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Rasmussen: 66% Want Enforcement First, Only 16% Say Senate Bill Will Reduce Illegal Immigration

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The American people aren't dumb and they know a scam when they see it. In the latest Rasmussen poll, just 16% of those asked thought that the Senate's Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill would reduce illegal immigration. Why do they think this? Because they are more informed than the politicians in Washington think. The poll found that 37% are following the immigration issue very closely and 81% are keeping a close eye on it.

That's right, it's not just wacky extremist activists following this issue, it is everyday Americans who are fed up with the continued lying and deception coming out of Washington on the immigration issue.

Here are other findings of the Rasmussen poll.

  • Just 16% Believe Senate Bill Will Reduce Illegal Immigration!
  • 66% believe it doesn't make sense to debate new immigration laws, until we can first control our borders and enforce existing laws.
  • 82% believe the federal government could do more to reduce illegal immigration.
  • 41% believe the Senate bill will actually lead to an increase in illegal immigration!
  • 75% would “make changes to increase border security measures and reduce illegal immigration.” Just 29% would” make it easier for illegal immigrants to stay in the country and eventually become citizens!
  • 72% of voters believe it is Very Important for “the government to improve its enforcement of the borders and reduce illegal immigration.”
  • 68% of Americans believe it is possible to reduce illegal immigration, while just 20% disagree

President Bush has been calling those opposed to the Senate bill un-American and flying around the country trying to push this amnesty bill. The voters aren't fooled though, the number of the voters who support the Senate amnesty bill has remained at a lowly 26%, similar to the low numbers who approve of President Bush and Congress. Just like the President and Congress, this bill is a failure.

Another nice little stat is that independents are opposed and John McCain is suffering greatly because of his support of amnesty.

Rasmussen Reports

Unaffiliated voters are now more opposed to the bill than either Republicans or Democrats. Among those who don’t identify with either of the major parties, 22% support the Senate bill while 57% are opposed.

Other recent surveys have found that Senator John McCain (R), a strong proponent of the Senate bill, has slipped to third place in the race for the Republican Presidential nomination. President Bush’s Job Approval ratings have fallen to the lowest levels of his Administration since the immigration debate began dominating the news.

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