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Fed Terrorism Agent: 'I think one of these days something bad is going to happen, and it's going to have a Mexican signature'

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Terrorists and those from terrorist sponsoring nations are surely coming to the US through Mexico. This is confirmed not only by US federal agents working in Mexico to investigate "special interest aliens", but by officials in the Mexican government.

In the below article is the story of one Iraqi who went to Syria, into Damascus, to Moscow, to Guatemala and into Mexico where he was caught and interrogated by US federal officials. What happened to this Iraqi? You'll have to read on to find out.

There are many such stories, but the ones that should trouble us are the ones we don't hear about. The ones where the terrorist got through without being noticed.

Mexico is working hard to stop as many "special interest aliens" as they can. Why? Because of the yearly remittances - monies sent back to Mexico - from the Mexican illegal aliens that the Mexican government encourages to come to the United States.

They are so fearful of a terrorist attack that could be traced back to Mexico that they are more than willing to help US agents in their quest.

Then there are the known terrorist groups inside Mexico...


Before and after 9-11, top Mexican officials were quoted as saying they believe terror networks had long operated inside Mexico. For example, in May 2001, Mexican national security adviser Adolfo Aguilar Zinser told the BBC that "Spanish and Islamic terrorist groups are using Mexico as a refuge. ... In light of this situation, there are continuing investigations aimed at dismantling these groups so that they may not cause problems in the country."

In January 2002, the Monterrey-based El Norte newspaper quoted National Institute of Migration official Felipe Urbiola Ledezma as saying that "six or seven" known terrorist organizations were operating inside Mexico.

"We have in Mexico people linked to terrorism and we are constantly observing unusual immigration flows ... people connected to ETA, Hezbollah and even some with links to Osama Bin Laden," he told reporters.

In light of the fact that Mexico can't even combat their rampant drug cartels, what makes us think that they'd be able to handle terrorist organizations? I certainly am not confident that they can and neither should you be.

We can't rely on Mexico to prevent terrorists from crossing into the United States like we seem to be doing currently. Rather then sealing our border, our government would rather play word games with amnesty bills and guest worker programs. None of this is in the interest of the American people's safety.

I'd say that it is pretty much inevitable that with our current lack of action on sealing our Southern border that it is just a matter of time before an attack occurs here that originated or crossed in through Mexico. And then what happens? Well let's see what Mexico's interest is in all of this straight from the horse's mouth.

Mexico's ambassador to the U.S., Arturo Sarukhan, described what Mexico's interest is: The presumed American reaction to any terror attack from Mexican territory would be abrupt and radical border restrictions, which could catastrophically disrupt the $25 billion in annual remittances that Mexican workers in the U.S. send home and upon which Mexico's struggling economy has come to depend.

"The day that happens," Sarukhan said of a terrorist infiltrator who attacks from Mexican soil, "this relationship is over as we know it. Everything. So it behooves my country to ensure that that border is not used as a potential staging ground for terrorist penetration or attack to U.S. soil. Mechanisms put in place by agencies on both sides of the border are providing the results."

A terrorist attack from Mexico will happen. It is just too easy to cross the border. When it does - and the United States government actually wakes up and does something, even though it will be too late - Mexico will collapse. This of course could all be avoided by sealing our southern border, not being so lax on illegal immigration and also by Mexico actually doing something for their economy other than relying on remittances which could go away within one day.

So what happened to the Iraqi I mentioned at the start? He was released into Mexico and told to leave the country within two weeks, which he promptly did...

... via the Rio Grande.

Let's hope US and Mexican federal officials are sure that he - and the thousands of others like him - aren't a threat.

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I love your articles this one is great as normally they are. I look forward every day to reading your stuff keep up the great work. and contact me when you can.

Posted by: freedom fighter radio on May 31, 2007 12:13 PM

The threat is real. The threat is here. It is only a matter of time. When is the Bush Administration going to start protecting us?


Posted by: Emery Woodall on August 3, 2007 10:05 PM

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