless racists

Posted by: englander on July 9, 2007 07:24 PM

Wow, englander, only the USA is not allowed sovereignty?

Posted by: Darleen on July 10, 2007 01:45 AM

damn those immigrants taking all the good landscaping jobs,building our houses, and picking our food they are worthless

Posted by: i hate mexicans on July 10, 2007 03:35 AM

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