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Arizona Voters Pass Four Important Immigration Propositions [Prop 100, Prop 102, Prop 103 And Prop 300]

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Arizona voters have spoken and they did it with a scream. Four Propositions on the Arizona ballot passed with ease in yesterdays election.

The Propositions on the ballot include those below. All numbers are unofficial, but the numbers are great enough to see that they passed by a wide margin. The links below go to a description of what the Propositions pose.

Arizona Proposition 100 - To Deny Bail To Illegal Aliens

Total Number of Votes 914,665

Arizona Proposition 102 - Denying Civil Lawsuit Awards For Illegal Aliens

Total Number of Votes 935,272

Arizona Proposition 103 - Declaring English As The Official Language

Total Number of Votes 948,374

Arizona Proposition 300 - Denying Illegal Aliens In-State Tuition, Taxpayer Funded Adult Education, Child Care

Total Number of Votes 935,755

Of particular note is Proposition 300 where the friends and proponents of illegal aliens - including the media - were running out pre-election polls that showed that the Proposition would only pass by a few percentage points.

As can be expected a bunch of lawsuits are sure to come from the likes of the ACLU, MALDEF and La Raza and every other group out there who wants illegal immigration to continue. I wouldn't be surprised if the Mexican government voiced an opinion or threatened to take this to the international courts over human rights violations or the like.

There is only one fact though, the citizens of Arizona are sick and tired of illegal immigration and paying for illegal aliens and they have spoken loud and clear. Now we'll see if anything gets done.

Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano vetoed several bills in 2005 that covered the topics above, but still was re-elected. Now the voters have had their say.

Results from AZ Central

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Posted by Digger on November 8, 2006 02:25 AM (Permalink)

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I read your entire argument on prop 300 and basically it seems that you want all illegal immigrants out of the country. In most cases, the illegal students that now have financial aid and all that support came to this country with their family at a very young age. It's not their fault that they were brought here. These students were raise in Arizona and take Arizonian pride like the rest of us. If an illegal immigrant is here, graduating at the top of their high school class, doing community service, joining groups, and being like any other legal Arizonian then they should NOT be denied that opportunity. Scholarships should be given to those that deserve them, regardless of anything else. Education is education, no matter who it is given to, legal or illegal. I would much rather see educated immigrants than uneducated immigrants, regardless of their immigration status. This is a country that fights for the equality of ALL man kind, are we not? WE ARE! Tax payers should be PROUD that they are helping deserving students from all over the world get an education that will benefit out society. OPEN YOUR EYES TO THE DAMNED REALITY! Maybe you should actually try being out there mingling with the people that "cause" the "problem" so you can have you OWN opinion and stop basing it on what you "think" illegal immigrants are causing.

Posted by: Jacky on November 9, 2006 07:22 AM

Response to Jack,
I have watched over the past 25 yrs illegal latinos come across our border and make camp over here in America. When I first began working in Metro-Phx in the construction industry the mix was about 50% anglo and 50% latino workers. These were a much more pious group of people made up of about 25% illegals and 75% American latinos. In the last 10 yrs those numbers have turned into 90% illegal latinos to 10% American latinos. I would guess that there are less than 1% Anglo Americans working in concrete construction in the greater Phoenix area and those that are, are in a supervising role. This group has turned from a hard working group who was just happy to have a job to some hard liners who "expect" America to give them a job and an education. You can not sit with a group of 5 or more illegals and not here the wrath in their voices. I would submit to all who read this that when they start expecting things from us then they cross the line. The bottom line is that they are here illegally and they have to follow the rules like everyone else. We need a secure border from illegal labor as bad as from terrorists. They both have detrimental effects on our society. Sure, we feel bad for the latino child who is brought here as a baby and raised in our system only to be denied a drivers license and a chance at a higher education. Surely, that needs to be addressed along with other instances. Yet, we must do something about immigration. The columnist Laurie Roberts showed a 5 point plan in the AZ Republic newspaper on 7-4-07. This is by far the best solution for both sides. In its simplicity is the line across the sand that businessman and worker must adhere to. You emphasize, Jack, that we should all open our eyes to reality. The reality is that if we don't do something about the border we are going to break the existing infrastructure of our nation and turn into another 3rd world latino country. Its our choice and cross to bear. Immigration reform today.....there is no other option.

Posted by: Brad Jensen on July 7, 2007 12:00 PM

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