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Arizona Businesses Running Pro Amnesty Media Ads

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Businesses in Arizona have no shame. The citizens of Arizona have spoken out on a number of occasions against illegal immigration, yet their Governor Janet Napolitano, their Senator John McCain and the business groups in the state who support these illegal alien continue to sell them out.

Now the businesses are running a massive media campaign in the state so they can keep their low wage slave labor, which consists of illegal aliens, while atthe same time continuing to force Arizona residents to pay for it in their school systems, hospitals and through crime.

The Business Journal

Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform on Monday launched the first phase of a media campaign supporting congressional action on an issue with steep business and economic ramifications.

AZEIR dedicated more than $30,000 to the first three- to four-week phase of the campaign -- launched on the eve of the U.S. Senate debate on comprehensive immigration reform, officials announced.

"We urge business owners and the public to act now to support legislation to replace our unregulated, chaotic and abusive immigration system with one that is secure, controlled and fair," said AZEIR President Sheridan L. Bailey, an owner of a local steel fabricator.

"The next few weeks and months will be critical to achieving the immigration reform Arizona and America needs and deserves," she said.

The television and radio advertisements emphasize that Arizona businesses are experiencing a labor shortage and immigration reform is necessary to secure borders.

Who would have thought that businesses that use illegal aliens for labor - and therefore compete on an unfair business playing field with those who hire legal workers and citizens - would come out in favor of the Senate Amnesty bill? These people have no shame. Maybe ICE should have a look at AZEIR President Sheridan L. Bailey's steel fabrication business and see how many illegal aliens he's employing and whether he pays them a fair wage and provides them good benefits?

Tipped by: Freedom Folks who say

I would love to see hard numbers on this alleged “labor shortage.” Because I don’t buy it for a minute.

I would like to see them as well.

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