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LA Illegal Aliens Receive $420 Million A Year In Social Services Through Their Anchor Babies

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A report from the LA County Department of Social Services, requested by 5th District County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich, shows that illegal aliens in the county are receiving $420 million per year in taxpayer funded services. This represents 24% of the county’s combined CalWORKS and food stamps budget.

Each month illegal aliens receive "welfare to work" benefits through CalWorks of $20 million and $15 million in food stamps. These are facts straight from the Department of Social Services, so don't believe any BS you hear from illegal alien groups that they don't consume social services.

Antonovich's office estimates that illegal aliens are using $360 million a year in health care and $220 million a year in incarceration. That's over $1 billion a year in LA County alone and does not include education costs of illegal alien's children.

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"What we found was kind of astonishing," said Tony Bell, an Antonovich aide.


"Illegal immigration continues to have a devastating impact on Los Angeles County taxpayers,” Antonovich said in a statement. “When the nearly one-half billion dollars spent on health care is added to the costs of public safety and health care, this brings the total cost to nearly $1 billion a year. This does not include the skyrocketing cost of education."

According to Antonovich’s office, illegal immigrants annually cost the county $360 million in health care and $220 million in incarceration costs.

I don't find the report astonishing because I've been reporting on these costs for years and years. For instance in 2004 I covered a report that found illegal aliens use $10 billion more in services than they pay in taxes. A report from April 2005 found that Texas taxpayers each have to pay $725 a year to cover the $4.7 billion per year illegal aliens are costing them. Another report from June 2005 estimates the cost of illegal aliens to the national education system at $28.6 billion per year. A report from December 2004 shows the cost of illegal aliens for all of California at $9 billion a year.

For more see the costs of illegal immigration at The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration.

Sadly it is being ignored by those we have put in power. Just think what the costs will be if President Bush gets his amnesty program passed and all of these illegal aliens qualify for a bunch more of taxpayer funded services.

So how do we fix this? Well in this instance it's quite easy and all comes down to the 14th amendment.

Antonovich has spoken to Congress several times about ways to mitigate the country’s illegal immigration problem, including the repeal of at least part of the 14th Amendment.

"We would like to see the repeal of the amendment giving citizenship to children born in the U.S.," Bell said. "The purpose was to ensure that freed slaves were granted citizenship to rectify the evils of slavery, not to provide illegal immigrants with a legal way into our country through childbirth."

State Sen. George Runner said such a move “is a very worthy issue to be addressed.”

"Just because you are born here, does it automatically give you the right to citizenship?" Runner said.

Easy peasy, repeal the 14th amendment, which is giving the children of illegal aliens instant citizenship, and stop depriving the citizens of LA county their taxpayer funded services by routing them to illegal aliens.

This spending of taxpayer monies on illegal aliens is happening throughout this country and it needs to be stopped immediately.

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