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Hold Their Feet To The Fire Attendants

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As I ramp up to the Hold Their Feet to the Fire event in Washington DC I'd just like to point out those organizations, bloggers and radio hosts that will be attending the event and link to them.


Chapel Hill
Freedom Folks
Save Our State
Tony Dolz
Diggers Realm
Stop The Invasion


* MCDC - Minuteman Civil Defense Corp
* F.A.I.R. - F.A.I.R.
* Terry Anderson - The Terry Anderson Show , KRLA radio Los Angeles
* Roger Hedgecock – Hold Their Feet to the Fire organizer and well-known radio talk show host KOGO San Diego
* Roy Beck – Author and President, NumbersUSA.com
* Col. Al Rodriguez – Chairman, You Don’t Speak for Me.
* Bob Park - Founder Veterans for Secure Borders, Chairman, Pro English
* Lupe Moreno - Co-founder Latino Americans for Immigration Reform
* John Vinson - President: American Immigration Control Foundation
* Dan Sheehy - author: Fighting Immigration Anarchy
* Rick Oltman - Californians for Poulation Stabilization (CAPS)
* Martha Zoller - Radio talk show host The Martha Zoller show , WDUN 550, Gainesville Georgia, author “Indivisible”
* K.C. McAlpin - Executive Director, Pro English
* T.J. Bonner - President, National Border Patrol Council
* Peter Gadiel - 9/11 Families for a Secure America
* Frosty Wooldridge - Author and spokesman for Patriot Union of America
* William Gheen - President,Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
* D.A. King - President, The Dustin Inman Society, columnist, the Marietta Daily Journal
* Washingtonians For Immigration Reform - (WFIR)
* Constitution Party of New York Constitution Party of New York
* Oregonians for Immigration Reform Oregonians for Immigration Reform
With a special announcment from Mark Edwards - TheWakeUpAmerica.com

Radio Show Hosts

Roger Hedgecock KOGO-AM San Diego,CA (www.kogo.com)

The John & Ken Show (2005.kfi640.com)

Helen Glover WHJJ-AM Providence, RI (www.whjjam.com)

Dan Rivers WKBN-AM Youngstown, OH (www.570wkbn.com)

Martha Zoller WDUN-AM Atlanta, GA (www.marthazoller.com)

Phil Valentine Westwood One 50 Stations National (www.philvalentine.com)

Dom Giordano WPHT-AM Philadelphia, PA (www.domtalk.com<)

Jeff Katz WBT-AM Charlotte, NC (www.wbt.com)

Marc Bernier WNDB-AM Orlando, FL (www.marcberniershow.com)

Victoria Taft KPAM-AM Portland, OR (www.kpam.com)

Chris Baker KTRH-AM Houston, TX (www.ktrh.com)

Steve Clark WFBG-AM Altoona, PA (www.wfbg.com)

Dominick Brascia KOLE-AM Beaumont, TX (www.newsradiofox.com)

Bill LuMaye WPTF-AM Raleigh, NC (www.wptf.com)

Les Kinsolving WCBM-AM Baltimore, MD (www.leskinsolving.com & www.wcbm.com)

Dan Gaffney WGMD-FM Rehoboth Beach, DE (www.wgmd.com)

Dave Barger, Roy & Goshom, Bob (www.wrta.com)

Alexander WRTA-AM Altoona, PA (www.wrta.com)

Lynn Woolley Syndicated 7 Stations Central Texas (www.belogical.com)

Gary Sutton WSBA-AM York, PA (www.wsba910.com)

Steve Gill Syndicated 7 stations Tennessee (www.gillreport.com)

Peter Boyles HOW-AM Denver, CO (www.khow.com)

James Allman & Asher Benrubi KFTK-FM St. Louis, MO (www.971talk.com)

Armstrong Williams WWRL-AM New York (www.wwrl1600.com)

Janet Parshall Salem Network 100 stations National (www.srnonline.com)

Jon David Wells KLIF-AM Dallas, TX (www.klif.com)

Dale Jackson (www.theattackmachine.com)

Chris Hobbs WYDE-FM Birmingham, AL (www.theattackmachine.com)

Randy Renshaw KSCJ-AM Sioux City, IA (www.kscj.com)

Phil Williams WNOX-FM Knoxville, TN (www.wnoxnewstalk.com)

Will Anderson WVNN AM/FM Huntsville, AL (www.wvnn.com)

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